Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"Must be tha Monay!"

Believe it or not, this may be the most expensive outfit I've worn on this blog.  And it's completely the fault of the blouse!  I got this blouse over a year ago at White House Black Market.  It had an elastic drop waist band at the time...since then I've done a waist band-ectomy and removed it!  I felt sooooo pretty in it.  The champagne color, the silk, even the pirate collar.  So when I forked over $80 (pause for effect) for this bad boy, I felt like I was making an investment that would pay off HUGE.  Do you know this is only the second time I've worn it?  In fact, I almost put it in the eBay pile.  But I do still love that color!

Which reminds me now why I don't spend that kind of money on clothes.  Basically, if you figure out $ per wear, I've paid $40 each time I wore this top.  Turns out it was NOT a good investment.  I have items in my closet that I've spent a couple of dollars on and love and wear more than this top.  I think that I'll stick with my thrifting.  Although, I love how this outfit looks and feels.....I don't love it $120 worth! (The shoes were $40 and sooooooooo worth the money!!)


  1. I have a couple of tops that are so beautiful I can't get rid of them. They weren't terribly expensive but they do take up space. I've decided that I love them and they are so beautiful I'll keep them because I feel good knowing I have such beautiful things. Sometimes I think just knowing they are there makes me happy.

  2. You look gorgeous! I love the way you can customize your clothes. And I am loving the stacked bracelets.

    I am thinking about a post on cost-per-wear - is it OK if I reference you??

    xoxoxo - Patti

  3. Patti, of course! You never even have to ask! and Judy, I feel the same. Sometimes, clothes are like art and it's enough to just be able to look at them!

  4. I know what you mean about expensive clothes. In fact, when I saw you bought the blouse from there, I was going to ask about it 'cause they have a store right near me which I've never gone in since I know I can't afford their clothes.

    When we pay more, we expect more and are too often disappointed. Nice post.

  5. My rule of thumb...if it looks more expensive than what I actually pay then I buy it.But of course if it fits,if it combines well with what I own ,if the color suits me,if I really need it....the list goes on.The most i've spent is on a max mare skirt a whole 70 euros and yet is a badly sewn piece of clothing. But i plan to spend more on clothes.

  6. Franco Sarto shoes are always the best and worth every dime!
    I have just as many failures in thrifting as I do paying full price. Its just the luck of the draw for me.
    You look gorgeous! Love ya--

  7. It's a gorgeous top...but this is exactly why I avoid retail shopping...the temptation is so much more reasonable at a thrift.

  8. You look so chic Serene that it is well worth the money!!!.


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