Saturday, June 25, 2011

"Oooooo, I hear laughter in the rain.....walking hand in hand......"

Simplicity.  Throw on and go.  And to give my tootsies a slight reprieve from tall heels, a cute little pair of gold flats.  I love metallic shoes, because there's nothing to match.  They just look great with everything!  I did some closet culling a couple of days ago, and came across this dress in my "to do" pile.  I thrifted it for pennies (it was brand new with a tag still on) because I loved the pattern.  It was huge I also thought it would be good for me to practice my sewing on.  So I took it in a BUNCH in the arms, some in the skirt fullness and then took off about an inch or so from the length.  I came across this gold Greek Key ribbon in my sewing box and loved the way it looked up next to the dress.  Realizing the dress has a seam straight down the front, I decided to add the ribbon to it and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  I think the shoes just kept it "sweet" and easy!  Happy Weekend to you!!!  

By the way, I've been regularly listing some great finds on ebay, so feel free to  take a  LOOK if you're interested.  


  1. Hey Serene, Love your song today because San Antonio finally got rain! We were 24 hours away from Stage 3 water restrictions! The sound of thunder was glorious and I think we were laughing across the city!
    I love this entire look! You did great with your sewing here and the necklace is gorgeous.
    I have featured metallic flats for two days because I love them so much! Great minds think alike, :)

    Happy Saturday!!

  2. Hello Serene - such a pretty dress and love that necklace!

    You have some very nice items up at eBay - I have bookmarked your store. Have a great weekend!

  3. Love it, and those shoes are just perfect.

  4. Great shoes and necklace and what a lovely floral print!

  5. You always find such great stuff.
    So awesome!!

  6. The dress really rocks. And of course the shoes do too.

  7. Love the shoes--glad to see your tootsies are taking a rest from yesterday's heights! and the dress looks so comfy~love ya gf!

  8. wow -- you did a great job with that! Love the way it came out.

  9. OK, You have got to stop sticking these cool songs in my head ;)
    Lovin the floral frock and how do you just pick one photo????
    I am trying so hard to have the day come when i only have ONE!!!
    ( AADD makes me question which one to pick.......)
    But, how many photos of the same outfit can one person stomach, really?
    I'll keep working on it.......
    a new goal ;)


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