Sunday, April 29, 2012

Just a FABULOUS 70s Dress!

Dress: Vintage Thrifted, Shoes:  BCBG Thrifted, Bracelets:  Vintage Thrfited

I'm such a fan of dresses!  When I came across this one on Friday, I couldn't believe my luck!  It sports the reds, pinks and favorite colors AND a FABULOUS print....which I'm ALWAYS a sucker for.

Now the thing about a catchy print is that it demands to perform solo.  I honestly think anyone can wear a statement print, regardless of body type or height or age or any other factors.  But some things to keep in mind are:

  • keep accessories to a minimum
  • wear a simple shoe (preferably with height)
  • own it!
And owning it is probably the most important advice.  But that goes with most looks, wouldn't you say?

Since I couldn't decide if I should sell this in my eBay store or keep it for myself; I decided to list it and if it sells, I'll take it as a sign that I was merely a temporary girlfriend and not a soul mate.  So if you're interested, it'll be in my store this week.

I'm feeling so very visible in my gorgeous 70s super dress, so you'll also find me at Patti's place over on her blog for Visible Monday.  Join me there!  


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Black on Black

It's all thrifted except for necklaces.  I stacked two from JCP and the other a gift from my sister.

Two things I love are present in this outfit:  Black and high waisted.   What's so great about those two things?


  • looks great on most people
  • figure flattering
  • classic
  • easy to mix with color
  • great backdrop for statement pieces
  • EASY!
High Waist
  • shows off the smallest part of the torso
  • lengthens the leg
  • belt friendly
  • alleviates the hated "muffin top"
  • allows almost every body shape to tuck in shirt
  • pants don't slide down
So there you go!  Yes, I know color is wonderful and a lower rise has been popular for years now. But sometimes you just have to shake it up!  The lesson here:  Wear what you feel great in regardless of current trends or sartorial opinions!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

70s Style

I think I could do this all favorite icons and looks of the 70s!  

I so wanted to be one of Charlie's Angels!  

Clean cut image?  Absolutely!  But sky rocketing on's hard to watch the Mary Tyler Moore show and not want to wear what she's wearing!  And can we talk about her FABULOUS apartment!!!  The girl didn't even have her own bed room, but she had a killer closet!



Lynda Carter as Diana Prince in Wonder Woman!  It was so fun to pretend to be her and spin around and around trying to change into Wonder Woman!  But it's her wardrobe that I'd take now!  She epitomized 70s chic!  I ADORE the hair in both of these pictures!

Call her Ms Ross!   I had a serious Diana Ross obsession when I went into high school and to this day I can sing every word and sound of Ain't No Mountain High Enough!  This is her from her Mahogany days and they just don't come any more stunning than this!  I would LOVE to wear this gown that she has on, but I'm thinking I can at least maybe DIY a pair of tassels like she has on.


Okay, she may have lived in the projects but Willona had some SERIOUS style!!  I used to always wonder how she could be so poor and dress so well!  What she's wearing right there, I'd put on in a heartbeat today!  And actually, Velma's looking pretty chic herself!


Can we talk about Cher?  She was not afraid to work the drama, even early in her career.


This.  Right here.  I love this whole look.  The severe hair.  The huge earrings.  The black and white tunic.
I came across a model from the 70s named Pat Cleveland.  She was simply STUNNING!  No all American Christi Brinkley good looks here.  She was over the top WOW!  Completely inspirational!  

Lesson learned:  We all are going to get dressed every day anyway.  Why not go for a dramatic effect and make it memorable!


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sometimes Drama is Good!

Adding dramatic pieces can spice up your wardrobe!

I've decided that one of the things that draws me to items I love is a dramatic effect.  Like this long robish kind of thing.  I found it at my local Goodwill and it just jumped out at me.  I tried it on immediately and knew I had to have it!  $5 later, it's like we've known each other forever.  I've got lots of ideas on how to wear this.....belted over a pencil skirt, hanging open over white jeans and heels, with an opaque slip underneath and a skinny belt and worn like a dress.  It's new home is adorning the dress form that I have in my room.

Here are a couple of gorgeous girlies who inspired me with their long flowing numbers.  The Stylish Wanderer and the effortlessly chic Karla's Closet!



Do you like to add drama to your wardrobe?

I've added some great accessories to my store!  Take a look if you're so inclined!  


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Homemade Vanity...Literally! + Winner of Market Place India Giveaway

I've been wanting a vanity for some time now.  They're just so feminine and girly and old school!  While I didn't necessarily want to make an investment until I found EXACTLY what I wanted, I didn't want to wait either.  Sooooo, I put a little creativity to work and came up with a vanity I love!

Put together out of things I already own, I took an unused small wooden coffee table and propped it up on two storage bins.  Covered it with a pretty sheet with a lace trim and the bones of my vanity were in place!

I already had an extra stool, and since I don't have a ton of room; it actually worked great!  I added a scarf that I rarely use as a runner to add some color and interest.

I dug around in the kitchen and snagged old scented candle jars, thrifted teapots and sugar dishes.  These formed the chorus of  carryalls for my jewelry.  I couldn't believe how much beautiful jewelry I own that I never wear because, frankly, I forgot I had it!  It's usually tucked away in a cabinet in wooden boxes.  And while that's pretty traditional, it's not really practical.  How can you wear what you can't see?

By the way, the sugar dish?  A great makeup brush holder!

Aren't perfumes pretty displayed?  These are all the perfumes I own as the Coco Mademoiselle is my signature fragrance.    I usually wear Flori De Capri (in the small square bottle) to bed.  Safari by Ralph Lauren is an old favorite and the two bottles of 4711 are of German origin and belonged to my mother.  4711 has been around FOREVER, and it has a clean citrus-y scent.  One of the bottle is a great bangle bracelet holder!

The white mirror belonged to my mother.  There's a story behind the bow.  It went to a Valentino (my all time favorite designer) bathrobe that belonged to my mother as well.  I wore it until it had holes in it and finally self consented to throw it away.  But I did want to keep a piece of it, so I saved the sash, starched and ironed it and made it into a bow which I hung from a hook above the mirror.  I love the way it turned out and it's a pretty way to display something that has sentimental value to me!

This  is the view from the front.  All my makeup is in the white zipper box in the middle and I love having my pretties displayed!  The vintage lamp is a $5 thrift find and I covered the shade with pink ribbon.  So the moral of this story is:  If there's something you want, you probably already have it!  You just have to look with new eyes!

And before I end this post, let me say a big congratulations to Allison Anne.  She's the winner of my Market Place India giveaway!  Allison, I'll be passing on your email and will be in touch with you so that you can get your $100 gift card!  Lucky You!!!