Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"I think I'll go outside for a while.....and just SMIIIIIIILE!"

It seems like there are so many random things I want to tell you about today!  But first, let me point you to Bella of Citizen Rosebud.  She did an excellent thought provoking post today that EVERYONE should read!
Nothing controversial or earth shattering, but just good woman to woman cheerleading!

I learned a couple of things about myself with this outfit.  Firstly, I tried the edgy shoes and just didn't like them.  When I first saw them, they reminded me so much of what I've seen all over the "blogosphere".  But I just have never felt pretty wearing them.  So, yesterday, I gave it my best shot and while I like the overall look, I think I still would have preferred this whole thing with a different shoe.  And secondly, I'm just not much of a layerer.  Again, the khaki vest is seemingly all the rage, so I severely (but rather suprisingly proficiently) altered a khaki jacket that I thrifted.  While I like it, it just doesn't feel "Serene"; however I'm not willing to throw in the towel just yet.  I really feel like I can wear this with other things or do SOMETHING to it to make it speak to me.  And regarding the layering thing, I don't like feeling weighted down.  I see some gorgeous clever girls with layers out the wazoo and I love how it looks on them.  I just don't think it translates to my curves, though.

NOW, on a uber positive note, I hit my favorite thrifting haunt today and really wasn't finding anything that made my heart sing.  I meandered to the back where they had just rolled out a rack to be added to the floor.  I found two dresses that were just so fabulous that I was PRAYING all the way to the dressing room, "Oh please please PLEASE let them fit!!!!"  Imagine my delight when I slipped my favorite of the two over my head and it fit like it was tailor MADE for me!  Oh yeah!  Oh yeah!  Oh yeah!  (doing the funky happy dance over here!)  I'm talking PER. FECK. SHUN!  Okay, that would have been enough right there, but then....POW!  The second one fit like it had been pining for me for months!  Add a pair of the COOLEST jeans (yeah, I'm still trying to find some that I like) and I'm sauntering up to the register feeling pretty ding dang good!  Now get this, TOMORROW is their half price sale that will run through the weekend.  Dresses are normally $3.50 and while I know that is embarrassingly cheap, I'm still thinking, "Ewwwww, tomorrow I could get this for HALF!"
VOICE OF REASON SERENE:  "But it might not be here tomorrow!"
SHAMEFULLY CHEAP SERENE:  "Maybe if I hide it in the racks, they close in 2 hours and I can get here the moment they open tomorrow....."
VOICE OF REASON SERENE:  "Sure, Great idea.  One problem though:  These are GREAT and they might not make it another 2 hours!"
SO, Voice of Reason Serene won out and guess what.  The sweet lady who is always an ANGEL to me (seriously, she is a sugar cube of a woman.....I LOVE HER!) rang me up and guess what I paid for these 2 designer like dresses and jeans....................(wait for ittttttt)..........$3.26!!!!!  The only thing more ridiculous than that is that I even hesitated to begin with!  So I feel like I got a few little Snicker Bars from God today.  That's what I call those little blessings that aren't life changing, life saving or earth shattering.  It's just a little something sweet that reminds me I'm loved!  And you are TOO!  Hugs all around!


  1. I love those thrifting stories! =D

  2. I remember that print on that dress--Love the vest with it--I know you weren't quite feeling it but it makes it look modern.
    I could NEVER, EVER score a thrifted dress here in Boston for sooooo cheap!!! Jealous!!!can't wait to see them!
    I'm gonna go over to Bella now....

  3. Oh, Girl. I feel the same way so many times! Little gifts from the Angels! How can it be that in my frustration I was on my way to a retail store (I can barely type it) I stopped by my favorite thrift "boutique" And to my amazement found 3 pairs of high waist, wide, leg jeans. One still had the tag on them!
    Oh yes, life is good!
    Your support has been very valuable to me. I never thought I'd get that kind of support blogging.
    Your outfit rocks!

  4. Oh, I love thrifting moments like you describe. The bright print on this dress really works on you I think. I'm planning to remember this little adjustment you made to your vest. I'll be breaking mine out in August.

  5. Great minds!...........
    I too wrote a mini thanks to Bella today and you look great in the tropical dress!

  6. My dear Serene, I adore the print in that dress, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh it is so fabulous.

  7. To get something you love that much for that cheap...PER FEC SHUN!! I would be singing too!

  8. Your dialog with yourself is hilarious! And very familiar too. You look radiant and very pretty in your new finds.

  9. Wow, you certainly make out like a bandit while thrifting! Now I'm going to go this weekend to see if I'm that lucky :) Great blog!! Follow each other?

  10. I want to go to your thrift store!! And I uberlove the dress you have on!


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