Sunday, June 26, 2011

"I am woman.....hear me roar!"

D'you know what PMS stands for?  PLEASE MAKE it STOP!  When I woke up Friday morning, I knew something was amiss.  But I couldn't quite put my finger on it.  Or button the button that goes on it.  Or slide it up over my fluid retaining hips!  "Oh CRAP!!!"  I'm PMSing!  Which really should make it stand for Please Make it Stop!!!  My PMSing isn't so much cranky as a bit impatient and VERY emotional!  And then, when I feel like all hope is lost, out pops a pimple!  It's like a little gift!  I never had acne much in high school and I don't now EXCEPT when I'm PMSing.  

I think there should be a blogger special.  "Bloated Blogger Day" and we all wear our PMSing outfits.  You know the ones, the voluminous skirts, tent like dresses, trying to find earrings bigger than our faces and slip on shoes that won't leave dents in our swollen feet.  Above, please find my first entry (obviously they'll be monthly; or as menopause starts, they'll be sporadic posts!).   

I have a theory about the first day of a woman's menstrual cycle each month.  On that day, I get to eat whatever I want and do whatever I want.  I completely pamper and coddle myself.  And seriously, I can eat NON STOP!  As I'm eating one meal, I'm thinking about what I'm going to eat next!!  Alright!  Who's on board?  Post those bloated pics!!!!  Let's show the world how real PMSing fashion bloggers roll!


  1. I'm with you on that one! I get very cranky during PMS and water retention, bloatedness, and hunger like I haven't eaten in days! That's why I love full skirts, you look lovely today. =)

  2. I hate to be the bearer of bad news..but pretty soon PMS becomes HOT FLASHES...the crankiness is just as bad!! In fact, if you ask my husband he would probably say that HOT FLASHES are worse, because many times I would just about kick him out of bed because I was hot and claustrophobic. They just can't get the hormone thing... But the good news is that you look great in this summery ensemble and the picture is so much fun!

  3. You're making me laugh out loud, Serene. And making me pretty happy about menopause too ; )

    Your outfit is lovely. A Coach purse is always a nice touch, don't you think?

    Pam, I hear you about the HFs. Vitamin E helps me, and lots of cool showers. Stay cool, sisters.

  4. Having been surgically altered after the birth of my last child, I never got to have PMS. I just got to be bloated, headachey, and bitchy. I think it would have been nice to have a nondescript name for it.

  5. Sigh--my equipment has been removed so I have no way of knowing when it hits! I do have a day or two a month when I could eat an entire bag of cookies all by lonesome.

    Actually, I really like the feminine profile of this look, especially the skirt.

  6. Oh, Serene, you made me smile with this post. For being cranky, you sure do look fabulous!

  7. The fact that you admit the hunger ,the bloatness and how you feel openly takes so much pressure away from the rest of us.That's what sharing of a situation does.In cases like this I'm so happy i belong to the fashion bloggers community.I know i'm not the only one struggling with women issues no one admits in glossy magazines.

  8. The skirt is fabulous! I love the soft pleats and, again, that length is perfect-o on you! PDMIS (Please don't make it stop.... the skirt, that is!)

  9. If that's your PMS outfit, I might as well forget about it! I'm now officially envious!

    You look so elegant and effortless, no one would know.

    I'm usually in pjs covered in chocolate that day, unless I'm at work. Nut I still look like hell then.


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