Friday, July 8, 2011

"I can read your thought right now......"

First of all, this new Blogger may take some getting used to!  Secondly, as you may have seen, I'm now on Twitter!  Have no idea how to use it, but baby steps, right?  I'm also going to open a second Facebook page for The Elegant Bohemian.  I don't want to clog up my followers on Facebook with style related posts that may just be annoying to them.

The other day, Sarah of  Welcome to the Good Life, posted about having a mother meltdown.  For those of you who may not know Sarah, she is a Mormon style blogger who also blogs a lot about her family.  She has two beautiful little girls.  You know, through months of perusing her blog, I have had the impression that she leads the most idyllic life:  gorgeous, petite, stay at home, beautiful home, amazingly talented seamstress, seemingly happy all the time, adoring husband and wildly supportive family.  It seemed to me as if she was "born on a sunny day" (Have you ever heard that expression?)  I was so surprised when I read her post and she began her post:

"i wish i could scream.  literally.  like clinching my fists, eyes tightly closed, on the top of my lungs screaming loud.  but if i did, i would wake up the kids or scare the heck out of my husband and my kids and they'll think i'm some lunatic, psycho person so i can't.  but i am on the point of crazy, i've hit the bottom low.  i seriously can't go any lower emotionally at this point.  i'm just so worn out, so exhausted, so weary, i'm so sick of it!!! "

I was stunned!  As I read on, I learned that she was exhausted from caring for her two young daughters and just emotionally spent.  Let me stop right here and say, 'I GET IT!!!!'  My daughter was BORN when my twin sons were just over two years old.  3 kids under three years many times I thought I would lose my MIND!!  Trying to nurse my daughter while the boys were running in different directions, getting into things, locking themselves in the playroom and crying NON STOP!  There were so many days when I thought, "Oh my gosh, it's always going to be this way!"  Not only could I not see the light at the end of the tunnel, I couldn't even see the tunnel....I was UNDER the tunnel!  

I commented to Sarah that I wish I could have given her a hug right there.  I realize this is a blip on her bigger picture life.   She'll be fine.  Nothing a good night's sleep and some girl time won't help make better.  But her post also made me think.  Behind the lovely pictures and game faces, there is much that may really be going on in that woman's life that she may never post on the blog.  And while I know that that's obvious, I tried to let that sink in.  As a woman, I want to be my sisters' (universal sisterhood) support system. I want to be cognizant of the fact that an illusion posted on one's blog is often very surface and at the end of the day, we're all just women......wanting to feel good about who we are.

Going hiking again this weekend with my honey and hopefully we can talk the kiddos into going too!  Hope you all have a great one!!!


  1. Love the skirt!! Actually, the blogs I like the most are when we get to see real life, vulnerability! I think that is where real connections take place. I feel comfortable that all of us moms have had those melt down moments and can help each other get through it. If a site just presents recipes and we do not get to know the cook, then why go back time after time...there are plenty of cookbooks with no personality! I hope your post will encourge more bloggers to be themselves...totally.

  2. I never managed to find a good logical use for Twitter so I quit long ago.I also remember those days when my three children were under the age of 4,especially the summer time that I didn't work and stayed at home all day.I had some moments of despair and could see no end to the situation. The hardest part was that everyone thought how cute it was that I have 3 children and years go by quikly and how lucky I was to even have a family life....which are all true but were not of real use to me. So I felt even worse. I keep my blogging strictly to style but there are times that real life comes in. there are many bloggers out there showing the perfect side of life but I get tired after a while! I like the skirt and how versatile the shoes seem to be!

  3. Yes, I agree with Pam and Angie - the best blogs IMHO are the personal ones, where you can get to know the writer. Even in her bad times. No one's life can be sunny all the time. A supportive woman friend can make all the difference, even if she is "only" on-line.

    You look lovely!

  4. First, I'm coveting the shoes you're wearing.

    I don't read her blog, but in the past week I have read about three blogger friends being laid, I KNOW that blogging only shows us a single side. I remember those crazy days too...and isn't it a miracle to see our children all grown up.

  5. Hey Terri! What size shoe do you wear?

  6. Love the bracelets, Serene!
    In as much as we all try not to have too much of the misery of life on line--well because it IS life, you just can't help it. Being from NE, we tend to hold things close to our chest here, so sometimes too much of that is very uncomfortable for me. On the other hand, we must show our human side....
    Twitter....I'm with Angie on that one. Dont get it. Just a lot of noise to me. Let me know what you think! Love, Paula

  7. I wouldn't think of pairing that outfit like that....I love it! The fact that you feel comfortable in a longer lengtht of skirt is fine. I am short, so I like shorter hemlines, at least to my knees, but appreciate the differences in all of us.


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