Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Sweet Wisdom of Bono

As I age in my physical life and my life as a believer in Christ, I'm more and more moved by grace.  Specifically God's grace and when I see grace in others, in my world, in relationships and exchanges.  In a "I worked for everything I got!" world, Bono clarifies so succinctly what it would take me chapters to express....

“The ones whose light will remain with me long after they have burnt out are the ones that had grace. Because it's rare that the gift comes with grace. Some of the biggest arseholes I've ever met are the most gifted. Because it's "pretty girl" syndrome. Being gifted is like being born beautiful. You don't have to work a day in a year in your life for it. You were born with it. In one sense, it's like blue blood, money, gift, or beauty. They are the things that should make you the most humble, because they are not the things you have earned. They are the things you were given. Yet, it is my experience that they male (sic) people the most spoiled. And the people who work the hardest, and who have overcome the most obstacles on their life, who have reason to beat their breasts are the most humble, sometimes. I can't get over that. it's bewildering to me. To make it through success and still have manners, to still have curiosity, intellectual curiosity, to still have some grace, to keep your dignity, that is really... rare.” 

― BonoBono: In Conversation with Michka Assayas



  1. You always bless me Serene!! I have used quotes from Bono often in my teaching....God has taught me powerful lessons in grace in the last two years! We are all a work in progress! Love you!

  2. Pam! Yes we are!!! Love you girly!!

  3. Thank you for this, it is refreshing to read a "big star" speak with wisdom and humility! Xoxoxo


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