Thursday, May 17, 2012

When it comes to makeup....

My iPhone definitely smooths out the face, but this photo still shows a MUCH improved complexion minus foundation makeup.

"A little bit of powder.  A little bit of paint.  Makes a little girlie look like what she ain't!"
                                             ~Told to me by a centenarian who learned it when she was a child

"Every old barn needs a fresh coat of paint!"
                                            ~Folk saying

Lately, when it comes to make up, I'm opting for a minimalist look.  Admittedly, I've always STUNK when it comes to putting on makeup.  I just can't seem to make it look natural.  And as I've mentioned before, there's enough going on on my face without adding MORE to the mix.

Last week I was sick with a flu like bug.  Basically, I felt like CRAP and the LAST thing I felt like doing was getting dressed up or putting on cosmetics.  After a few days of going bare faced, I noticed that my skin was looking sooooo much better than it has been.  I have very sensitive skin and have been prone to have irritation break outs. And while I love the smooth look that many foundations give,  that dewy skin look  seems to elude me.     So, that got me thinking that it may be time to REthink what I put on my face.

Here now, is my NEW makeup routine.

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I use this EVERY morning. At under $15, it's definitely reasonable without heading into the department store counters.

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I use this blush by E.L.F. which is ridiculously priced at $3. Yes. You read that right. $3. CRAZY!  You can find it at Walmart  Target or Target.

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I lightly brush this clarifying powder over my face BEFORE I put on mascara. Again, by E.L.F. and I'm almost embarrassed, feel very clever to say that it's only $1.

I finish off now with eye liner and generous mascara, throw on some

My favorite lip gloss!  It's the only lip product that I actually run out of!  Great deals on this can be found at Bath and Body Works.  

So there you go!  How simple is that?!  For me, the great thing about keeping it simple on the face is that it allows me to splurge on what I can't go cheap on...


Microdermabrasion facial  (getting my first one tomorrow!)



  1. Your skin looks fantastic, Serene. And I really like your simple face routine - I use ELF powders too! Most days I also skip foundation and just use blush and powder, plus mascara and lips.

    Enjoy your facial!

  2. Thanks patti! I love the ELF products!

  3. I hope you do a post on the micro dermabrasion. That's something that makeup free me is very curious about.

    1. I will! My sister has had a series of microdermabrasion facials and says she can tell a big difference. She has some acne scarring that has improved with the facials. I'll let you know...also getting my brows done using the threading method.

  4. You have the most beautiful eyes! I'm sorry you have been sick...but I think the microderm will really pep you up!! I hope the Fiesta video made you miss SA in a good way! You are a sweetheart...

  5. Ever since I turned 32 I've been breaking out a lot, it's almost as when I was a teenager! =S Recently I changed my daily face wash from the Aveno brand to the Purpose face wash (much cheaper too) and I can really tell the difference after 2 weeks of using it, my face feels smoother and I am not breaking out as much. As far as make up I use the bare minerals, I like it because it's easy and fast to put on and it looks very natural. I think you look great and please let us know how your first facial goes! I've never had one either and I've been curious about it. =)

  6. You are a natural beauty Serene! Chanel No 5? My mom's favorite! Good taste!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Your skin looks beautiful. I enjoy wearing makeup, but sometimes less is more. I guess that depends on the mood I'm in. I usually wear less makeup on the weekends. I find that a couple of the BB creams work really well on my aging skin. Anyhow, you look terrific!

  8. make up has always been an elusive subject for me.although I love to see it on others It seems strange to see my face made up.So i always put on moisteriser a litlle blush and mascara.Some times I add eye liner and rarely a lipstick.I also relay on not very expensive brands and I plan to try these new BB products.And for last we share the same favorite perfume!

  9. I'm so on the same page with you when it comes to makeup. It's always been something I know I am supposed to wear but it doesn't mean I like to wear it. In fact, since I now own my own business...I've more often than not forgone wearing any makeup save for lip balm & sunscreen & a super quick single swipe of mascara only on my upper lashes... If I even bother to do that. Oddly enough, my skin hasen't looked or felt so nice in as long as I can remember!
    The weird thing has been how much more approachable I seem to have become. Whether I'm out grocery shopping or at Costco or where ever & random folks seem to just randomly approach me to just chit-chat. Trust me when I say, that I'm not one to just randomly chit-chat to begin with so all this befuddles me a bit still. Plus, I'm not wearing anything low cut or even remotely short so It's not wardrobe. Either way, my husband gets such a kick outta it so that's fun for him I suppose. He seems to think that I am a lot more comfortable sans makeup & more chill & folks seem to respond to that on some deep cosmic level. LOL
    I have noticed that when I wore a lot more makeup that I didn't make much eye contact with folks for very long but now that I don't wear hardly anything on my face that I tend to not turn away - which is the polar opposite of what most women would do. I think maybe I never quite felt myself or comfy wearing makeup & that came across outwardly.
    I'm not completely shunning makeup or others that wear it without fail (& wow there are a lot of ladies wearing waaay too much & reaping hardly any rewards for doing so) but for me - less has truly been more!

  10. I love posts like this and being able to see what people use in their daily routines. One thing I do like about this blogging is that I don't have to wear very much makeup to look okay. Thanks for sharing!

  11. You look radiantly beautiful Serene, so this routine is perfect for you. You glow!

  12. I'm with ya Serene. You look absolutley stunning!! I can't understand the gals that trowel their makeup on.
    I just do not have time somedays...or my allergies are driving me crazy. My daily--Garnier BB cream (foundation,sunscreen,moisturizer, and other goodies in one!!), Burts Bee Lipbalm in Peony, Eyebrows-a 9B artists pencil (really) and if the allergies are at bay--2 coats of Maybelline Full&Soft Mascara in Brownish Black and curled with eyelash curler.
    If I'm getting FANCY maybe some eyeliner and a swipe of bronzer.

  13. beautiful. Can't believe how much you spend on your make up. So simple but fabulous results!

  14. How was the microdermabrasion facial? I have had them, but unfortunately, not made much difference to my look. I hope it wasn't too harsh/rough for your delicate skin.

    Love from England,

  15. You look so radiant, especially for one who was just sick. We are moving in opposite directions -- I've grown to LOVE my makeup, especially foundation, which I never used to wear. (I do prefer a very light touch, though.) Part of me would love to try microdermabrasion -- I've been noticing some sun damage spots lately. But I'm scared of it! (And not just the price! My skin gets red/irritated/bruised if you even look at it wrong). I'll look forward to hearing about your experiences.

  16. You always look pretty/have a glowing look :)I hear you on the foundation, it's almost impossible to find one that actually matches/isn't oily/doesn't feel heavy.


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