Sunday, September 9, 2012

Those Marants will make you happy....

But will they leave you content?

This morning I wrote a post on my other blog, Candy Bars from God.  It's on contentment and why it's so allusive.  I think it's a topic apropos for the fashion and style blogosphere also.

By nature of what we write about, we're always looking for the "next thing".  The Rebecca Minkoff bag high lasts just until her next bag comes out and then we need our next fix.

No finger pointing here!  I'm number one at this....I can talk a good game, but so often I find myself REALLY wanting some gorgeous wardrobes I come across online.  But anyway, that's what my post is on my other blog.  It was cathartic for me to write it and it was a realization.  If it resonates with anyone else, that's a bonus!  Hugs to you all!



  1. Beautiful post, Serene - I read your other blog and I really appreciate, and share, your thoughts about contentment. I am not a Christian but our beliefs are not very different - I too believe that real contentment will never be found in our possessions. Because we'll always be wanting something a little more, better, nicer. I think contentment is much more a decision, and an outlook. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Patti, thank you! I can sense by your posts that we share many of the same values and thoughts! Is it self serving to say that I love that about you?! Ha ha. You are right ob....contentment IS an attitude (for me, grounded in gratitude)

  3. I enjoyed the post too, Serene. Contentment is a wonderful thing. I so often see myself looking for balance -- for a break from the either/or, all-or-nothing, with-us-or-against-us thinking that permeates our culture. I think this plays out in the way we are all pushed to strive for more, whether it's possessions or success or internal perfection or something else. And striving for better is a beautiful thing... but so is being content with what IS.

  4. I just read the post on your other blog and it is beautiful and timely. I printed the scripture and will have copies of it with me as a reminder!

  5. I LOVE Candy Bars from God! Thanks so much for sharing the link here.

  6. Great post! I struggle with this issue daily. I know I should be content with what I have, but I am so drawn to new things. Why? What is it within me that can never be satisfied? I don't have the answer. I can only try.

  7. What are "Marants" and why do I need them? But seriously, thanks for some thoughtful writing.

  8. Perhaps as humans we are biologically programmed to hunt for new "things"? Did this help us survive when complacency would have been fatal? Perhaps it's the divine spark of creativity that keeps us yearning for freshness. Pondering all this is essential, so that the energy is channeled is a good way.

    I couldn't help but admire your beautiful name as I pondered this. :-) Thank you for this thoughtful post.

    Love, Jean

  9. Oh I can relate to this post. But I have noticed that something has kicked in the older I get and it basically goes like this: When is Enough Enough? I could never be one of those people with a gigantic closet because after awhile the collecting, the hunt, just gets old for me. So I am happy with a few things from brands I love, or even just one thing if it's a high-end brand (I have a Louis Vuitton bag, and it will be the only one I ever own). So as much as I love to see ladies who have the big closets, when I start counting multiple bags from the same brand only in different colors I think, When is Enough Enough?

    If you have time, do you want to join Adrienne and me for 'How I Wear My: Burgundy and Bordeaux?' If you have a picture of yourself in one of those colors send it to me by Oct. 1. We'd love to have you join us once again. And I want to go see your niece's blog about moving to NYC. It will remind me of myself, coming here in 1996! XO, Jill


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