Wednesday, March 21, 2012

***Meaningless Numbers***

Silk blouse:  Thrifted and chopped off the arms, Skirt:  Thrifted, Shoes:  Lela Rose for Payless via eBay

I found this skirt at a new favorite local thrift store.  I saw it on the racks on a couple of visits and finally decided to just get it to sell because it has such great details....side zips that go all the way up the thigh, a great stretchy fabric and tailored seams.  It's a size 2, so as much as I loved it, I was fixated on the size.  But as I was in the dressing room trying on some other things, I eye balled the skirt laying in my cart and thought, "MAN!  I swear that looks like it would fit me!" and so I went for it and braced myself for a few moments of sweating, pulling, grunting and possible tears!

But guess what!?  BAM!  FABULOUSNESS was born!!!  It fit so great that I knew it was meant to be
AND an object lesson was learned.....


Perusing my closet, you'd find everything from 2 to 16 and everything in between!  That size 2 no more makes me tiny than the size 16 makes me full figured!  I'm just me and those sizes just don't mean a thing!  Makes you wonder why we put so much significance on a number, eh?  



  1. You are so beautiful my friend! I know what you mean about sizes, I have a whole range as well and have been known to feel discouraged by a size I considered too "big" but now I feel more like I would prefer good fit to caring about a number anyway. :)

    Would you be able to email me your email address? :) I would really appreciate it!

    Have a great day Serene!

  2. Thanks Colleen! I just emailed you, but just in case you check back, my email is Big hugs!

  3. You look amazing in this color and I love the shoes!! I needed to hear this message thanks for being such a gorgeous messenger! Have a wonderful day!

  4. You got that sister! Many of my fab finds are XL. I'm a pretty solid 10 that can slide into a 8 on a good day. If I like it I try it! The skirt is fabulous! Thanks for linking up and joining the fun! Next time maybe brights?????

  5. Well said, my beautiful friend! I wrote about this too, that thrifting will cure you of size-phobia, and here you go! I bought a size Large top and a size XS top yesterday, at the same thrift. Numbers, who cares! You look gorgeous.

  6. First--that pink is stunning on you!!
    I could care less what the size's the fit. That's why I look on the thrift racks anywhere from a 14 up.

  7. Quite so, my dear! I've never been one to be too hung up about what size the label says. Good thing too, or I might have missed out. Mostly, as you say, I find the hoo-ha about getting into a certain size just, well, silly.

    Much love from England,

  8. Such a cute story! Numbers really don't matter. Thanks for sharing and reinforcing that message. You look amazing Missy!

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  9. That hot pink is such a great color on you and I LOVE the shoes! I hope you wear those all spring and summer. XO, Jill

  10. Serene,
    The skirt is fabulous on you!! Add a pop of pink...gorgeous!!


  11. I have friends who won't buy something with the "wrong" number on it and they end up paying so much more for their clothes. I just don't get it, but the expensive designers do. Cute shoes! Have you worn them on the blog before?

    1. Beryl, I've only worn them a couple of other times on the blog...they've been REALLY uncomfortable, but I think I have that fixed! I put those cushions for the balls of your feet in them and it keeps my foot from sliding forward. They are a LIFESAVER!

  12. I recently inherited a pair of jeans that have a tag that magically reads Size 1. You and I both know better!

    The skirt is a great fit and kudos to you for trying it on. I love that pink blouse and the bow at the neck is lovelier still.

  13. I love the blouse. I'm looking for a blue sleeveless blouse with a tie to wear under a sweater for the warmer months.

  14. One of the first things I do when I thrift an item is to cut out all the tags. Even if I don't redesign it, I want to be free of any association with the manufacturer, size etc. and just let it stand on it's own. I hate labels.

    You look gorgeous in hot pink!!

    Love, Jean

  15. I often get fixaded on numbers too, but I found that bringing a measuring tape in my bag is always helpful, so whenever I'm in doubt I take it out and measure to see if it will fit me. I've been surprised to find small sizes that fit me and extra large sizes that I can't get into. You look beautiful and you have the nicest shoes ever!

  16. I have sizes in my wardrobe that ranges from S to XL too. You did a fabulous job by chopping off the sleeves of that gorgeous pussy bow top. When you have creativity, numbers are just meaningless. You look classy and elegant :-) serene.



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