Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NUETP: Thrifting the one that got away!

NUETP:  Never Under Estimate The Power

Sometimes the planets align and you can actually thrift that expensive goodie that your pocketbook balks at!

Case in Point:

So check out this fabulous boot from Nine West that truly causes me to salivate more than a little!

And with a price tag of $250, it also makes me weep a bit too!  I just can't....especially on the heels (ha ha, no pun intended) of a $150 boot purchase for my birthday!  Oddly, as I'm sitting here typing, the wheels in my head are STILL turning as to how I can make these happen....Oh man oh man oh man.....


Quite a great consolation prize is this pair of VINTAGE 9West booties.


I thrifted these bad boys literally DAYS after I saw the current ones.  While not EXACTLY the same, obviously, they come a really close and contented second.  They have many of the same elements that make the ones above so special:

  • 100% leather
  • Cordoban tone
  • Heel
  • Rounded toe
  • Same height
  • Same shape at the top
  • Same western feel

And guess what?!  MY SIZE!  For $3.50, I just about RAN out of the Goodwill with them!   Slight Problem:  When I got home and started to wear them, and they hurt like you wouldn't believe.  Apparently, years of neglect and un-use left the leather really tight.  I tried to bear through it a couple of times and thought my feet would cry genuine tears after 30 minutes.  

I tried stretching them with the water in the ziplock bag method, and while it helped a bit, not nearly enough.  I was concerned that I'd have to put them in my store, but I still had one more Hail Mary play - professional stretching.  For $10, a local shoe repair store was able to stretch them for me.  WOW!  What a difference!!!  While they're still a tad stiff, they are immensely wearable!  So for $13.50 instead of $250; I now own a very similar pair and they're still my beloved Nine West!

While I'd still love to own the current pair, if they never end up on my feet....how could I even complain?  This pair that I thrifted is a most delightful, Candy bar from God!!



  1. I *love* when this happens! Great find, and so smart of you to take them to the shoe-guy. My shoe-guy can do miracle work, and has re-heeled my favorite walking boots a couple of times. Go Serene!

  2. Very nice! I purchased my own shoe stretcher from a shoe repair shop for about 30 dollars and now I do my own. So glad these worked out for you. Pretty!

  3. Nice going Serene! I like the one you found, very similar to the new ones. Can't beat $13.50!

    I was just looking at a pair of boots from Nine West Vintage collection. Contemplating...

  4. Serene,
    Good score on the boots. Last year I found a pair of J.Crew's for I think $4.50...Brand New.
    They are the most comfortable boots/shoes I own. Unfortunately I am still in flat mode so they are sitting in the closet waiting my snappy return.
    Happy thrifting!

  5. Serene--what a great SCORE!! (I call these a PMP moment-Pee My Pants!!) They are gorgeous!
    My PMP was finding a wool/cashmere/angora dark red car coat from Lord & Taylor that fit perfectly for under $5!!! I had been searching for a coat that length for winter and to find one in red at that level of quality!! I saw a similar one at L & T online for $500!!
    Makes the thrifting hunt all the more FUN!!

  6. What great boots! Thanks for reminding me about shoe guys being able to stretch leather. I wonder if it works on leather skirts?

  7. Great find, Serene! I like the vintage boot better...they are fabulous!

  8. Hi Serene--I like the vintage ones better!

  9. I'm diggin' both pair but you know my heart lies with the 1st one...love love love!!! But the fashion god's were really smiling down on you because the vintage pair are fab as well and they look so much alike they really could pass for sisters;)but, I must admit the vintage pair have more character...enjoy your weekend chica!!


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