Thursday, December 30, 2010

Girly Girl Rock.....

pretty girl 1

pretty girl 2

pretty girl 3

pretty girl4

pretty girl 5

pretty girl 6

Sometimes a girly just likes to feel kind of pretty!  This outfit definitely made me feel soooo pretty.  To be honest, I’m just not that delicate.  I like to try to make my husband believe that I’m a delicate flower, but between us girls, I’m a pretty sturdy kind of gal.  If I were living in the middle ages, I wouldn’t be the princess in the castle being vied for by knights chivalrous.  I’d be more the peasant stock, a breeder if you will, hauling pails of water and baskets of onions from the fields, pausing only to drop a baby enroute to Ye Olde Village Inn & Ale House. 

But this outfit makes this little peasant girl believe that she too can be a princess!  I put on this skirt with the jacket, shoes and belt and as I was looking in the mirror, pulling up my slip (yes, I’m a bit of a pruuuuuude), I kept pulling the skirt up higher and then thought, “Good Night Mary Pickford!  That’s it!” and the next thing you know little Miss Peasant was now little Miss Leggy!  So the skirt got turned into a dress and I went totally girly girl with the look.  Between the lacey high neck jacket and the lazy up do; I felt quite the Jane Seymour vamping Christopher Reeve in Somewhere in Time.  My next post will be of me, the following day, wearing this same skirt AS a skirt……I think it’s my new favorite!

JACKET:  Elie Tahari via Celebrity Consignments

SKIRT (Worn as Dress):  Vintage Thrifted

BELT & SHOES:   Thrifted

NECKLACE:  Gifted from my fabulous big sister!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Trendy City




My husband said this to my daughter and I the other day, “Seventy-five years ago women didn’t worry as much about what they look like as much as they do now….women are much more focused on clothes now than they were before”.  I mulled that over for a few seconds and then I said, “Women have always cared a lot about how they look.  Women all through the years have wanted to look their best.  The difference is that now there’s more a focus on being “in style” and trendy than ever before”.

Seventy five years ago was around 1935.  Women in that era wanted to look just as good as women of our day.  The difference is that there was limited media influence.  They tended to emulate what they saw on the great Silver Screen and, of course, there were magazines that women flocked to to read articles on what the star of the moment was wearing. Celebrity influence, at the time, was certainly a reality.  The story goes that when Clark Gable took off his shirt in It Happened One Night and revealed a naked chest, sales of undershirts plummeted the next day!  When Gloria Swanson sported her short do sheened to her head, women everywhere began shearing their lovely locks and slicking the remains to their scalps.  Without a doubt, celebrities sparked the trends. 

Certainly celebrities spark trends today as well.  But now, there’s a much broader definition of celebrity and those deemed famous are given a much louder voice than 75 years ago.  Our fashion influence today is not only from film stars, but from television, music industry, models, a plethora of fashion magazines, blogs (burgeoning influence here….we now have blog celebrities), websites, entire channels devoted to style and fashion, reality television and I'm probably missing a few.  Everywhere we turn the media-proclaimed fashionable tell us what to wear so that we can be fashionable too.  We’re literally bombarded with ever changing styles and trends.  And why wouldn’t they be ever changing?  If styles stayed the same from one season to the next, why would we purchase new clothes?  We purchase to keep up with “the latest” and get our sense of how attractive we look from how well and how often we wear the latest styles. 

I took my daughter shopping at the mall the day after Christmas.  That’s when it really hit me.  There are racks and racks of cheap clothing.  Seems the rule of thumb everywhere is “Trendy rules, trendy sells and trendy is disposable”.  Quality’s not the name of the game.  Who’s got time for that?  Current trumps quality every time.  Who cares how long the clothes last?  If I can buy what Gwen Stefani was wearing in her last video, it’s the look that I’m purchasing, NOT the quality of the garment that we’re paying for.  What sells today is what was seen in Glamour or on MTV last week.  The message is, “Get it quick, because it’s going to change next week and it’s sooooo cheap (er...affordable..but actually cheap) to be in style today!”

Women of 1940 wanted just as much to look good as women of 2010.  There’s nothing new about a woman’s vanity.  They just weren’t as visually and socially bombarded as we are.  They HAD to value quality as they didn’t replace their clothes every couple of months.   In our rotating celebrity culture, it’s big business for an instant celebrity to set an instant trend for instant profit.  Clothes are disposable, but so is the self esteem gained by keeping up with a passing trend.  What are we producing today that will be tomorrow’s classics?  Is there even such a thing as classic anymore?  What’s being produced today for the average working person to buy that will stand the test of time, and that we’ll be thrifting as vintage ten years from now?  Will the cheaply but rapidly manufactured fashions of today even last over the next few decades?  I welcome your input!

Regarding today's ensemble....I LOVE THIS! This outfit really captures ME! I know. I know. Serene, really? Are you serious? Again with the black? Morticia called and said you're wearing too much black!!!!

I don't care! I love it!!! I can't give it up and I won't...what can I tell you? It SPEAKS to my inner mournful soul! or maybe it just makes me look thinner....hmmmmmm.....

JACKET: Vintage Doncaster Tanner, inherited from my mother (MAN! That woman had great taste!!)

SKIRT: White House Black Market , had for a few years

BOOTS: Thrifted

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In my groove....






After all the hand-wringing and brow-backhanding of a couple of days ago, lamenting my dilemma of being true to my style; I absolutely accomplished my objective here!  This has so many of the elements of what I love:  the vintage blouse on the black canvas.  The print is a bit dramatic and eclectic AND it’s simple!!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

I had some great comments on my last post concerning “What I know for sure”.  Seems I’m not the only one who suffers from inspiration overload sometimes.  There are just SO MANY fabulous and creative blogs now!  I’ll stumble across one that I’ve never seen before and see that it has a few hundred followers; and I’ll think, “Oh my gosh!  How have I not found her before now?!?!” 

More Over 40 Bloggers….

I want to add a couple of names to my list of over 40 bloggers.  Sometimes, because of the content of their blog or some things they allude to, I’ll think a fellow blogger may be over 40, but it’s just one of those things you can’t ask.  Right along with “When are you due?” and “Did you MEAN to do that?” 

Citizen Rosebud

Reva’s Rags to Roses

If there are more of you, please let me know.  


BLOUSE:  Vintage and Thrifted

DRESS:   H&M years ago

BOOTIES:  Thrifted

NECKLACE & EARRINGS:  Gifts from a sweet friend and my aunt (respectively)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

What I know for sure





I’ve found myself in a bit of a dilemma.  I’m experiencing inspiration overload and blog addiction.  Not my blog, but others!  I’ve found so many blogs of women whose style I absolutely LOVE and it’s like eating Funyons, I know you really need to put the bag down, but you just can’t seem to make yourself do it! 

Then, add to that, trying different looks and styles and hating them on me while loving them on others.  I’m closet confused!!!!  It’s left me with a sense akin to a marriage of amnesia and schizophrenia.  I can’t remember what I really like and yet I seem to like everything but none of it feels like me. 

“AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!   You’re EXASPERATING Charlie Brown!!!!”

SO!  In an effort to make sense of some things, I’m thinking out loud here and making a short list of the style points I’m sure of.  Feel free to skip this part right here….I have a feeling it’s not going to be necessarily  blog worthy, but very necessary for me and my ebbing sanity.

1.  I really love vintage.

2.  I favor a clean lines look.

3.  While I really love layering on others, on me….hmmmm, I' accept that I’m not much of a layerer.  It’s just too fussy for me.


5.  Colored tights make me feel like a clown.  I’m going to allow for exceptions but making an agreement with myself to admire them on others and abstain from them on me. (Parenthetical thought….I really really enjoy alliteration)  (Second parenthetical thought, how often do I EVER get to say “parenthetical”?  I think I need to find reasons to use it!)

6.  I enjoy heels more than boots.

7.  My favorite looks that I see on others have one common theme……they’re easy.  They aren’t contrived, they just look effortless.

8.  I favor contrasts:  long over short, short paired with long, vintage with current, fancy with casual.

9.  I have to have balance in a look.

10.  Strong colors I wear have to be balanced by a neutral.  This is just me.

11.  I like my outfits more when I don’t overthink them.  In fashion as in life, I screw up when I get in my head too much.

And now, I head for my closet armed with this information.  Instead of a snowed in day of stalking other blogs, I think I’ll take a look in my closet and play dress up!  I hope all of you have a wonderful snow day!   I really would LOVE to hear what you KNOW about your style and your fashion affinities, so PLEASE share.

JACKET, BLOUSE, & BOOTS...Vintage & Thrifted

SCARF.....Doncaster Tanner

JEANS......TJ Maxx

Monday, December 20, 2010

You're GOING to get old!






Guess what!  We’re getting older.  And with any luck, we’re going to get old.  That’s right.  OLD.  And everything that comes with it…..wrinkles, gray hair, menopause, incontinence (going potty is so tedious anyway; to just be able to wear an adult diaper and change it when it’s convenient MAY not be such a bad thing), forgetfulness (that came early for me), hairs growing in the strangest places and shrinking about 3 inches.  Sounds fun, eh?  But consider the alternative……a youthful corpse?

Thus far, I’ve been fortunate to have aged fairly well.  Hey, tomorrow I may have jowls down to my knees and size 10 crows’ feet; but so far so good.  I feel like I can say this with absolutely no conceit  because I really can’t take credit for it.  I’ve got pretty good genes.  My grandmother is 80 and is finally REALLY going gray.  My aunt who is in her mid fifties looks about 15 years younger than that.  And my mother, when she passed away at 56, still looked absolutely amazing.  To a large extent, how we age, depends on genetics; so if you’ve been fortunate in that area, be sure to give credit where credit’s due.

However, there ARE things that we can do that will make the wheels of age turn gently and not like they’re being driven by Bo and Luke Duke!  I started thinking about this the other day, and here are some things that I’ve done through the years and some things that I SHOULD have done through the years to gently traverse the years.

1.  Use moisturizer EVERY day.  I think it’s the ONLY thing I’ve done consistently all these years.  I heard it on the Donahue Show when I was still in high school.  The topic was secrets of great looking older women and it was the one “secret” that they all had in common.

2.   Unless you’re health endangering overweight, don’t lose more than about 10 pounds.  As we age, our skin loses elasticity.  The gaining and losing weight takes it’s toll and when we lose weight, it shows in our faces.  Think saggy skin and withered lips.  You’ll look better with, what you think, (must be the curse of being a woman – always thinking we’re 20 pounds away from the elusive perfection), are those few extra pounds.

3.  Beware the sun!  Laying out in the sun was all well and good when we were in high school.  I remember basting myself with baby oil for a deep dark all over roast!  But now we know…too much sun leaves one looking like fine corinthian leather – a beautiful thing for a Jaguar, not so much for the face!

4.  Under no condition, no matter what those incessant voices in your head tell you, DO NOT TRY TO DRESS TO LOOK YOUNG.  When we do that, we don’t look young.  We look desperate.  We aren’t desperate

5.  MOVE….the women that I have seen that have aged the best move their bodies.  They get regular exercise.  It doesn’t have to be tortuous, it just needs to be vigorous and consistent. 

6.  Laugh a lot!  If I’m going to get wrinkles, I’d like for them to be laugh lines not that big ugly line across your forehead that advertises that I’m a worry wart. 

7.  Wear what you like because you like it!  That’s what I hear the most from my friends who are older – they just don’t worry about what people think as much as they did when they were younger.  So if you want to wear a hat every day or a feather boa, wear it!  Now if you’re wearing it because you think it makes you look younger, put it away!

Here  are some of my AWESOME over 40 blogger friends!  They have incredible style and have aged amazingly well….I feel like I learn from them all the time:

Fashion over Fifty

Rags against the Machine

Style Underdog

Over Fifty, Feeling Forty

Mis Papelicos

Pull Your Socks Up

Southern Comfort (Joy and Lise….amazing women of style!)

Senora Allnut

Amended: Please please please turn me on to over 40 fashion bloggers! I know there must be more out there, so if it's you or you know one....share a link.

Check these wonderful women out! Also, I'd LOVE to hear some of your advice on matter what your age!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Don't FUR-get me!

fur collar

fur collar2

fur collar3

fur collar4

Hullo Dah-links!  Zerene iz not here today.  Ez me….Zsa Zsa!  I told Zerene I vant to show all her lovely readers my faaabulous fur collar.  Don’t I look simply SCRUMPTIOUS dah-link?  But of COURSE I do!  I’m wearing my vonderful fur scarf, dah-link!   See how it frames the money-maker dah-link?  Yes Yes, I’m ageless I know, but it zertainly helps to have a family of rabbits to wear around your neck….those Dee-LITEFUL creatures!  Why dah-link!  Have you ever seen an ugly rabbit?!  But of course NOT!   Zese lovely fur dumplings were given to me by Jean Von Franz, a uber-vealthy trader in French baseball trading cards dah-link.  I told Jean I absolutely could NOT accept zuch an extravagant gift, but LIEBCHEN, he put on such the zad face, why I could not disappoint the poor man!

Oh my!  I must run….but excuse me dah-link…..I must be chauffered!  I have a public that awaits!  Why dah-link!  I have the hair!  I have the face!  I have the clothes!  What poor woman has to do without because I have it ALL dahlink!?!  Zerene will be back next time; but be assured dah-link.  She won’t be as glamorous as MOI!  Auf Wiedersehen!

Zsa Zsa’s Look:

DRESS:  Belk

FUR SCARF:  Thrifted for $1!!!!  (Don’t believe Zsa Zsa when she says it was given to her by an amorous admirer!)

BOOTS: Thrifted

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Rant!



























There are just some things that are NOT done.  EVER!  Black socks and white tennis shoes….don’t let it happen!  Leaving the house with curlers in your hair….no excuse.  Runs in your hose or tights….NOT a good look, no matter what weird celebrity does it.  Visible panty line…….do we even need to discuss this?  Unshaven armpits in a tank top……obviously I’ve gone to meddling now!  And we NEVER EVER under any circumstances other than blatant emergencies wear our pajamas to the grocery store!

They are PAJAMAS, NOT casual wear.  You can tuck them into UGGS and throw on a sweater; but when they’re fuzzy and have reindeer or hearts all over them, then they are correctly classified as Pa-Ja-Mas.  Pajamas are for sleeping or cuddling on the couch.  They are under no condition to be worn in public.  I know, I know.  I’m Prudie McPrude.  I’m 44 going on 84.  Say what you will.  Maybe I AM a bit Victorian in my thinking.  But a lady (or teen girl) puts her best foot forward and if time, inclement weather or any other such inconvenience is an issue; then one either foregoes the errand or at the very least put on a pair of jeans and clean shirt, pull the hair back in a pony tail and slap on some lip gloss and a pair of hoop earrings.  That’s a pretty quick look AND it shows a proper amount of dignity and self respect.

(Deep sigh with shaking head)  KIDS these days!

On a separate note….I LOVED this outfit!  These are the ingredients:

BLACK SWEATER:  purchased at Banana Moon in Hendersonville, NC

PANTS:  J Crew

BOOTS:  ?  Had for years

BANGS:  Self cut and totally feelin’ them!

SPOTS ON CAMERA:  Go figure!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"You smell like home"

pics 005
pics 010
pics 011
This past Saturday morning, around 5 am, my oldest boys came home from their first semester at college.  They’re twins!  I’ve over the moon proud of them!  They are brilliant artists and are pursuing that at school.  I had not seen them since October as their school is about 5 hours away.  So when they pulled in the drive, I ran out the door and Roman down the steps to greet me.  He hugged me so hard and he said, “Man, you smell like home!”  Ahhhhhhhh…..I can’t tell you how good that makes me feel!   I missed those guys so much!   Next August, their sister will join them at college (she’s going to the same school) and within a year’s time, 3 of my chickies are out of the nest.  OUCH!  On the one hand, I’m so tickled and I’m really not the type of mom who wrings her hands when the kids are gone wondering how she’s going to fill her time.  I have lots of things I love to do and some that I’ve been putting off for the next season in my life…the kids out of the house season.  Knowing that just because I put something off doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen, helps me to stay patient and focused and hopefully give my kids as much of me as I can right now.  I absolutely believe that I can do everything I want to do, I just can’t do it all at the same time.  Life has seasons and each season brings it’s own joys.   On the other hand, I miss their smell, the daily dialogue, having everyone in the kitchen at the same time, being goofy with them and just knowing that they’re within arms reach every day.  Oh well, it all comes with the territory, eh?
You’re going to see me in a lot of variations on black over the next few days.  To be honest, I have a serious love of black!  It’s classic.  It looks good on me.  I feel great in it!  I always feel put together and like myself when I’m wearing black.  There’s so much you can do to spruce up black.  It’s like a great backdrop for unique and interesting accessories.  So, I submit to you, Serene in Black AND Serene with her wonderful kids!  I love these guys so hard!!!!!
BLOUSE & BELT:  Thrifted
BOOTS & SCARF:  Inherited from my mom
JEWELRY:  Sentimental

Sunday, December 12, 2010

You like it? It's YOURS!





When I was in college in Albuquerque, I would go to the flea markets on Saturdays.  One Saturday I found a really fabulous ring in a southwestern design with a large pink stone.  The ring itself was pretty big and I LOVED it!  After many years, the bloom was off the rose and I rarely wore the ring… sat neglected in my jewelry box.  One Sunday morning I was getting ready for church and I noticed the ring.  I thought, “I’m going to wear this to church today.  The first person that compliments it (if any), I’m going to ask them, ‘If you had a ring like this would you wear it?’” and if they answered, “Yes!” then I would take it off and give it to them.  My whole thinking behind it was why should I keep something that I’m just “myeh?  Whatever….” about if someone else is “Oh my gosh I love that!” about it?  It just seemed selfish to me.  So, when I went to church, a woman named Dee Keziah was the first person to compliment this big unusual ring.  When I asked her if she’d wear it, she said, “Of course!”. 

“Then it’s all yours”, I told her as I took it off and gave it to her.  She seemed so surprised and a little taken aback.  Naturally her first response was, “Oh no, I couldn’t”!  When I assured her that it had been my plan all along, she felt better about accepting the ring.  It was wonderful to see her wear it after that!  It taught me such a great lesson that I still try to practice today.  Why should I keep something that I feel ambivalent about when I find someone who really loves it?  It’s so easy to just give it to them!

I’ve done that quite a few times over the years, and probably not as much as I should have, but there has never been a time that I regretted it.  That’s exactly what happened with these boots.  I picked these up at the Goodwill a few months back.  I loved them when I got them and when it turned colder, I was surprised that everytime I put them on to wear them, I just wasn’t feeling it.  I decided to wear them last week and when my friend, Felicia, saw them; she said, “Oh Serene, I love your boots!  I’ve been looking for some just like that!  The bell went off!  I’m thinking, “I won’t wear these but maybe twice this year.  Why not pass them to Felicia, since she really appreciates them more than I do?”  That’s what I did!  I told Felicia, “Girly, when I’m done wearing these today; they are all yours!”   To make sure she felt comfortable accepting them, I assured her that I really wouldn’t wear them, so it just made sense for her to take them.  When I brought them to her the next day, I knew they had found their home!

This is such an easy way for me to give.  It’s not budgeted, premeditated or planned.  It’s just a spur of the moment realization that something that I have means more to someone else than it does to me.  Once I realize that, it seems so necessary to let it go.  Honestly, I’ve been given so much (materially and emotionally) by so many wonderful people.  I can truly say that there’s not a thing in the world that I need and don’t already have.   Hope this doesn’t sound like a preachy post.  It’s just another way to look at the things you have.  We all have stuff that really isn’t that important to us; but to someone else…….it’s just what they’ve always wanted!

SWEATER:  Wrap sweater worn backward.  Purchased at H&M years ago.

PANTS:  J Crew via hand-me-down from my aunt

BOOTS:   Thrifted

NECKLACE:  Hand-me-down from my aunt

Friday, December 10, 2010

Fashion Friend Friday: Tap Tap Tap....Is this thing on?!


1. How important do you think reader connectedness is to the success your blog?

I guess I would have to define “success” for my blog.  For me, it’s an opportunity for me to share my passion for style and my firm belief in the power of adorning our bodies.  The most important thing to me is to make sure that I’m presenting myself in the most genuine way so that I’m understandable and that my thoughts and opinions are made clear.

2. What do you do to draw readers in and create that writer-reader bond?

I find the voice inside of me continually saying, “Let go of who and how many read your blog.  Be yourself.  If anyone is interested and can relate they will continue reading.  If they don’t, they won’t.”  When I get too focused on getting noticed or getting more followers, I find myself strategically dressing and posting; which makes me feel like a big phony wannabe.  Surprisingly, I’ve found that the blogs I’ve been the most drawn to seemingly have done nothing to “draw” me.  They’re just women sharing with others their style and I happen upon them and think, “Yeah, I GET her.  If she were my neighbor, we’d probably hang out!”

3.  What is one way you could improve this connection?

Hmmmm….I think kindness and being considerate is probably the best way.  If I have a new commenter, I try to always visit their blog and thank them for the visit.  If I have a new follower, I have tried always to reciprocate, even if I may not feel as much of a connection with their blog.  I just thinks it’s being courteous.   We all feel good about having  a large group of followers and it’s an easy enough thing to do for a fellow blogger.

4.  Is there a blogger you think does a great job creating that writer-reader bond? Why?

I think Terri of Rags and also Style Underdog do great at this.  And the reason is, I don’t think they really try.  I get the sense that they are who they are and that they are not doing anything on their respective blogs to gain readers.  They’re simply sharing their lives with their readers.  If it strikes a chord – GREAT!  If not – that’s okay too…’s not about gaining numbers.

5.  What do you do to cultivate new readers? How do you get them to your site in the first place?

I think it’s so important to be sincere.   I want my message to be:  “This is who I am and this is my point of view.  I really appreciate you stopping by and visiting”.  Let’s face it.  There are HUNDREDS of style blogs and sometimes it can feel a little like reality TV!  I post many of my blogs on my FB page, and I visit other blogs and only comment when I feel moved to; or if I feel a kinship to that blogger.  Doesn’t it really go back to what you count as success for your blog?  I have definitely felt the angst of not growing followers quickly enough and the envy of seeing other bloggers gain 100 followers in a couple of months or being courted by sponsors wanting to throw beautiful expensive garments their way.  I would have to be not even human not to feel a twinge of “why can’t it be like that for me?”.   But I want to be real and sincere in all that I do in my real life AND in my cyber life.  My focus is to reach like minded women and share with them my style, my views on life, being a woman, aging and expressing oneself at any age or income level.  I don’t believe that style is for a select few who can afford designer clothes.  It’s for every woman who has even the smallest bit of imagination.  If that resonates with someone, then I have not only a new follower, but rather a friend.  Sounds hokey as I’m writing it, but it really is how I feel.

Be sure to visit Katy of Modly Chic and sign up to become part of Fashion Friend Friday too!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

All that Glitters!








carrie 001


Hello!  I’d love to chit chat with you but I’m far too busy and important to slow down!  I’m sure that you can see that for yourself though because I have on my “busy and important” gold trench that let’s the world know that the woman inside of it is …….wait for it…………….Busy AND Important! 

Doesn’t this trench look expensive?  Well, it was!  But not for me!!  It is a Doncaster Tanner trench that retails for about $500!  Yes, that’s two zeros riding that five’s back.  It’s hard to believe, but there are actual women who paid that much for it.  You know how much I paid?  $24!!!!  Last Spring at the Warehouse sale here in my town.   A few times a year, Tanner has a warehouse sale that is crazy ridiculous.  I snatched this up last year and tucked it away in the back of my closet just waiting for some appropriate weather to wear it.  It’s so fabulous, no picture can even do it justice.  Since it’s such a statement piece, I kept everything else basic black.

I also had to include some pictures of the fabulous stylish women I work with.  Felicia is one of our personal trainers (I am marketing manager at a gym) is I have to tell you, there is not a superfluous piece of skin on her body!  She’s a powerhouse and even better, just a sweet woman whose mission in life seems to be helping others do things they never thought they could.  The sweater she is wearing came from the same Celebrity Consignment shop I mentioned a couple of days ago.  After hearing talk me and a mutual friend talk about it, Felicia took her best girl and they had a BLAST!  She said that they must have been in there for over 2 hours trying everything on.

Sherry is the club manager and runs the Silver Sneaker program, which is our most popular class.  I joke with her that it’s not a class, it’s a cult!  This group uses every opportunity to get together, bring great food, listen to music and have fun.  Carrie is our office manager and is steady shrinking in front of our eyes!  She has the best shape….I always tell her she has a Va Va VOOM figure – the perfect hourglass!  I work with even more wonderful women, but unfortunately, couldn’t get their pics today.  The best thing about them all is that they’re so sweet and encouraging to everyone.  I’m so fortunate to have such wonderful “sisters” in my life!

TRENCH:  Doncaster Tanner

PANTS:  J Crew

BOOTS:  Enzo Angilioni

Nothing thrifted today, but what can I say?  I feel FABULOUS!!  I hope you do too!!!!

How about some Bee Gees this morning?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Impossible....Mwah ha ha! I laugh in your face!

December 017

December 025

December 029

December 032

December 033

December 036

This skirt belonged to my mom.  I even remember when she last wore it….and Easter service that she went with me to when I lived in Oregon.  I thought it was stunningly beautiful and she looked stunning in it.  When she passed away and I went through all of her lovely clothes, this skirt was again a favorite.  But the waist was miniscule, basically each end of the zipper coming to my hip bones.  That hook and eye closure had as much of a chance of meeting as George Clooney and me…..not gonna happen!

Then, I met a woman at the gym where I work who used to sew for Tanner, the same company actually that made this skirt.  I asked her if there was anything that could be done to make it fit my waist because it is certainly liberal enough in the hips.  Brilliant woman that she is (this is a shout out to you Ms. Lucy!), she suggested that if I did not mind losing a couple of inches off the bottom, she could basically just cut the waist down to where the a-line in the skirt begins to widen.  Can I say it again?  BRILLIANT!!  Now I get to where this jewel that my mom wore so well.  Lemme tell ya, my mom was a little bitty thing.  I used to point to her womb and tease her, “How did this (pointing at myself) ever come from there?!”  So what I thought was impossible, was actually easily possible! 

Moral of the story:  Like Paulo Coelho (my favorite author and philosopher) says, “Impossible is merely an opinion”'  Go forth and conquer!!!