Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stepping Out

My best friend asked me if I wanted to ride to Hendersonville with her while she went to see her dermatologist. It was a way for us to get to visit and the ride up there is just beautiful. Sooo...looking forward to the conversation, the company, and the coffee shop there I enthusiastically agreed! While she's off to see the doctor, I go to the local coffee shop where the smells are intoxicating and inviting and the atmosphere is so very alluring. I've always wanted to sit in a coffee shop like they do on "Friends" and read and look like I belonged there!

So I get my coffee and head to the couch in front of the fireplace. I'm living the dream! There on the opposite couch was a distinguished looking gentleman who kindly put my mind at ease that I was not taking anyone's spot. We struck up a conversation and what an interesting man. He is a documentary film maker from Los Angeles and has won an emmy for a documentary on Islam. It was such a blast sitting and talking with him. During the conversation, I mentioned the term that I feel like best describes me, Elegant Bohemian, and he loved it. He encouraged me to write and I now accept that challenge.

So thank you David Saunders, wherever you are for giving me a little prodding. Hopefully my writing will improve over time and I'll relax a bit with it. It's taken me 41 years and I'm still discovering new talents and quirks, but I know I've hit on the core of who is Serene. That's pretty exciting to me!