Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Who says.....who says you're not perfect?"

All Thrifted....Blouse is Ann Taylor silk, skirt is lined and gorgeous, shoes are BCBG

All thrifted, blouse is silk, skirt is vintage Tanner and lined, gold shoes are Naturalizer.

I love clothes the way some people love tattoos.  I feel like I'm a canvas and my outfits are the painting.  I think I would be more of a Picasso though than a Monet, and not a bit of Dali!  I'm certainly no trailblazer when it comes to style.  I love so many different things and looks, but the common thread (no pun intended!) is that there's a touch of elegance to all of them.  The first look is so ME!  I love it!  Wearing it, I felt like a woman who has her act together!!  (No one need know it's just a front!)  The second, well, let's just say, Serene will be color blocking long after it's gone out of style! 

And while I realize that the first look is more figure flattering, I just don't care.  I had enough camoflage when I was in the Army.  I truly want to keep it real.  I have a tummy.  Not everything on my body is taut and toned and if I have to choose an outfit on the basis of "What makes me look 10 pounds thinner?", then the whole getting dressed thing just starts to lose it's charm.  Most of the time, when I hear celebrities and women talk about loving the "skin their in"......guess what?  Their THIN!!!!  Easy to talk about how comfortable and self accepting you are when everyone's telling you how gorgeous you are.  Lady GaGa sings about self acceptance and being "born this way".  Well, guess what?  Homegirl wasn't born that way.....she's eating babyfood to stay that thin!  It's a great talk to talk, but a little harder to walk.  Know what I mean?

Well, I'm that woman who's not naturally skinny.  I have some flesh on me.  I've had 4 really big babies and frankly, my stomach looks a bit like a road map to nowhere.    I'm not heavy, but I don't have a 27 inch waist.  (Heck, I'm doing good if I have a 30" waist!!)  I have to do alot of self talk to be able to type these words today.....I'M COMFORTABLE AND HAPPY WITH MY FIGURE.  I actually really do like the way I look.  My body's been too good to me for me to merely tolerate the ol' girl!  Instead, I think I'll give her a hug, compliment her, and be kind to her.  She's been through alot, she needs that!


  1. I think you look awesome and that first outfit is so classy.

  2. BRAVA! Your self-acceptance and self love is so refreshing to read. The joy of it shows on your face and makes you even *more* beautiful than you already are.

    I am sending your post to many friends today who struggle with their body image.

    Oh, and I love-love that top necklace, it is smashing.

    xoxoxo- Patti

  3. You look amazing in both, but I really love, love that first skirt and am completely taken with the necklace! As always, your message is powerful and your looks, super cool!!

  4. YES! I'm not a small gal either but I'm good with that, I really am. And I'm happy to see you are too because I think you look gorgeous in both these looks.

  5. I love the black skirt. Very flattering!

  6. The black skirt is killer! My waist is 31" and no apologies. No baby food for me either.

  7. You look fantastic, and a true beauty.

  8. Hey! I love what you wrote! I feel ya! I get told many times that pencil skirts are flattering and look good on me but I love full skirts, I know they add the pounds but that's where my heart is and at the end I have to wear what makes me happy. I love both looks, the first one is very flattering, but the second one is more fun. Good for you for being happy with your body!

  9. FYI I get so happy when i see your posts in my google reader (on my dinosaur phone). Am I imagining things or did you have disquis or something else for comments? i remember repeatedly trying to comment on this post but I couldn't.

    anyways yes, outfit #1. LOVELOVELOVE. outfit #2 love it too.

    but most of all, I love your self love & confidence, it brightens my day :)

    ~Em K

    lady G could take use some lessons from you...

  10. I love that top look! Very classy and elegant.


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