Thursday, September 27, 2012

You Should Be Dancing.....YEAH!

Music and dancing have been a part of my life since I was a little girl.  I don't mean dance like ballet.  I'm talking free style, get your groove on, can't stop this train, my my my boogie shoes dancing!  I LOVE TO DANCE!!!

And if you think YOU might like dancing, but feel a bit timid or self conscious; I might be able to help! For  your dancing education and pleasure, I'm supplying you with some of my favorites with a bit of instruction with each.   Don't even THINK about how you look.  Trust me.  You look FABULOUS!

Just play along and you'll see what I mean!

1.  Word Up by Cameo
     To Do:  Hit the play button and then just stand in front of your computer.  Don't intentionally move, just see what parts of your body start moving when the music plays!  I defy you to listen to this and NOT move!!  And around the 3:40 mark is when you may even come unglued!  (Telling on myself here!)

2.  To Be Real by  Cheryl Lynn
     To Do:  Okay, with this one, it's all about the lip sync!  You don't just listen to or dance to this PERFORM it!!  Your turn!  (Doing some desk dancing with this one!)

3.  Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People
     To Do:  Okay, with this one.....don't even get up out of your chair.  As I'm sitting listening to this one, it's all in the shoulders....a variation on the shimmy, you know what I mean?  Just get your shoulders into the beat and BAM!  You're there!

4. Got to Give it Up by Marvin Gaye
     To Do:  This one's all about the feet!  It just makes you want to shuffle a bit!

or maybe this'll show you what I mean!

5.  September by Earth Wind & Fire
     To Do:  I've saved the best for last!  The greatest band EVER!  I got to see them in concert with my sweet husband a couple of summers ago and I've got to tell you:  It was an almost spiritual experience!  You don't HEAR EWF's music.  You FEEL it.  You EXPERIENCE it!  But here.  See for yourself and this is a total dance free for all!

Okay, I know I said that was the last one, and it was as far as the dance lesson.  HOWEVER, one of my favorite lines from a song is from Dancing in the Moonlight by King Harvest.

"We like our fun and we never fight
You can't dance and stay uptight
It's a supernatural delight"

I wholeheartedly agree!!



  1. Oh yeah, girl...I took your challenge and I was in a groove! What an exhilarating way to start my morning. Thanks for what great music you chose.

    1. Lisa! So glad to hear it!!! I've been in a groove all morning too listening this fabulous funky music!!

  2. I love this, Serene! I am going to be dancing along this weekend. When I cannot walk outside because of rain, I like to dance you have provided the background music for the rainy weekend ahead. Also, my husband's company is bringing in Earth, Wind and Fire for the Christmas Party this year...can't wait!!
    Always love to see you pop up on my list with a new post!!

    1. Pam! WHAT?!?!!? EWF is going to be at your husband's Christmas party?!?!?! Oh how I wish I could be there!!!! PLEASE take lots of pictures!!! I'm not blogging as much as before, but I'm trying to hang in there...thanks for sticking with a friend and not just as a fellow blogger!

  3. I had forgotten about that Cheryl Lynn song! I love it and am downloading it to my phone immediately!

  4. Ah, Marvin Gaye - gone too soon. I love his music. Thanks for this!!

  5. EWF!! Yeah! Brings back so many good & crazy memories!
    I was jamming as soon as I hit that play button on the first one! Oh, now hubby's looking at me funny!

  6. Amen, Sistah!

    But you forgot Prince's Little Red Corvette :D

  7. I just love Dancing In The Moonlight - it's running through my mind right now, and will be for days! Thanks!

  8. Love this Serene--we evidently have the same taste in music!!
    One of my favorite rock-out songs is Rockin' the Casbah by the Clash!!

  9. I have always loved "Word Up" and most of the rest of the songs too.
    I also like songs that are good to sing along to. My favorite right now is "Somebody that I used to Know" by Gotye.
    It is good to have a post from you!

  10. Hee! What a fun post. Thank you for making the joys of dancing available to the self-conscious masses. Mr. Frump and I have discovered a New-York based funk band that is so joyfully funktastic, we will dance our booties off -- in public -- without giving it a second thought. They only visit our area once or twice a year, so until they return, I will use your clips and do some serious desk dancing.

  11. You should come dancing with me... I have NO shame!

    Hubby says I have "musical Tourette's"... he catching me bopping to ringtones, music in stores, etc....

  12. LOL love it Serene!! Got to Give It Up definitely makes you put that stanky face on and break it but it will also test your dance stamina the original version is like 10 minutes long!!

  13. For YOU I will dance. Thank goodness no one is in the flat to see this! xo! Bella Q


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