Thursday, April 26, 2012

Black on Black

It's all thrifted except for necklaces.  I stacked two from JCP and the other a gift from my sister.

Two things I love are present in this outfit:  Black and high waisted.   What's so great about those two things?


  • looks great on most people
  • figure flattering
  • classic
  • easy to mix with color
  • great backdrop for statement pieces
  • EASY!
High Waist
  • shows off the smallest part of the torso
  • lengthens the leg
  • belt friendly
  • alleviates the hated "muffin top"
  • allows almost every body shape to tuck in shirt
  • pants don't slide down
So there you go!  Yes, I know color is wonderful and a lower rise has been popular for years now. But sometimes you just have to shake it up!  The lesson here:  Wear what you feel great in regardless of current trends or sartorial opinions!



  1. Perfection! Wow, you look gorgeous, you can really carry all-black so beautifully with your dark hair and eyes. And I love your necklaces too. You are a star! xoxoxoxo

  2. First, I have to say how fabulous your hair looks in the sun! Especially against your black blouse. This is a really pretty outfit on you. I liked the jewelry a lot. And you have your signature belt, which makes your waist look so small.

  3. YES! Almost everything I'm comfortable in has the natural waist! The necklace makes this work so well. Do you have any suggestions for a third Supreme?

  4. Very elegant Serene! I love how you've piled up the necklaces to break up the black!

  5. Love the outfit!! i wish I could tuck in...but high waist pants on my stumpy torso means the waistband covers my boobs!!
    Love the stacked necklaces!

  6. Like the Menopausel Supermodel, I am best left untucked (and slightly lower-waisted!) But oh, is it a relief to sometimes go with a higher waist and not get a) muffin top, or 2) plumber's butt. You are right!

    You look elegant as always. And I adore the quote at the end of your post.

  7. Stunning! I am a lover of black for all of the reasons that you listed. The necklaces make a statement and so do you!

  8. this outfit is so classy and elegant! I like the all black ensemble, you don't get to see this very often in this blog sphere of brights and neons. The necklaces are fabulous, I like the white against black contrast.


  9. You've got my favorite color on today! So pretty & classy!
    Agree with everyone about the's perfect with the black background.
    Love the last photo!

  10. Serene my dear, you look gorgeous! It's modern day Coco Chanel! Love love love the whole look, from the all the black to the pearl strands, from the belt to the shoes to the pink nails. Thanks for some style inspiration! XO, Jill

  11. You've got great shiny hair .How do you manage?Please give us info.

  12. Oh Angie! You're too kind! I really have no idea....I use pantene and this day, I blow dried my hair. When I remember, I use a great smelling hair serum on my dry hair. Thanks so much!

  13. You looking smokin' hot in your black-as-my-soul black on black. I've never really seen you in black- I associate you with bright colors but black is gorge on you!

  14. Very elegant Serene! I love how you've piled up the necklaces to break up the black!


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