Friday, March 15, 2013

Doing the math.....(GASP!!!)

I want to start off by saying that I absolutely love me some Glamourai!  Seriously, she always looks effortless and gorgeous and seems like the nicest girl!

That being said....

As I was reading her post today, I scrolled down to the outfit credits and clicked on every link, curious as to the cost of the individual pieces and therefore, the entire outfit.  Here's what I came up with:

Timo Weiland Jacket:  $275 (on sale from $915)
White + Warren Sweater:  $295
Vince t-shirt:  $60
Rebecca Taylor Pants:  $395
Gucci Bag:  $3,950
Jimmy Choo Boots:  $1,395

GRAND TOTAL:  $6,370

Now it's absolutely no business of mine how much ANYONE spends on clothes.  And it's possible that these companies loaned Kelly these clothes to get exposure.   But whatever the case, all I'm saying is that this isn't the planet I live on and I totally can't relate.  In fact, thousands of dollars on a single outfit is, in my very humble opinion, bordering on obscene.

Or maybe I'm just turning into a communist....(shaking head and TOTALLY kidding!)

What say you?  Can you relate?  Are blogs like Kelly's completely aspirational and not intended to be reality based?  Is this what being a "top tier" blogger means nowadays?



  1. Yes, the cost of this outfit is the equivalent of several YEARS clothing budget for me.

    1. I'm trying to think of how long it would take me to spend THIS much money on clothing given my current shopping habits. I just can't imagine.....

  2. What a great reality check. Even with my limited resources I KNOW I am willing to spend too much on clothes. Glamourai isn't the only one being ridonkulous about the cost of what we wear. Wake up call, even for shoe stringer me.

  3. The Glamorai was actually one of the blogs I followed very early on, but soon stopped because no, I couldn't relate to her. I think she's lovely, has lovely taste and lovely style, but she also wore clothes that I don't think I'll ever be able to afford and, as I said, I couldn't relate. And that may be more of an indictment against me than her; I'm pretty literal so I can't see recreating her $6,000 looks with my own, thrifted/clearance closet. So I looked for bloggers that I was able to relate to.

  4. First, sooo glad to see you back!

    Second, I stopped following the big girls after I saw and wanted a tee with garters attached. 'She' was donnin it, I looked it up and the cost was VERY expensive. I believe this is where Blogger's have the chance to 'sell out' which will mean lots of income, lots of sheep herding and loss of identity. I suppose it's worth it to 'them' (lol) as I don't include myself in that category ;)

    Don't get me wrong. I'd love to make that kind of cash and have the access to all those freebies, but I'd hope to incorporate some reality into it, some originality. Those types of blogs are no more "blogs" than Vogue, but ADs. Sadly, that is a choice.

    I'd rather see someone who has IMAGINATION. like Bella, Vix, You, etc....
    Even S.J. Parker (who has loads of cash) still uses imagination when pulling together an outfit...

    I love it when a sell-out is called a sell-out!!!
    thanks, you made me feel a bit more united in the blog-o-sphere :)

  5. Yikes - thanks for doing the arithmetic for me. I do think there's a place for aspirational fashion -- that's what the glossy magazines/runway shows are for me.

    But I don't follow any "top-tier" blogs because like Gracey said, when I read blogs I want to feel like I can relate at some level with the writer. And I have a hard time relating to a purse that costs a car : >

  6. Having grown up not being able to even afford the fashions in the Sears catalog, I don't find this any different. I like seeing those expensive clothes and trying to make what I have work for the look. And it's free to see these interesting ways to put things together and the new fashion ideas. (I do have a better time relating to someone with a little more weight.)
    If I had to complain, I would say that she has what seems like 6 to 10 pictures of the same outfit. (Looks like more to me because my computer is so petulant.) Two or three at the most and then I'm just bored. But there are plenty of other blogs very similar to hers in that respect, (one of my favorites has a slender blonde - can't remember the name, but her purses are great).

  7. I think of those "top tier" blogs as a marketing vehicle for the big companies. Those girls are paid models. Instead of placing ads in a magazine for a limited and short-lived publicity this is a way for the designers and companies to have a new kind of publicity. If you can relate to someone you aspire to dress like her - and bingo, sales figures jump.

    That's not my life. I am on the lookout for "real life" blogs, real people with real clothing -an inspirational real people blog is a rare find, and I treasure those.

  8. If that makes you communist, I'm signing up as one too. ;)

  9. Hey GF! Glad to see you post! I am definatlely on the lower Let's talk soon~

  10. I've heard of her but I'm not familiar with her blog, however there are a lot out there who I do follow and wear extremely expensive clothes, I don't look at their links and I don't do the math because more than likely A)I won't be able to afford what they are wearing and B) I probably won't be able to fit in the tiny sizes they wear, so I just look at their outfits for inspiration, I cannot relate to them either.

  11. Wow--that's a really nice used car in cost. I can't even!!!
    Those kind of blogs have no allure for me. I just can't relate. I prefer REAL bloggers showing me what they can do with the awesome blouse they just thrifted!!

  12. Keep in mind...I am the woman who just posted my Goodwill outfit...but this is ridiculous and I do not believe is the world of very many women. I would not even spend it on these items if I had it...this is also the woman who has one dining room completely empty with not one single item of furniture in it!! Though occasionally I report on some high end fashion items, I do not ever see me posting this much for one outfit...unless they want to give it to me! WOW...that is pretty amazing.

  13. I totally don't read blogs like that anymore not even to be inspired simply because I don't relate to them and a day has only 24hours.

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  15. People like us will never understand that type of spending. I really don't think I would ever want to. Such a waste of money. I'm sure I'm just as happy thrifting and mixing my way through life (with enough money left over for a cheeseburger)

  16. I find myself becoming more turned off from those bloggers. I used to love looking at them because they were creative with their ideas (a lot of them were thrifters) and I felt like I could relate to them, i.e., recreate their outfits by going to my local thrift store. This is happening less and less, the bloggers I used to keep up with are sellouts to me. I do not begrudge anyone making a living or wearing fabulous clothes, but I know that with my lifestyle I will never be able to afford the items they show, nor would I want to. I am thankful that there are still people out there who are proud to be thriftinistas/fabulous fashionistas!


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