Sunday, July 31, 2011

I love your smile.......

When my daughter and I went thrifting last week, she found this skirt, held it up and said, "Mom, what do you think?"  With gleaming eyes, I asked, "For me or for you?"  She quickly let me know that it would be for me and I jumped at it!  I just LOVE this skirt and in some ways it encapsulates some constants about my style.  (I really think it's those constants that transform personal style into SIGNATURE style and that's ultimately what I'm heading toward.)
The skirt has some drama to it yet is a classic shape.   I tend to gravitate to clothes that have some "UMPH" to them.....a "LOOK AT ME!" quality if you will.  And this skirt with it's metallic leather definitely makes a statement.  With this look, I've found myself moving further along the path to SIGNATURE STYLE by learning two constants that I find in my outfits:

1.  I ADORE metallics!  Seriously!  What sequins are to some, metallics and shiny's are to me!  They go with EVERYTHING and they always look fabulous.  My favorite shoes are metallic shades that dress everything up.  In fact, when I think about it, I even prefer metal over beaded jewelry.  Usually when I have jewelry that is beaded, I rarely wear it, no matter how pretty it is.  I just favor silver, gold or metal.  It's nice to know this about myself and helps avoid shopping temptations and bringing home things that are soon neglected.

2.  I'm a bit of a minimalist at heart.  Well, when it comes to accessories anyway!  With this skirt and metallic belt, I just felt like that was enough.  And it occurred to me that I need to embrace this about myself.  I've gotten out of my comfort zone on this one, but have decided that it's just me.  I'm not afraid of the risk, I just don't like alot accessories muddying up an outfit.  Another one of those things that I can appreciate on someone else, but when it comes to myself, I'm just not feeling it.

I'll be posting this week a dress that I dyed to give it a second life!  LOVE it!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I've been featured!!! Is it normal to feel this giddy?

Guess what?!  I've been featured on a Best of the Web by Pocket Change!  This is a first for me and I've got to tell you, I feel a bit giddy.  I wish I could play it off all cool, but what can I say?  I feel like I just need a set of pom poms and a glass of champagne!  You can check it out here.  And by the way, the blogger listed after me is Consider Me Lovely whom I had never come across before.  WHERE HAVE I BEEN?!  This girl has the coolest style!  If you don't know her, you might want to pop on over to her's GREAT!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Love has....truly.....been good to me...."

Someone (wish I had marked it) asked recently, "How do you dress to stay cool in this heat?!"  For me, THIS is how I do it!  Simple Simple Simple.  Light flowy cotton dress and girly girl flip flops!  Also, when it's hot, I just don't do a lot of accessories.  Not that I accessorize very much to begin with, but to wear heavy necklaces when it's a sauna outside just makes me feel claustrophobic!  

Yesterday, was a RED. LETTER. DAY!!!  My sweet husband and I went hiking in the afternoon.  We climbed down a crazy steep hillside to reach the Green River Narrows.  After about 20 minutes of straight down we came upon this 40 foot rock face that we scaled down with the help of a rope.   After that there were still 10 more minutes of steep downhill climbing (I guess that's what you'd call it) to reach the falls.  It was a basic butt scoot most of the way down and then KILLER climbing back up!  But the view was sooooo worth the effort!  My husband and I took up hiking a few months ago and I can't tell you how much we LOVE it!  The scenery is beautiful and we really enjoy having to climb things!!  We got disgustingly dirty.  I fell and skinned my knee and by the time we reached back up to the top, my legs were just a shakin'!  I can't wait to go again this weekend!!  I told my husband, "How cool is this?!  Weekend fun on a Tuesday afternoon!!!"

I can do this!!!!  I felt like such a SHE STUD!!!

My honey made me stop part of the way up and turn around and smile so he could take my picture!  NOT my best side, but just file this under "K" for "Keepin' it real!"

Still doesn't cover the whole view!

Monday, July 25, 2011

"Just call my name.....I'll be there" + Visible Monday

I feel like SUCH a fashion blogger today!  My husband took these pictures for me!  Normally, that's really not his bag baby......but as we were leaving for church yesterday morning; I asked him if he could take a quick pic and bless his heart, he said, "Sure!"  He did such a great job, I may try to sweet talk him into taking my pictures more often!!  

I bought this skirt for $1 on a whim at a really ugly looking church basement thrift store.  Following my own guideline of not prejudging, I went in thinking that maybe there would be some wonderful vintage goodies.  And while I DID find some really interesting things, this and a  pair of vintage shoes are the only things that I bought.   Actually, the skirt is a tad big on me, so I was asking a coworker/friend if she'd like to see if it works for her.  It's cute enough for me to keep, BUUUUUT.......I want things in my closet that I can't wait to put on.  This skirt doesn't fall into that category.  However, I'm totally loving this whole look and asking myself, "Serene?!  Why have you not been wearing these gorgeous shoes!?!?!!?"  My tootsies will definitely be seeing more of these babies!

On a very happy note:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER!!!!  My girly is 18 years old today!!!  What happened?!?!?!  It was just a few days ago, I was schlepping her around on my hip!  So now I find myself in the "Wow, am I THAT old?" position of having a 23 year old bonus daughter, 20 year old twin sons, an 18 year old daughter and my soon to be 14 year old baby!   You know what?  I LOVE IT!

Oops!  I almost forgot!  Visible Monday today!!!  Make sure to check out the other visible ladies at Not Dead Yet Style!!!  

Friday, July 22, 2011

With a Song in my Heart.....and a Thrifted Skirt on My Hips!

Hey Girlies!!  Man!  I do love Fridays!  

After my last post about keeping it simple,the fabulous Anne of The Frump Factor, asked me some thrifting questions.  I thought that by posting her questions and answering them, it might inspire many of you to get out there and start hitting your local thrift stores.  But beware Oh Gorgeous One!  It's ADDICTIVE!

Do you haunt a lot of stores? 

I live in a REALLY small town.  Seriously.  If I want to go to Target or a mall, I have to go at least 30-40 minutes away.  So, it's not like there is a ton to choose from.  The closest Goodwill is 20-25 minutes away (with the way I drive, more like 25!).  There are two right here in town that I go to almost weekly.  Then about once a month, I try to hit that Goodwill that I just mentioned.  My suggestion would be to visit ALL the ones in your area.  Even if it looks a little yucky to you; check it out anyway.  You might be surprised.  But by taking a look at all of them, you'll get a "lay of the land" so to speak, and know which ones you really like and have what you like.

How much time do you have to commit weekly? 

Probably about an hour to an hour and a half.  For me, it's just relaxing.  Even if I don't buy a thing, it's fun to go and just see what's there.  It's like going to a constantly changing museum exhibit! I believe I find the best deals when I'm consistent.  Just set aside a little bit of time each week and hit your favorite fishing hole(s).  Because they're putting out new (to us) things daily, you never know what you're going to find.   Another benefit?  You get to know the employees and they get to know you.  They'll let you know when are the sales

Do you target a special store, or will any old Goodwill store yield the great finds?

Christina, of Second Skin Style, (she doesn't blog anymore, but it's still up.  Check it out for wonderful inspiration!) once mentioned that if she could only shop at one store for the rest of her life it would be Goodwill.  I'm right there with her!  Any old Goodwill will definitely do the trick.  But if you go one time and  find nothing, give it a couple more times.  Don't cross it off the list just because you may not find anything in one visit.  I DO have a personal favorite.  I go to a local Hospice that seems to burst with vintage goodies!!!!  To look at it, you really wouldn't get excited.  But they have great deals.  It's a wonderful cause.  AND they're sooooooo nice and the girls that work there feel like friends.  I also stumble across some great current clothes as well, like the dress I wore in my last post.  

I hope this helps.  Another bonus to thrifting?  Let's face it.  Our style changes and evolves.  It's not a stagnant thing and would we really want it to be?  So when I thrift and maybe tire of an item after a season OR wear it a couple of times and realize it's really NOT me; I don't feel bad about re-donating it because I don't have alot of money in it to begin with.  It also allows me the freedom to experiment!  To go forth ye merry maids!  Thrifteth to thine heart's content!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Fit Bohemian: Fitness Truths I've Learned

I'm doing a new series of posts on my other blog, The Fit Bohemian.  It's called Fitness Truths I've Learned.  For those who don't know, I've been working as marketing manager of a local gym for almost 3 years now.  Starting in the Army (23 years ago), I ran the weight program for our company, 46th Combat Support Hospital.  I've worked for Jenny Craig in two states, managed an Inches Away and a Nutri System.  Between my personal experience AND my professional experience in the fitness and weight loss field; I've learned ALOT.  And much of it is NOT technical stuff....that tends to change every 6 months.  I'm going to be talking about things I've learned that are unchanging and also body image related. 

If you're looking for a tutorial on how to quickly drop 10 pounds, this probably isn't something you'll be interested in.  But if you're wanting to find REAL fitness that is attainable for YOU, maybe I can help!  Drop on by....this first post is an introduction and my own personal story.  I'd love to hear yours too!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"My heart is a flower, that blooms every hour..."

Sometimes, you just don't need anything else.  I know, it's not like I reinvented the wheel here or showed amazing creativity.  But sometimes, showing RESTRAINT is the most stylish thing you can do!  I LOVE this dress.  It's feminine.  It's pretty.  It's effortless.  The white on the bottom is such a great detail.  I really didn't want to muck it up with alot of accessories or STUFF.  Pretty much the dress speaks for itself.  If I had worn pearls or a statement necklace, it would come across far to "serious" or dressy.  So I thought the leather cuff and nude fun shoes kept the whole look light.  Add easy hair and you've got a look!

And seriously, there is barely $4 in this whole thing.  Shoes included.  Okay, minus the jewelry....but I never really count jewelry anyway because to me, most of mine is sentimental anyway.  It's ALMOST embarrassing how little this whole thing cost!  ALMOST!

By the way, you MUST check out a post by Already Pretty.  Here's the link.  It's BRILLIANT and really helps you realize that you're not crazy when you feel a bit schizo about your wardrobe.  She shows how her style has evolved over the life of her blog.  It's a post that struck a chord with me, and I'm sure it will with many of you too!  Happy Wednesday GIRLIES!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

It's not about the money, money, money!

First of all, I really love how this outfit came together.  This is the first time I've worn this dress.  It's a spaghetti strap summer dress that looks like it's from the 70s.  It's crazy sheer and I felt too exposed to wear it bare, so I added this jean vest that used to be a jean jacket until I de-sleeved it with a pair of scissors!  Add a belt for cinching and some substantial shoes and, "Hello World!  I'm ready to go!"

Aside from the shoes, I don't think that there is $5 in this whole outfit.  In a nutshell, I think this is EXACTLY why I blog.  You REALLY can look exactly how you want without spending very much money at all. Whether your style is high fashion, bohemian, preppy, vintage or ________ (you fill in the blank!); you  don't have to spend alot of money to strut your style!

I don't like to spend a lot of money on my wardrobe.  First of all, I have a short attention span.  There are few things in my closet that I've had more than 5 years.  So although I hear all the talk about investing in select high dollar items, that just rarely works for me.  I tire of them too easily.  There's not much by way of garments that I absolutely wear out.  Shoes, I don't tire of as easily; but clothes seem to have an expiration date.  So for me, it just makes sense to scour thrift stores for treasures!  Bonus:  I LOVE the thrill of the hunt! 

You know what I really like spending my money on?  Good Food!!!  Everybody knows, we can all feed ourselves pretty cheap if you're not looking for quality.  I mean, Ramen noodles can be bought for 10 for $1!  But quality is more essential in what I put IN my body than what I put ON my body.  So if I have to choose between cutting costs on wardrobe or diet, I'll skimp on wardrobe.  I KNOW I can make my thrift finds look fabulous!  But my FOOD on the other hand, that simply HAS to be the good stuff!  

Thursday, July 14, 2011

"And the Army goes Rolling Along!"

Before I begin, let me just no attention to the man crossing the street.  You can tell he's obviously RUSHING to get in the picture, but I just didn't think he put enough thought into his outfit!  Seriously, I didn't even notice him until I just started to type!  Hey, I'm doing good just to get an outside picture to begin with.  I had someone ask me how many pictures I took to get the ones that I will post.  Honestly, for most all of my posts, I take no more than 2 pictures and hope that I can make them work for the blog.  My main requirement is that the outfit is clearly seen and I look presentable.  I'm battin' it outta the park, eh?

Terri of Rags Against the Machine (I don't think there's anyone reading this that doesn't know and love Terri!  This woman is someone who I would love to just sit and chat with for an entire afternoon of coffee and goodies!), asked me yesterday if I learned any grooming tips from being in the Army.  I got out of the Army in 1990, so I've been out 21 years!  Even as I type this, I can hardly believe it!  The military taught me alot, actually; and yes, even some grooming tips.  So, "AT EASE!" and see if you can use (or already use) any of these:

Nail Polish - A really nice female sergeant told me one time that nail polish needed to be all on or all off.  If it starts chipping, it needs to come off immediately.  Chipped nail polish looks neglectful and can detract from an otherwise polished look.  This has stayed with me, and I get really antsy if my polish starts chipping!

Ironing - To be honest, I've never minded ironing.  When I was a little girl visiting my mom, one of my favorite pastimes was to iron.  I would iron pillow cases, shirts, and even underwear when there was nothing left.  It seemed like magic to me to be able to "erase" the wrinkles!  So when I joined the military, ironing was not a foreign or dreaded concept.  Wrinkles DON'T look good.  EVER.  And if your uniform wasn't pressed you would possibly get gigged, OR you just weren't regarded as seriously as a soldier.

Look Sharp - Fair or not fair, appearances matter. How we groom ourselves speaks volumes.   When I went before the promotion board, they looked to see if I was put together.  If I took care with my appearance.  It mattered to the officers on the promotion board because it reflected on the kind of soldier that I was.  I still believe the care I take to put myself together reflects on the respect I have for myself and others.

Attention to Detail - In the military, there is a certain way that everything is to be worn.  When a badge or hat was askew, we would hear, "ATTENTION TO DETAIL, PRIVATE!!!"  In grooming as a civilian, this is still true.... a missing button, an unmended tear or rip, pockets that bulge and the list goes on.  These seemingly small imperfections actually seem to draw EVERYONE'S eye and spoil an overall look.  It casts a shadow on a great look.  The Army taught me to pay attention to the details of my grooming.

Posture - This is such a big one and one that I STILL work on to this day.  You can pull off almost any look if you push those shoulders back, lift that chin and look people in the eye.  Contrarily, slouching and shuffling tends to make everything look unkempt.  Hetty King in Adventures of Avonlea (did you guys ever read or watch Anne of Green Gables?!  I love the books and movies!)  used to have her students chant:
"Head up!
Shoulders Back! 
Purpose Firm!
Never Slack"
and as hokey and old fashioned as that may be, it's a GREAT way to carry yourself!

The Army was something I didn't appreciate until I was already out.  But I continue to surprise myself with so many things that have just stuck, even after 21 years!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Fit Bohemian

New Post on The Fit Bohemian..... Should obese kids be placed in foster care?

"She's a lady....WHOA WHOA WHOA...she's a lady!"

IT'S FASCINATING TO ME WHY WE DRESS LIKE WE DO.    Pam, at OverFiftyFeelingForty, has started a series of posts that contemplate everyone's unique Foundational Five.  Basically, it's what 5 criteria must an item meet before you purchase it.  What I really like about this is that most of her 5 criteria are based on feelings.  Does it make her feel strong?  Does it make her feel classy?  Brilliant!  After all, I know I keep saying this, but isn't that a major requirement for our clothes?

When I was in the Army, I felt fierce in my uniform....a real Bad "A"!  My combat boots, my starched uniform, everything "dress right dress".  I imagine that's the way I was SUPPOSED to feel, I mean, I needed to be ready to go to war for my country.  Part of the role that uniform played was making me associate with being a part of something bigger than myself; so that if the time came for me to have to defend my fellow soldiers, I wouldn't hesitate.  Think about it, when a boxer goes to the ring, doesn't he come in in his robe that boasts his ferocious moniker; shadow boxing and shuffling?  His whole "uniform" feeds into this and prepares him for the fight.  Think football players, baseball players, policemen, waiters, the Amish!.....all these uniforms create a feeling for the wearer and an image for the observer.

It's the same with our clothes.  Like it or not we send a message with our clothes:  to ourselves AND to others.  A short skirt, a low cut top?  We're likely to feel quite the vixen!  And it's no surprise when the double takes from men come our way.  Dressed in a longer skirt or baggy pants?  Guess what!  We're not so much viewed as an object of sexual desire. 

In the outfit pictured above, I felt like what I imagine Lucy felt when she went for a day of shopping with Ethel...just a girly girl in her flirty skirt!  The pink, the pleating, the wedge heel....aahhhhhhhh......I felt like such a LADY!  I love that feeling!   That simply HAS to be one of my Foundational Five, because it's something I keep coming back to.  Coming soon:  My Foundational Five.  And if you decide to share your Foundational Five on your blog, please let me know....again, it's intriguing to discover why we dress like we do!  Happy Wednesday!

Monday, July 11, 2011

"Visible Monday Monday.....So Good To Me...."

I've had some epiphanies lately regarding many things, but also my style.  This is what I wore to take two of my kids to lunch on Friday.  Originally, I was going to wear the Target dress, belted and with my new Lela Rose Shoes (could you please pick up that name I just dropped!) that I scored for $10 on eBay.  But to be honest, this dress belted came about 2-3 inches above my knee.  Add super high heels like these and call Turner because you just found HOOCH! (Age identifying 80s reference!)  I mean I felt like a serious Hoochie Momma in that outfit....especially going shopping with my kids.  Maybe if I were going on a date with my husband, I would feel differently.  It was momentarily frustrating, because I see all these gorgeous women rocking the heels and shorts or heels and short skirts.  And it looks so NORMAL on them, but when I put it on NORMAL is the last thing I feel.  So my epiphany was this...I have to be ME.  Going out of my comfort zone is one thing and is absolutely the RIGHT thing to do, as long as the end of that is that I feel like ME in a way I didn't think that I would. 

Anyone who had seen me in just the dress and these great shoes might have said, "C'mon Serene!  Don't be such a prude!  You look great!" and it wasn't about not looking good.  It LOOKED good, but didn't FEEL good.  So I unbuttoned the dress, added a white skirt, white t-shirt and brown belt and then......BINGO!  Good-bye Hooch!!!  Hello Serene!  I created a little bit of a fashion guideline for myself.  This Target dress belted is great with the length as long as I wear a cute little flat shoe with it.  But when it comes to the heels, I'm saving those for knee length dresses or skirts.  I know it LOOKS good either way.  But as I keep saying, More important than how your clothes make you look is how you FEEL in them.  In this revised outfit, I FELT ladylike and elegant and still a bit funky.  At the end of the day, I hope that describes me too!

By the way, I'm including this post in Not Dead Yet Style's Visible Monday!  Be sure to check out Patti's blog!  She's gorgeous, fun and an all around girls' girl!

Friday, July 8, 2011

"I can read your thought right now......"

First of all, this new Blogger may take some getting used to!  Secondly, as you may have seen, I'm now on Twitter!  Have no idea how to use it, but baby steps, right?  I'm also going to open a second Facebook page for The Elegant Bohemian.  I don't want to clog up my followers on Facebook with style related posts that may just be annoying to them.

The other day, Sarah of  Welcome to the Good Life, posted about having a mother meltdown.  For those of you who may not know Sarah, she is a Mormon style blogger who also blogs a lot about her family.  She has two beautiful little girls.  You know, through months of perusing her blog, I have had the impression that she leads the most idyllic life:  gorgeous, petite, stay at home, beautiful home, amazingly talented seamstress, seemingly happy all the time, adoring husband and wildly supportive family.  It seemed to me as if she was "born on a sunny day" (Have you ever heard that expression?)  I was so surprised when I read her post and she began her post:

"i wish i could scream.  literally.  like clinching my fists, eyes tightly closed, on the top of my lungs screaming loud.  but if i did, i would wake up the kids or scare the heck out of my husband and my kids and they'll think i'm some lunatic, psycho person so i can't.  but i am on the point of crazy, i've hit the bottom low.  i seriously can't go any lower emotionally at this point.  i'm just so worn out, so exhausted, so weary, i'm so sick of it!!! "

I was stunned!  As I read on, I learned that she was exhausted from caring for her two young daughters and just emotionally spent.  Let me stop right here and say, 'I GET IT!!!!'  My daughter was BORN when my twin sons were just over two years old.  3 kids under three years many times I thought I would lose my MIND!!  Trying to nurse my daughter while the boys were running in different directions, getting into things, locking themselves in the playroom and crying NON STOP!  There were so many days when I thought, "Oh my gosh, it's always going to be this way!"  Not only could I not see the light at the end of the tunnel, I couldn't even see the tunnel....I was UNDER the tunnel!  

I commented to Sarah that I wish I could have given her a hug right there.  I realize this is a blip on her bigger picture life.   She'll be fine.  Nothing a good night's sleep and some girl time won't help make better.  But her post also made me think.  Behind the lovely pictures and game faces, there is much that may really be going on in that woman's life that she may never post on the blog.  And while I know that that's obvious, I tried to let that sink in.  As a woman, I want to be my sisters' (universal sisterhood) support system. I want to be cognizant of the fact that an illusion posted on one's blog is often very surface and at the end of the day, we're all just women......wanting to feel good about who we are.

Going hiking again this weekend with my honey and hopefully we can talk the kiddos into going too!  Hope you all have a great one!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"I think I'll go outside for a while.....and just SMIIIIIIILE!"

It seems like there are so many random things I want to tell you about today!  But first, let me point you to Bella of Citizen Rosebud.  She did an excellent thought provoking post today that EVERYONE should read!
Nothing controversial or earth shattering, but just good woman to woman cheerleading!

I learned a couple of things about myself with this outfit.  Firstly, I tried the edgy shoes and just didn't like them.  When I first saw them, they reminded me so much of what I've seen all over the "blogosphere".  But I just have never felt pretty wearing them.  So, yesterday, I gave it my best shot and while I like the overall look, I think I still would have preferred this whole thing with a different shoe.  And secondly, I'm just not much of a layerer.  Again, the khaki vest is seemingly all the rage, so I severely (but rather suprisingly proficiently) altered a khaki jacket that I thrifted.  While I like it, it just doesn't feel "Serene"; however I'm not willing to throw in the towel just yet.  I really feel like I can wear this with other things or do SOMETHING to it to make it speak to me.  And regarding the layering thing, I don't like feeling weighted down.  I see some gorgeous clever girls with layers out the wazoo and I love how it looks on them.  I just don't think it translates to my curves, though.

NOW, on a uber positive note, I hit my favorite thrifting haunt today and really wasn't finding anything that made my heart sing.  I meandered to the back where they had just rolled out a rack to be added to the floor.  I found two dresses that were just so fabulous that I was PRAYING all the way to the dressing room, "Oh please please PLEASE let them fit!!!!"  Imagine my delight when I slipped my favorite of the two over my head and it fit like it was tailor MADE for me!  Oh yeah!  Oh yeah!  Oh yeah!  (doing the funky happy dance over here!)  I'm talking PER. FECK. SHUN!  Okay, that would have been enough right there, but then....POW!  The second one fit like it had been pining for me for months!  Add a pair of the COOLEST jeans (yeah, I'm still trying to find some that I like) and I'm sauntering up to the register feeling pretty ding dang good!  Now get this, TOMORROW is their half price sale that will run through the weekend.  Dresses are normally $3.50 and while I know that is embarrassingly cheap, I'm still thinking, "Ewwwww, tomorrow I could get this for HALF!"
VOICE OF REASON SERENE:  "But it might not be here tomorrow!"
SHAMEFULLY CHEAP SERENE:  "Maybe if I hide it in the racks, they close in 2 hours and I can get here the moment they open tomorrow....."
VOICE OF REASON SERENE:  "Sure, Great idea.  One problem though:  These are GREAT and they might not make it another 2 hours!"
SO, Voice of Reason Serene won out and guess what.  The sweet lady who is always an ANGEL to me (seriously, she is a sugar cube of a woman.....I LOVE HER!) rang me up and guess what I paid for these 2 designer like dresses and jeans....................(wait for ittttttt)..........$3.26!!!!!  The only thing more ridiculous than that is that I even hesitated to begin with!  So I feel like I got a few little Snicker Bars from God today.  That's what I call those little blessings that aren't life changing, life saving or earth shattering.  It's just a little something sweet that reminds me I'm loved!  And you are TOO!  Hugs all around!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"I say a little prayer for you!"

I had an entire paragraph typed out and then went back over it and almost fell asleep!  I had a WONDERFUL weekend!  My sweetie and I did some hiking and I got to hang out with my babies (who really are no longer babies!)  It just doesn't get much better than that!

I found a quote by Barney Fife today and I liked it so much, I think I may have to start watching Andy Griffith again!  Represents the best of the South!

Monday, July 4, 2011

My Favorite Look of the Week!

Katy of Modly Chic

I know you all know Katy, of Modly Chic.  She's the founder of Fashion Beauty Friend Friday and, though I've never really had much communication with her, seems like just a genuinely nice woman!  Isn't it amazing how you get a feel of someone's personality through their blog?  I imagine Katy to be a girl's girl and the kind of friend that's ALWAYS going to be there for you.  I bet I'm hitting this right on!

What I thought was really cool, was that as I've been trolling Modly Chic off and on for months, I got the impression that Katy was a bit of a tomboy.  And while she may be, this girl can definitely girly girl "VA VA VOOM" it up!  I recently read on her blog about a possible new found love of dresses.

"I have to say, this personal dress/skirt with heels challenge is going surprisingly well. Now I wake up in the mornings and only have a moments thought about putting on a pair of pants. Then I shake my head and force myself to think of a dress or skirt combination. To be honest I’m loving it. There is something absolutely wonderful about dressing in this uber-feminine way every day. It’s also making me realize that some dresses and skirts are actually comfortable enough to wear all day long without longing for the moment the dress comes off and comfy clothes go on."  (Katy)

And to that I say, "I GET YOU!!!"   I kind of see Katy and I having similar body types.  And so when I see these pictures, I'm thinking, "Oh I would work that in a New York minute!!!"  These looks are so gamine and elegant on her.  They remind me of why I love being a girl.  She looks absolutely demure, coquettish and I'm getting a definite Audrey Hepburn vibe from her.    I'm drooling all over those gold peep toes!

Thanks Katy for prettying up my blog with your gorgeousNESS!   I hope you all are having a Grand and Glorious Fourth!!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

"She is an American Girl!"

There are days when it seems as if your hair is determined to keep you humble.  When you feel as if you are at the apex of your cuteness and your hair comes along and yanks the stool right out from under you!  Today was one of those days.....I truly believe my hair was out to get me, conspiring against me even!  But, as you know, I'm all about keeping it real; so as you view these pictures, please try to focus on me from the neck down!  Hands up for keeping it real!!!!  (gotta run.....just got an endorsement deal from Pantene!!!....Have they SEEN my pics?!)