Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The skirt. The seamstress. And details innumerable!

Seamstresses amaze me!  It's like watching someone play the's mind boggling how those hands know just where to go and what to do to create amazing art.  I recently found this hand made vintage skirt and the details are such that are almost unheard of in modern times.  

The hand sewn and placed rick rack....along with a curved pocket...

Notice that the wales of the corduroy are perfectly aligned.  A detail too tedious to be attempted nowadays.

The way the seamstress waved the rick rack....what a charming detail!!

The beautiful button!  What's so cool is that, so often, we would figure, "Meh, whatever, it's in the back.  Who's going to see it?!"  But not this clever woman!  She chose an eye catching large button to make even the back of the skirt exceptional!

And take a look at the contrasting olive green zipper....another well thought out detail that is often overlooked.

And one of my favorite add ons....

A Christmas themed lining in the pockets.  What's really fabulous about this detail is that from the outside edges of the pocket, you can see some sort of design.  It keeps the pockets from completely blending in with the skirt.  But it's not until you look on the inside that you actually see where that design is coming from.

There is a blogging segment that features and even specializes in sewing.  Again, it's a skill that I just don't possess.   But to get inspired or awed, check out these amazing seamstresses!

Erica B.'s - D.I.Y. Style! - I swear, it seems like Erica makes MOST of what she wears and it looks like something one would find at a department store.  On top of her sewing skills, she has an amazing classic and elegant style!  Looking at her pictures, I just sense something almost regal about her!

Mimi G Style - Mimi has sewn for Folake of Style Pantry.  Not only does she sew beautifully, but it seems she has absolutely no problem grabbing some fabric and then just creating something amazing!  No pattern required.  I love her funky style AND the fact that she can wear such short hair and look GORGEOUS in small feat!

Kristina J. - Kristina is a whiz at altering clothes.  She seems to have a sense of just the right detail needed to take a garment from "Oh that's kinda pretty" to "OH MY GOSH!  THAT'S GORGEOUS!  I WANT IT NOW!!!!"  She adds the girliest of touches to everything she wears.  She also designs and sews her own clothing lines!  Hellooo!!!!  Amazing!

I. AM. IN. AWE. of what these remarkable women can create with their nimble fingers!  To you seamstresses out there, I raise a (very large, extra salt) margarita to you!!

*If you are interested in the skirt above, it's a Sz L, and it's available in my store , click here.   



  1. I am also in awe of such mother tried to teach me and I fought it every way and so regret not learning. One thing I have done in thrift shops is purchase a garment for fabulous buttons like this one and put those buttons on a garment I own. The savings is amazing and it is my way of being creative since I do not sew. I love the way you paid tribute to their talents in this post!

    1. Pam, I also tried to learn to sew. It just doesn't come naturally to me. By the time I finally get the garment finish, I'm so frustrated and sick of it that I just want to chunk it!!!

  2. I can't sew but admire the skills of those that do. Recently a friend showed me her most recent project- repairing a silk chiffon flapper dress. She tore out swathes of rotted silk and mended.!t is art! Your vintage skirt is a gem Serene- I imagine it'll be scooped up in no time !

  3. I agree with you and Bella - this is art! What a special skirt, thanks for sharing all the intricate details with us. I do wish I had this skill.

  4. I always enjoy Erica Bunker's blog. You don't have to sew to get inspired by her. Color combinations and different silhouettes to try out. She's a fashion genius, who happens to sew, too.
    Do you really have extra salt on your Margaritas? Sounds so good!

  5. Gorgeous skirt!!! such workmanship!!
    I am so thankful my grandmother and great-grandmom taught me to sew. I also LOVED sewing in Home ec and took it as an elective in high school. It's been invaluable ust for the ability to alter/hem storebrought clothes!!!
    Thanks for pointing out some new blogs to check out!!

  6. I wish I had sewing talent. I really do admire anyone that can sew.

  7. Sadly, I have no more patience to sew. guess I lost it during menopause. lol
    Talk to you soon!

  8. I too am in awe of seamstresses. Do you know Carolyn of Handmade by Carolyn? She's an Aussie, but quite an accomplished seamstress. I love the bottom rick rack!

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