Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Fit Bohemian - Put down that Diet Soda!

I'm struggling with a diet soda addiction and I've written about some of what I've learned on The Fit Bohemian.  So many reasons why diet sodas and sweeteners aren't just a poor choice, but are really detrimental to good health.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Don't throw it all away, our love, our love...."

I have to tell you......I'm really enjoying my clothes lately!   It's fun putting things together now that I've taken the pressure off of myself to be creative and edgy.

Sarah, at Wearing it On My Sleeves, had an interesting post yesterday about being tired of seeing fashion bloggers blog about a seemingly perfect life.  Husbands or boyfriends who live to take pictures of the blogger, who leave them expensive gifts all the time.  Days spent eating cupcakes, jelly beans, and gourmet sandwiches while still maintaining that "average" size 2.  Opines Sarah, "All I can say is that it stinks....more like it WREAKS of  constructing a perfect world for everyone else to see." 

Well, I have to agree.  We watch TV and read magazines that project a lifestyle very few of us have.  But it's actually a ruse to sell (insert product placement here).  And now that we've all gotten tired of magazines and designers trying to convince us that if we're size 10 or over, we're plus sized; we've now moved on to super bloggers projecting (and selling) a life that few of us live or will ever live.  I'm fascinated by my own fascination of these blogs.  What makes these so popular and why do we subject ourselves to more items to go into our personal insecurity buckets?  I read In Style magazine, though the clothes are very far out of my price range.  But I know exactly what the message is:  "Want this.  Buy this."  

Fashion blogs, on the other hand, aren't always so up front.  The message seems to be, "I'm just like you and look what I put together!"  But the fine print says otherwise.  The fine print says, "I'm popular and companies are sending me clothes and paying me to wear these."  What seems to be reality, in fact, is more like choreographed reality.  And there's nothing wrong with that as long as we see it for what it is.  If my livelihood depends on me marketing some companies products, guess what.  I'm going to do it and do it well.  

I've always admired Christina of Second Skin Style.  Christina is one of the most creative bloggers I've seen and I always had the impression that she stayed true to herself.  She put herself out there more than I'm comfortable with doing, but it was endearing and I could relate.  Her style said, "I don't have alot of money to pay for this, but don't I look fabulous anyway!  And you can too!!"  She mentioned before, in her blog, that she would not take sponsors because she didn't feel comfortable with that.  That would take some kind of discipline.  But apparently she did it.  I like and value her authenticity.  AND sometimes, I just need to remind myself that it's quite possible that these beautiful bloggers (regardless of the pics) surely sometimes sit through the mundane, eat junk food and  stay home in their pjs, just like the rest of us!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Post on The Fit Bohemian

Lately I've been mildly obsessed with weight and body image issues.  Seems my brain just wants to stay there and dig through all of this nonsense.  I've posted on The Fit Bohemian about what we're doing to our kids with this drive to be thin. 

"Must be tha Monay!"

Believe it or not, this may be the most expensive outfit I've worn on this blog.  And it's completely the fault of the blouse!  I got this blouse over a year ago at White House Black Market.  It had an elastic drop waist band at the time...since then I've done a waist band-ectomy and removed it!  I felt sooooo pretty in it.  The champagne color, the silk, even the pirate collar.  So when I forked over $80 (pause for effect) for this bad boy, I felt like I was making an investment that would pay off HUGE.  Do you know this is only the second time I've worn it?  In fact, I almost put it in the eBay pile.  But I do still love that color!

Which reminds me now why I don't spend that kind of money on clothes.  Basically, if you figure out $ per wear, I've paid $40 each time I wore this top.  Turns out it was NOT a good investment.  I have items in my closet that I've spent a couple of dollars on and love and wear more than this top.  I think that I'll stick with my thrifting.  Although, I love how this outfit looks and feels.....I don't love it $120 worth! (The shoes were $40 and sooooooooo worth the money!!)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

"I am woman.....hear me roar!"

D'you know what PMS stands for?  PLEASE MAKE it STOP!  When I woke up Friday morning, I knew something was amiss.  But I couldn't quite put my finger on it.  Or button the button that goes on it.  Or slide it up over my fluid retaining hips!  "Oh CRAP!!!"  I'm PMSing!  Which really should make it stand for Please Make it Stop!!!  My PMSing isn't so much cranky as a bit impatient and VERY emotional!  And then, when I feel like all hope is lost, out pops a pimple!  It's like a little gift!  I never had acne much in high school and I don't now EXCEPT when I'm PMSing.  

I think there should be a blogger special.  "Bloated Blogger Day" and we all wear our PMSing outfits.  You know the ones, the voluminous skirts, tent like dresses, trying to find earrings bigger than our faces and slip on shoes that won't leave dents in our swollen feet.  Above, please find my first entry (obviously they'll be monthly; or as menopause starts, they'll be sporadic posts!).   

I have a theory about the first day of a woman's menstrual cycle each month.  On that day, I get to eat whatever I want and do whatever I want.  I completely pamper and coddle myself.  And seriously, I can eat NON STOP!  As I'm eating one meal, I'm thinking about what I'm going to eat next!!  Alright!  Who's on board?  Post those bloated pics!!!!  Let's show the world how real PMSing fashion bloggers roll!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

"Oooooo, I hear laughter in the rain.....walking hand in hand......"

Simplicity.  Throw on and go.  And to give my tootsies a slight reprieve from tall heels, a cute little pair of gold flats.  I love metallic shoes, because there's nothing to match.  They just look great with everything!  I did some closet culling a couple of days ago, and came across this dress in my "to do" pile.  I thrifted it for pennies (it was brand new with a tag still on) because I loved the pattern.  It was huge I also thought it would be good for me to practice my sewing on.  So I took it in a BUNCH in the arms, some in the skirt fullness and then took off about an inch or so from the length.  I came across this gold Greek Key ribbon in my sewing box and loved the way it looked up next to the dress.  Realizing the dress has a seam straight down the front, I decided to add the ribbon to it and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  I think the shoes just kept it "sweet" and easy!  Happy Weekend to you!!!  

By the way, I've been regularly listing some great finds on ebay, so feel free to  take a  LOOK if you're interested.  

Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Love is.....higher than a mountain....Love is.....thicker than water!"

I think the style trick up my sleeve is SHOES!  Shoes can absolutely make or save an outfit.  Take any ol' granny dress and add a great pair of shoes and VOILA!!!  Mavis, you have a look!  We've all agreed, style has nothing to do with money.  It's about putting things together in a way that bet represents you and the way you feel.  But if you're going to spend a little bit of money, I say, get one or two pair of amazing shoes. 

I found these adorable girls on ebay.  I think Nine West may be one of my favorite shoe brands.  They're not cheap, but they're very affordable.  These are brand new, all leather and I got them for $25!!  C'mon!  That's crazy!  I started panicking slightly when I took them out of the box, trying to find just the right way to wear them.  Finally, I decided that anything I could wear a black shoe with, I can wear these with.  It goes back to that overthinking thing.

My husband LOVED me in this outfit!  He had to go to work and he kept saying, "You can't leave the house looking like that if I'm not with you!"   I do love my man!!!!!

By the way, without the shoes, I don't think there's $5 in the whole outfit!  Again, it's not about can find great deals everywhere and create an "expensive" look.  

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Does anyone really know what time it is? Does anyone really care?"

I adore this dress....the pattern, the way it hangs, just about everything.  The only thing I'm a bit on the fence about is the sleeves.  I can't decide whether to keep or lose them.  You know I'm a sleeve slasher.  The dress is fabulous, but it ALMOST felt a bit overwhelming.  As I'm scrolling up and down the photo, I'm completely seeing it sleeveless.  The next time you see this, it may be a little different!  Also considering playing around with different belts and I'm so seeing a cute little ballet flat....a real 50's school girl feel!  

Monday, June 20, 2011

"Because you're fine, and you're mine and you ....look so divine!......"

There's a meemaw somewhere who wants her dress back!  I just know that some sweet older woman, wrapped an apron around herself after church and commenced making biscuits in this dress.  I can almost smell her lilac perfume!  My husband told me I look very prim and proper in this outfit.  He even took my picture (something I rarely ask him to do). 

I've had this dress for a few months now, but just never wore it.  I even toyed with selling it.  But now that I've worn it; I love it even more than the day I bought it!  It's one of those dresses that's just sweet.  It's not pretentious.  It's not sexy.  It doesn't say, "Hey big boy, getta a load o' me!"  Not this sweet thing!  No, this dress slaps the rake in the face when he makes a lewd comment and says, "You CAD!  I'm a LADY for goodness sakes!"  And I'm sure if the dress had a hanky, it would be waving it in front of it's face as it begins to feel faint. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

"I'm just a soul whose intentions are good......"

When I look back on past outfits, I realize that I've messed up when I thought too much about it.  I don't like a very busy look, hence, I'm not exactly a layering pro!  So when I had to get dressed quickly yesterday morning, this outfit fell into place and I love it!  Normally, I would not have put a big necklace on with a patterned shirt (where do I come up with this stuff?!), but as soon as I put this necklace on....I just knew it worked!

Thinking about going hiking this weekend......hope all of you have a FABULOUS weekend!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"You can't dance and stay uptight..."

I've been watching this skirt at a local thrift store for months now.  It has survived every half price sale and every time I scan through the racks; I stop at this skirt.  I have no idea why I never bought it before, but a few days ago, I snagged it.  And OH! how I love it!!!  Again, I know the popular tendancy is to shorten, but I actually like the length it is.  There's something so flattering about a midi's lady like, elongating and just plain SWEET!   I'm feelin' it!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Who says.....who says you're not perfect?"

All Thrifted....Blouse is Ann Taylor silk, skirt is lined and gorgeous, shoes are BCBG

All thrifted, blouse is silk, skirt is vintage Tanner and lined, gold shoes are Naturalizer.

I love clothes the way some people love tattoos.  I feel like I'm a canvas and my outfits are the painting.  I think I would be more of a Picasso though than a Monet, and not a bit of Dali!  I'm certainly no trailblazer when it comes to style.  I love so many different things and looks, but the common thread (no pun intended!) is that there's a touch of elegance to all of them.  The first look is so ME!  I love it!  Wearing it, I felt like a woman who has her act together!!  (No one need know it's just a front!)  The second, well, let's just say, Serene will be color blocking long after it's gone out of style! 

And while I realize that the first look is more figure flattering, I just don't care.  I had enough camoflage when I was in the Army.  I truly want to keep it real.  I have a tummy.  Not everything on my body is taut and toned and if I have to choose an outfit on the basis of "What makes me look 10 pounds thinner?", then the whole getting dressed thing just starts to lose it's charm.  Most of the time, when I hear celebrities and women talk about loving the "skin their in"......guess what?  Their THIN!!!!  Easy to talk about how comfortable and self accepting you are when everyone's telling you how gorgeous you are.  Lady GaGa sings about self acceptance and being "born this way".  Well, guess what?  Homegirl wasn't born that way.....she's eating babyfood to stay that thin!  It's a great talk to talk, but a little harder to walk.  Know what I mean?

Well, I'm that woman who's not naturally skinny.  I have some flesh on me.  I've had 4 really big babies and frankly, my stomach looks a bit like a road map to nowhere.    I'm not heavy, but I don't have a 27 inch waist.  (Heck, I'm doing good if I have a 30" waist!!)  I have to do alot of self talk to be able to type these words today.....I'M COMFORTABLE AND HAPPY WITH MY FIGURE.  I actually really do like the way I look.  My body's been too good to me for me to merely tolerate the ol' girl!  Instead, I think I'll give her a hug, compliment her, and be kind to her.  She's been through alot, she needs that!

Friday, June 10, 2011

"The heart wants what the heart wants"

Skirt: Thrifted, Top: TJ Maxx, Shoes:  TJ Maxx

Dress & Shoes:  Thrifted, Necklace:  Self-made 

Top:  Thrifted, Trousers:  Kenneth Cole via TJ Maxx, Shoes:  Franco Sarto via TJ Maxx, Necklace:  Selfmade

Silk Shirt:  Thrifted, Wrap Skirt:  Thrifted, Shoes:  Franco Sarto via TJ Maxx, Necklace:  Thrifted Belt