Monday, July 4, 2011

My Favorite Look of the Week!

Katy of Modly Chic

I know you all know Katy, of Modly Chic.  She's the founder of Fashion Beauty Friend Friday and, though I've never really had much communication with her, seems like just a genuinely nice woman!  Isn't it amazing how you get a feel of someone's personality through their blog?  I imagine Katy to be a girl's girl and the kind of friend that's ALWAYS going to be there for you.  I bet I'm hitting this right on!

What I thought was really cool, was that as I've been trolling Modly Chic off and on for months, I got the impression that Katy was a bit of a tomboy.  And while she may be, this girl can definitely girly girl "VA VA VOOM" it up!  I recently read on her blog about a possible new found love of dresses.

"I have to say, this personal dress/skirt with heels challenge is going surprisingly well. Now I wake up in the mornings and only have a moments thought about putting on a pair of pants. Then I shake my head and force myself to think of a dress or skirt combination. To be honest I’m loving it. There is something absolutely wonderful about dressing in this uber-feminine way every day. It’s also making me realize that some dresses and skirts are actually comfortable enough to wear all day long without longing for the moment the dress comes off and comfy clothes go on."  (Katy)

And to that I say, "I GET YOU!!!"   I kind of see Katy and I having similar body types.  And so when I see these pictures, I'm thinking, "Oh I would work that in a New York minute!!!"  These looks are so gamine and elegant on her.  They remind me of why I love being a girl.  She looks absolutely demure, coquettish and I'm getting a definite Audrey Hepburn vibe from her.    I'm drooling all over those gold peep toes!

Thanks Katy for prettying up my blog with your gorgeousNESS!   I hope you all are having a Grand and Glorious Fourth!!!!


  1. You are so right,I hardly recognised her.There is a reason that women wear dresses. They are made for the female body! I personally have to work the heels part while wearing dresses. Any tips??

  2. I believe all of us have all of those female/male aspects. I was my father's only son. I enjoyed learning wiring, plumbing, building stuff. I also enjoyed wearing swishy skirts and fabrics. I am still equally turned on by a beautiful dress shop and a hardware store. They are both full of possibilities for me.

    And I don't have the body style, but I do appreciate it when I see it.

  3. Wow! I love that bottom dress! I am not familiar with her blog at all but she's cute!

  4. I love those dress + Cardi combinations. And I agree, Serene, they suit you perfectly. Let's see some pictures! : >

  5. I told Katy last week that the first dress here was my favorite so far of her dresses...I am not suprised at all that you picked it as the one to lead off with! I hope to own more dresses in the future...they are great for summer heat!

  6. She is very casul and chic.


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