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Well, reinvention may be a bit strong....but I'm certainly in a creative mood! I've had this blog sitting here and really have done nothing with it. I've just thought, talked myself out of, felt self conscious, thought some more, resolved, went back on my resolution and alas, this really cool EMPTY blog! That's the problem with overthinking.....alot of brain activity does not always produce tangible results!

I LOVE clothes, fashion, style, decorating, writing,'s all so creative. I used to feel apologetic for answering, "So what are your interests?" with "I LOVE clothes!" It sounded soooo shallow and superficial; or at least I thought it did. But I reject that! Dressing our body is expression and creativity and certainly not necessarily superficial. When I was in the flag corps in High School (where the real women were!); it was a thrill to put on my uniform! When we marched into the stadium, my chin was lifted, my back was straighter, I was confident and empowered. When I was in the Army, same thing. There's just something about putting on those BDUs freshly pressed, lacing up super shiny boots and FEELING every inch a warrior!

THAT'S what clothes do for us. My mother kept herself groomed and pretty up until a couple of days before the cancer finally took her. Even when she was stuck at home because she was too ill to go anywhere, I would be hard pressed to find her not in a pair of great fitting jeans and a cute tee shirt. She said that it just made her FEEL better. When I put on an outfit that fits well, and is really pretty.....that's when I feel the most like me, and on days when I'm feeling a little funky, it helps me to feel like the woman I want to be.

So, this is what this blog is about: me being unabashed in my love of clothes and all things lovely. And like most loves, it's inexplicable, but it's deep and it's real!

"He had not a cent in his pocket, but he had faith. He had decided, the night before, that he would be as much an adventurer as the ones he had admired in books." Paulo Coelho

By the way, the above quote is from one of my alltime favorite books, The Alchemist. What a lifechanging book by a fabulous author, Paulo Coelho.

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