Sunday, June 10, 2012

NUETP: The Black Pointy Toe Pump

Never Underestimate the Power of a great pair of black pointy toe heels!

Silk Blouse:  Thrifted, Leather Skirt:  Vintage Thrifted, Black Heels:  Nine West Thrifted

Patti did a great post yesterday on "Out with the drab.  In with the fab!"  in which she explores finding ways to build on great basics to start adding fun to her wardrobe....

    "One definite spicy seasoning for me is The Shoe.  And that's fairly recent in my life.  For many decades I stuck with safe choices.  In my corporate years, the nice stacked pump or sling-back.  Simple flats or brown sandals made do for casual hours." 

I think my friend is dead on!  And, in my most humble opinion, where better to start than a black pointy toe pump!  There are so many variations of this, with the upside being that you can choose your heel height for maximum comfort.

The black pointy toe is classic, reminiscent of Chanel, and just about goes with EVERYTHING!  When I put on this outfit, I originally had a different shoe....a platform strappy heel that looked great but a bit too va va voom for church!  So I grabbed my standby and POW!  What could easily look a bit funky (and there ain't a THANG wrong with funky!!), went straight to classy.

The beauty of a black pointy toe is that it can be worn with jeans, slacks, skirts, bright prints, white, longer shorts (I'm not really a fan of heals with short shorts), cropped pants.....just about everything!  And it just makes everything look GREAT!

If I had to go on a trip and take only ONE pair of shoes with me, I think it would be these.  I really think it's one shoe that would be at home in any woman's wardrobe!

Take a look a these celebrities and their pointy toe heel looks.  And while you're looking around, head on over to Patti's Visible Monday and take a peek at some gorgeous ladies sporting their very visible looks!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Scarves of all my store

Scarves seem to be very popular among my store clients, so I've found that now I'm constantly on the lookout for interesting or simply beautiful ones! Below is my scarf inventory as of today. To be honest, there are quite a few that I listed that I was soooooooo tempted to keep. But I'll never stay in business that way, eh? Enjoy!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Getting back to yourself.....

Recently, I was reading a post by Reva in which she talked about her blogging history.

    Since beginning this blog, I have found myself trying new looks, and at times, wearing stuff just for the sake of a good post. Those days have long passed, thank goodness. 

I immediately related to that statement!  When I look back on early posts of mine, I see that I've done the exact same thing.  Let's face it.  Our everyday wear really isn't all that exciting.  And to be honest, some of my most over the top outfits got the most comments.  What more encouragement did I need?

But after a couple of years of pretty consistent blogging, I've gotten back to what I feel is more me.....streamlined, if you will.   I love style and fashion more than ever, and while I still enjoy getting out of my comfort zone; I'm less likely to wear something for the sake of the blog.

Top:  Thrifted   Skirt:  J Crew Thrifted  Shoes:  Franco Sarto via TJ Maxx  Necklaces and bracelet:  Thrifted, but the stone one was given to me by my mom.

And STILL working the red nails!!  LOVE them!

This outfit is pretty close to quintessential me.  Clean lines.  Layered necklaces.  Organic jewelry of which I'm a HUGE fan of right now.  I've done pretty well at keeping my closet pared down to only the pieces that I LOVE and love wearing.  This skirt has made it through several cuts....I just can't seem to part with it because it's so versatile!!

I'm tickled to death to FINALLY have made it back to another Visible Monday and thank you Patti for having started it to begin with!  Also, PLEASE go check out Pam's blog for a wonderful Visible Monday explanation.  The blogosphere tends to have cliques and "in groups" like any other social gathering.  Sometimes over 40 bloggers can get pigeonholed into the category of basically Stellas trying to get our groove back!  And while there certainly isn't a thing wrong with that, I think most of the 40+ bloggers that I know have a pertinent and valuable perspective on fashion and style.  We're savvy shoppers who don't jump to the latest trends and if it's not too self serving to say so, I actually think we bring a lot of wisdom and perspective to the fashion blogging community which can get a bit advertorial heavy at times.  So check Pam out and be sure to give her a cyber hug!!