Friday, September 30, 2011

I can cast a spell.....of secrets you can tell

Top:  Doncaster THRIFTED, Pants:  J Crew , Shoes:  THRIFTED

Shirt: THRIFTED, Skirt:  Vintage THRIFTED, Shoes:  Stuart Weitzman THRIFTED

Silk Blouse:  THRIFTED, Pants: Kenneth Cole, Shoes: on loan

Silk Blouse:  THRIFTED, Pants:  Ann Taylor Outlet CLEARANCE, Shoes:  Stuart Weitzman THRIFTED

After a week of PMS-ing, I felt like it was an ideal time to focus on what I love about being a woman.  I mean when you're having cramps, hot flashes, head aches, back aches, leg pains and intermittent attacks of insanity; it certainly helps to focus on the positive!  So here goes:  Ahem (Throat clearing)

Why I love being a girl!      by Serene

1.  First and foremost, I get to be the pretty one in my marriage!  Now my husband is sooooo handsome and supremely masculine.  But one of the things I love is that he's not PRETTY....I get to be the pretty one.  I get to be the one that takes an hour to get ready, that gets to bat my eye lashes, that gets to look at myself in the mirror several times a day and the one that (most of the time!) smells pretty!

2.  I get to mother!  As it happens, I have 5 children including my stepdaughter.  So I may biologically be a mother, but I've mothered plenty that weren't mine and if you think about probably have too!  On Mother's Day, I give best wishes to EVERY woman because if you're a woman, you've mothered someone whether you realize it or not.  It's in our nature to nurture!

3.  I get to have an ABSURD amount of shoes!  SHOES!!!!  GLORIOUS SHOES!!!!  Oh my!  I love me some shoes!!!!  Most especially heels!  While dancing all this past weekend, I took off my shoes once and quickly put them back on.  It was actually more comfortable for me to dance in heels than bare feet.  Go figure!

4.  I get to wear BEAUTIFUL things!!!  I'm so loving silk lately.  It just feels amazingly like feathers on my it's just barely there.  I come across beautiful stunning prints that I would NEVER be able to wear if I were a man.  

5.  I get to blame crap on hormones!  Am I a bit pissy today?  Oh, I'm's my horror-mones.   I know I'm super sensitive.  It must be these dang hormones!  YES!  I'm really going to eat 2 cheese coneys, a large order of tater tots with a side of jalapeno poppers and gallon of diet coke!   But it's just a snack!  I'll still cook dinner!  Does that sound like a lot?  Hmmmmm....I must be hormonal......

So tell me girlies....what do you love about being a girl, chick, dame, broad, bad mamajamma, shawty, or lady!


  1. The list of food with the diet coke at the end just made me many of us eat that true!! I enjoy being a girl, because I know how to multi-task...shhh, don't tell the guys that most of them cannot do that!! I can talk on the phone, cook dinner, help with homework, listen for the dryer, and sometimes even comment on blogs all at the same time!!
    I love the first outfit is a Pam outfit for sure!! You look great as always!

  2. That first outfit is absolutely beautiful. And about being a woman, I love my boobs. And my hair that I can play with. And earrings. And handbags. And being able to cry and not feel bad about it.

  3. Love your looks! I want that full skirt, it is so feminine. Speaking of which, I love most everything about being a woman, esp my friendships with other women! And the Sephora store : >

  4. Great!!!!!!!!!!
    I love that floral shirt :)
    My hubby IS pretty, in a girl way,though he tries really hard not to be,LOL!

  5. I like the second outfit so much Serene! What a pity to not be a girl and not wear such beautiful outfits!

  6. Love the Doncaster top. All the outfits are really pretty on you.
    I love being a woman so I can pile on jewelry!

  7. LOVE LOVE this post, love the outfits, love it all!!!

    And I love being a girl!

  8. Great list, Serene! I love that, when I get together with female friends, we can spend the first 3 minutes talking about our outfits and/or hairstyles. This is not shallow conversation -- we are bonding and affirming our connection!

  9. Oh, the silks...always make me feel naked. Hmm, 'fraid I've got loving being myself, a woman mixed up with being a human being! My hubby likes silk too. :)

  10. Yes I definitely love your shoes, you have a wonderful collection. You look beautiful in all of your outfits, especially the first one. Can't tell that you are PMSing. It's great to be a woman, that I have to agree with you!


  11. I so much agree with what you wrote plus that women can perceive so many more things ...and have more hairstyles to choose from

  12. Serene~now I cant get the song I enjoy being a girl from west side story out of my head!!!!
    You look mahvelous in all the pictures; cant think of what outfit I like the best!
    I think what I enjoy the best of being a girl is being a mom. Cheers!

  13. You are beautiful in every photo! And sisterhood is powerful!

  14. What a great post! I think I need one with all the stuff I love about being a woman))))
    I absolutely love the first outfir and that top with cute roses <3

  15. Serene, we both share such a love for thrift shopping but what I love even more than that is the fact that you look like you really enjoy life, and dolling up. Every pic is you looking radiant and like you're having so much fun- it is a joy to see.

  16. Love your list! Even your outfits have such a postive vibe.

  17. Serene this is such a nice post! You are just so joyful- I love reading you :) I always feel so uplifted afterward! I especially relate to #1- I love being the pretty one :) I often joke that my husband is like a lumberjack. ha! I also love the floral shirt in the first picture- it's such a pretty pattern.

  18. Being that I am a lover of full skirts I have to say that the second outfit is my fave! You look sexy and great in it!

  19. great thrifty finds!

    Lindsey Turner


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