Friday, September 7, 2012

When the Big Apple takes a bite out of YOU!


My niece Tori, recently moved to NYC.  It was basically a lifelong dream and after months of deliberating and saving, she took the plunge!

But wait.  Before I go on....a quick background update.  Tori is North Carolina born and raised.  It's the only place she's ever lived and has grown up on southern hospitality, biscuits, and basic manners such as holding the door open for others, "Yes Ma'm" to strangers or women her senior, and basically an unrushed existence.

Now, back to the story.  Tori.  Moving to the big NYC.  Exciting, huh?!  I mean, a young single woman in New York City?  That's Carrie Bradshaw, right?  Going to glamorous hot spots every evening.  Living in a cute little walk up.  Even when Ms. Bradshaw was broke, she still looked like she was living the life, right?

Well, with Tori, it hasn't exactly been a Sex in the City experience!  In fact, it's been more like Sludge in the City subtitled "What the HECK have I done?!?!?"

As a creative catharsis to deal with this enormous life change, Tori started a blog.  There she documents her impressions, experiences, and musings.....all peppered with an enormous amount of her wry dry sense of humor!

Here are a few of my personal favorite posts of hers:

Now you're in New, now what?!

Ewwww...That Smell!

Polite is a Problem?

Every Teardrop is a Dead Person  (One of my absolute favorites!!)

Celebrity Non Sighting

If you're happy and you know it, you're not me  (Another favorite due to the philosophical musings of what really is happy and what it takes to obtain it.)

Happy Leo  (This one makes me smile out loud!)

So would you do yourself and me a favor and go take a look?  Tori is a sweetie pie, an amazingly talented young woman and.....dare I say it?  BRAVE!  Not just because of moving to NYC, but let's face it.  Any time we're leaving behind everything that is familiar to us, it's scary.  And homegirl has done it and done it with a sense of humor!  And if we didn't even share the same blood, I'd still have to love her to pieces for her moxie!



  1. She's great! Thanks - and I should have known, since she's related to you.

  2. Serene, I just went to her blog and read every post. Wow, what an excellent writer! I laughed so much at her descriptions. I am now following her in eager anticipation of a new post.

  3. Awwww! You guys are too nice! We can laugh now, but the first weekend she was there, my sister (her mom) was really worried about was just such a big change! It's fun for me to get to know her better too through her blog. She's a RIOT!

  4. I'm so happy to see your blog posts pop up on my bloglovin roll again!

    I am looking forward to taking a look at Tori's blog; just reading the post titles tells me she is going to have a very interesting perspective to share.

  5. She's a fabulous writer! I am enjoying every one of her posts. the one about the teardrop tattoo was the best.

  6. striking out on your own in a new city is very brave! I will check out her blog, her post titles alone have me sold!

  7. Brave indeed! I'm going to check her out now...looking forward to some good reading.


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