Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Don't throw it all away, our love, our love...."

I have to tell you......I'm really enjoying my clothes lately!   It's fun putting things together now that I've taken the pressure off of myself to be creative and edgy.

Sarah, at Wearing it On My Sleeves, had an interesting post yesterday about being tired of seeing fashion bloggers blog about a seemingly perfect life.  Husbands or boyfriends who live to take pictures of the blogger, who leave them expensive gifts all the time.  Days spent eating cupcakes, jelly beans, and gourmet sandwiches while still maintaining that "average" size 2.  Opines Sarah, "All I can say is that it stinks....more like it WREAKS of  constructing a perfect world for everyone else to see." 

Well, I have to agree.  We watch TV and read magazines that project a lifestyle very few of us have.  But it's actually a ruse to sell (insert product placement here).  And now that we've all gotten tired of magazines and designers trying to convince us that if we're size 10 or over, we're plus sized; we've now moved on to super bloggers projecting (and selling) a life that few of us live or will ever live.  I'm fascinated by my own fascination of these blogs.  What makes these so popular and why do we subject ourselves to more items to go into our personal insecurity buckets?  I read In Style magazine, though the clothes are very far out of my price range.  But I know exactly what the message is:  "Want this.  Buy this."  

Fashion blogs, on the other hand, aren't always so up front.  The message seems to be, "I'm just like you and look what I put together!"  But the fine print says otherwise.  The fine print says, "I'm popular and companies are sending me clothes and paying me to wear these."  What seems to be reality, in fact, is more like choreographed reality.  And there's nothing wrong with that as long as we see it for what it is.  If my livelihood depends on me marketing some companies products, guess what.  I'm going to do it and do it well.  

I've always admired Christina of Second Skin Style.  Christina is one of the most creative bloggers I've seen and I always had the impression that she stayed true to herself.  She put herself out there more than I'm comfortable with doing, but it was endearing and I could relate.  Her style said, "I don't have alot of money to pay for this, but don't I look fabulous anyway!  And you can too!!"  She mentioned before, in her blog, that she would not take sponsors because she didn't feel comfortable with that.  That would take some kind of discipline.  But apparently she did it.  I like and value her authenticity.  AND sometimes, I just need to remind myself that it's quite possible that these beautiful bloggers (regardless of the pics) surely sometimes sit through the mundane, eat junk food and  stay home in their pjs, just like the rest of us!


  1. stunning look, love that blouse!

    XO Sahra

  2. Yep, you look super.

    About blogs with ads, I signed up for one when I started my blog. Didn't do much.

    I also have to say that when a blogger lists the designers they are wearing I tend to tune out since I can't afford that stuff. I kind of think that if there is a large expenditure anyone could look really good. But then I look at some celebs and I do see the difference between spending money and having style.

  3. I can tell you are enjoying your looks look so happy and confident! I really love this skirt and the look incredible!! It is intimidating to be the the school teacher/middle age/low income/size 16 blogger on the fashion scene...but I hope that is what makes my site readable and approachable. It would be a joke if I suddenly presented myself as a real fashionista!! But, I think that is how women like you and I connect...we bring style to the real world and do not try to package it as anything but the real world.

    Did your "great idea" comment mean that you want to participate in the Accessory Swap?? I hope so! Just let me know for sure. And I want to invite your readers to join in Spice Up Summer with an Accessory Swap!!!
    Just sign up at!!

    Love ya!!

  4. "it's quite possible that these beautiful bloggers (regardless of the pics) surely sometimes sit through the mundane, eat junk food and stay home in their pjs"

    Of COURSE they do! But who wants to read about that on someone's blog? I don't have a problem with reading the edited versions of bloggers's lives because I'd stop visiting a blog if all I read about was what they watched on tv and when they decided to cut their toenails.

    Having MAJOR shoe envy here! Love those nine wests!

  5. I Looooooove you! I feel the same way. I'm just to new at the game to say it! We're off for mexican food and Margs..........I'm still a size 10 and loving it!

  6. You look gorgeous, in your artist necklace and pencil skirt! That length is very flattering on you.

    Yes, I agree some blogs are more outside the real world than others. There are some that I read and say "She could be me!" and others that whisper "You'll never be as (rich, thin, fashionable) as she is." It's all OK, if we love who we are, right?

  7. First let me say that you look fabulous. The top is perfect with the new shoes. I'm focused though on that blue necklace and the texture of the skirt.

    I totally agree about reality. I've been approached by several advertisers or companies wanting me to do a review. Each time this happens, I renew the reason why I blog--which is for community, but I really don't think anyone needs to see my piles of dirty laundry or the bathroom.

  8. Day-ammm lady, you are WEARING those double necklaces - I LOVE it!!! You get more beautiful each day Serene. This post is fabulous - I am so sick of the "perfect life" ditzy bloggers - I wanna real woman - hehehe!!! I'll be looking up the bloggers you've recommended - love to hear about real life ups and downs. Thank you so much for this inspiring post my dear friend:))) xoxoxoxoxo

  9. I've admired Christina ,too and I found her style impeccable.I liked the fact she was true and that she followed her inner voice no matter what.
    I follow some glossy bloggers to get some inspiration for my remixes.Most of the time I just look at the photos and go on.They do their thing ,I do mine!
    But my heart is on the blogging community of real life women with busy imperfect lives and lots of not so glossy clothes!
    P.S I start getting addicted to long skirts bacause of you!

  10. You look so fabulous! Those necklace are adorable and the fit is impeccable considering you found all that stuff at the thrift store. Nice to e-meet another thrifting enthusiast!

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  11. those shoes just keep on getting better......
    Heard the other day the same thing about FB--altho she was calling it Fake book--lol. Evreyone pretending they had a wonderful life....NOT. Like the reality shows..which are all scripted.
    We'll keep it real. Love, Paula

  12. very interesting, well worded post! We all get sucked in by anything aspirational, and sometimes we need that but sometimes it can jsut depress me! The true beauty of the blogging community is sharing of ideas and offering friendly advice and ideas to one another - that is what I blog for!
    I adore your double necklaces, that big turquoise rose is to die for!


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