Friday, July 22, 2011

With a Song in my Heart.....and a Thrifted Skirt on My Hips!

Hey Girlies!!  Man!  I do love Fridays!  

After my last post about keeping it simple,the fabulous Anne of The Frump Factor, asked me some thrifting questions.  I thought that by posting her questions and answering them, it might inspire many of you to get out there and start hitting your local thrift stores.  But beware Oh Gorgeous One!  It's ADDICTIVE!

Do you haunt a lot of stores? 

I live in a REALLY small town.  Seriously.  If I want to go to Target or a mall, I have to go at least 30-40 minutes away.  So, it's not like there is a ton to choose from.  The closest Goodwill is 20-25 minutes away (with the way I drive, more like 25!).  There are two right here in town that I go to almost weekly.  Then about once a month, I try to hit that Goodwill that I just mentioned.  My suggestion would be to visit ALL the ones in your area.  Even if it looks a little yucky to you; check it out anyway.  You might be surprised.  But by taking a look at all of them, you'll get a "lay of the land" so to speak, and know which ones you really like and have what you like.

How much time do you have to commit weekly? 

Probably about an hour to an hour and a half.  For me, it's just relaxing.  Even if I don't buy a thing, it's fun to go and just see what's there.  It's like going to a constantly changing museum exhibit! I believe I find the best deals when I'm consistent.  Just set aside a little bit of time each week and hit your favorite fishing hole(s).  Because they're putting out new (to us) things daily, you never know what you're going to find.   Another benefit?  You get to know the employees and they get to know you.  They'll let you know when are the sales

Do you target a special store, or will any old Goodwill store yield the great finds?

Christina, of Second Skin Style, (she doesn't blog anymore, but it's still up.  Check it out for wonderful inspiration!) once mentioned that if she could only shop at one store for the rest of her life it would be Goodwill.  I'm right there with her!  Any old Goodwill will definitely do the trick.  But if you go one time and  find nothing, give it a couple more times.  Don't cross it off the list just because you may not find anything in one visit.  I DO have a personal favorite.  I go to a local Hospice that seems to burst with vintage goodies!!!!  To look at it, you really wouldn't get excited.  But they have great deals.  It's a wonderful cause.  AND they're sooooooo nice and the girls that work there feel like friends.  I also stumble across some great current clothes as well, like the dress I wore in my last post.  

I hope this helps.  Another bonus to thrifting?  Let's face it.  Our style changes and evolves.  It's not a stagnant thing and would we really want it to be?  So when I thrift and maybe tire of an item after a season OR wear it a couple of times and realize it's really NOT me; I don't feel bad about re-donating it because I don't have alot of money in it to begin with.  It also allows me the freedom to experiment!  To go forth ye merry maids!  Thrifteth to thine heart's content!


  1. Thanks for a great article, Serene, with a lot of good tips. I agree that thrifting is a wonderful resource for trying new styles and stepping outside your comfort zone. I love your monochromatic look today, and those sassy shoes!

  2. I agree with you on everything. Many times I've been surprised to find nice stuff at stores I didn't think would have anything. And it's fun to see what's available even if we aren't buying at that moment.

    Your suede skirt is really cute. I live for such clothes.

  3. Thanks for the answers! I was hoping I didn't annoy you with so many questions, so I'm glad you got a post out of it! I have yet to venture into the thrift stores in my area (mostly independent; one Salvation Army). They don't look like much, so it's heartening to hear that treasures can hide in such places! (I'll keep looking for Goodwill).

    I can see how this could be relaxing and fun, if I just found a way to fit it into my regular routine. (I love consignment stores for all the reasons you mentioned, but there aren't as many of them around). Thanks again!

  4. I would wear the heck out of the top and skirt you have on! And yes, Second Skin Style is an amazing blog for inspiration. I'm so sad she isn't blogging anymore.

    Secondhand Stylist Thrifted - Three Ways

  5. Those shoes are fantastic! I love them so much! And, as someone who grew up in a VERY small town (nearest Target 2 hours away) I can relate!

  6. So jealous of your suede skirt. I tried to thrift one the other day but no luck. I will keep trying though!

  7. Goodwill is where I find the most! It also has the best prices..consignment makes the prices so much higher...You look fabulous as always. I agree it is one great way to relax!

  8. Right there with ya! Your skirt is incredible!
    Have a good weekend

  9. This is really good advice, especially about not letting the exterior of a store throw you. Some thrifts put money into marketing and display, etc. and it drives up the costs.

  10. I live a half hour away from EVERYTHING, too. I agree with everything you said. Go weekly, keep trying even if you don't find something the first few times, Goodwill rocks. We checked out a different one this week and it was fabulous!!

  11. Yay for Christina!
    I have been inspired by her many times. I wish she was still posting her outfits, I miss seeing her and she was so enlightened as well.
    I too am on a more simple look lately, as I am learning that my style has always been a bohemian simplified look with lots of accessories, and still love black and nudes ;) - suppose I always will :)

    The Goodwill is my store of choice always above and beyond the rest, plus my goodwill has 1/2 price clothing every Fri/Sat.


  12. I want some Lela Rose wedges. We hit up a few Payless stores here in the city and just couldn't find any. Nothing works better than a khaki skirt and white top. Easy, simple and always stylish.

  13. You sure look beautiful in this outfit! I love your shoes =)

  14. Hallo wunderschöne frau..dein foto gefällt mir..du bist echt süsse..hübsche.du siehst super sexy im lederrock aus...geiler weiter lederrock gefällt mir wow geiler lederrock....würde gerne das mal live sehen wollen wenn du den lederrock trags....l.g.


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