Sunday, September 18, 2011

Some style advice from Mother Nature!

My honey and I have totally fallen in love with hiking!  The weekends find us scouring the internet for new trails and scouring the trails for things to climb!  With all the beautiful sites we've taken in, it wasn't long before I felt ol' Mothah Natchah tryin' to tell me something.  Seems she has some style advice for us and I thought I'd share it with you!  So grab your cup o' whatever, sit back, and see if any of these little gems from nature strike a chord with you.  They certainly spoke to me!

 Wear Red!

Even the leaves know that red makes you stand out!  Don't be afraid of it!  Find your red in a shade of lipstick.  A pair of earrings.  Jeans.  Coat.  You decide, but find the right shade and wear it!!

Allow yourself to be admired!

Hey!  You took some time putting yourself together.  You take care of yourself and are feelin' cute.  So be still and enjoy the compliments.  Part of the art of being a lady is learning to graciously accept compliments.  So don't run from them!  Enjoy them and sincerely return them!

Try some interesting and unexpected color combinations!

It was actually this plant that gave me the idea for this post.  The bright fuschia and orange combination is not one that I would have put together and yet, it really works!  Embrace the color!  You'll stand out and in a GOOD way!

Stick your neck out! & Wear a great print!

Is there something you've been wanting to try but are a little bit nervous about it?  Well, stick your neck out and give it a shot!  You think CoCo followed the herd?  I think NOT!  She knew what she liked and what looked good and went forward with it.  And since she was a woman, like you and me, I can follow her lead and trust my sartorial instincts too!

Part 2 of this is to wear a great print!  I used to shy away from prints, thinking that they weren't versatile and frankly, could be a bit tacky.  But no more!  Great prints are works of art and much easier to be incorporated into your wardrobe than you think.  When in doubt, pair your print with a neutral and let the print be the STAH!

Let them know you've been there!

This was the only place I've seen these.  My husband told me they are called cairns.  Hikers that made it down into this somewhat remote enclave left stone tributes to mark their visit.  There just seems to be something so human about wanting to leave a mark; to say, "I'VE BEEN HERE!"  I find that my own style seems to be the same.  I like to dress to leave an impression.  Good or bad, you know I've been there!

Don't be afraid to stand alone.

Is there something you like that you haven't seen in all the fashion magazines or on your blog roll?  You don't need permission to wear something.  If you like it and feel great in it, then be BOLD!  Are you following rules like "over 35, no mini skirts" and yet, you just can't shake that urge to show off those legs?  Well don't fight it!  My girl, Paula, continues to rock the mini skirts and isn't afraid to stand alone if need be!  THAT girlies, is confidence!  And confidence looks fabulous on EVERYONE!

Be Daring!

You know there's an adventurer in you!  So go on and embrace her!  Wear that outrageously high heel!  Put on that bold animal print!  Try that look that you saw the model in the magazine wear that you KNOW looks completely YOU!  You got this!

At the end of the day, if the paparazzi don't like what you're wearing.... them what they can kiss!


  1. Serene - love this, love you! You are bold and beautiful, like nature herself!

  2. this post is beautiful! I love nature shots and especially inspiring ones.
    My son has those shoes and loves them. He wanted to buy my a pair for my birthday..........Since I'm not a hiker I politely declined. Maybe a mistake?

  3. Wonderful pics. And thanks for the advice you gave me. I'm getting really excited about it.

  4. I LOVE THE PICTURE OF YOU IN THE TREE!!! So cute...nature always inspires me...especially autumn colors..thos are my colors. Great post!!

  5. Beautiful post. Serene! I think you know that I love inspirations from nature, too. It is so true that sometimes nature shows us surprising color combinations, and they always work. (And that little turtle is just so sweet).

  6. Cute turtle. Are you barefoot on that tree branch? (And blue footed?)

  7. lol Serene just loved this post! My husband and I lvoe to hike in the fall too and then go to a pub and watch football. Great way to spend a sunday~Love ya!

  8. Lovely pictures and great post. I would love to be near an area where we could hike. It is pretty flat around here! I don't think I am as brave as you doing rock climbing!

  9. HAHA! Love that last one. I've been finding myself more an more inspired by nature lately especially in seeing what color combinations harmonize, and how a play of different textures adds so much to a look.

  10. I live your pictures, there's so much inspiration around us, nature is beautiful. Thanks for the lovely ideas. I'm inspired!


  11. Fun! Looks like a really cool hobby to share with your husband! Fit, beautiful, nature, fresh air, etc!

  12. This is such an inspiring post! Thank you so much for sharing these photos and inspirations with us. Now that fall is here I am so excited to get out and enjoy mother nature's beauty before we are buried under blankets of snow. Hope you had a wonderful weekend and can't wait to see what you wear this week!

  13. Bravo Serene - standing ovation for this flippin' brill post love!! Hilarious and truthful, I LOVE the pic of you in bare feet up the tree - I think I would have a ball hiking with you. Your pics are so beautiful and you took the time to capture the beauty of nature and smash all those ridiculous fashion myths:)) xoxoxoxo

  14. Thanks all you wonderful girlies for the sweet words. The shoes I'm wearing on the limb are called Vibrams 5 finger shoes. They have them for running, exercising, etc. These are designed more for hiking and feel WONDERFUL! You can get them in a lot of different colors and actually are supposed to be good at helping to strengthen foot muscles. LOVE them for the hiking as they really help with the climbing! Much love and hugs to you!!!! ~Serene

  15. What a great post! Thank you so much for inspiration! <3

  16. I've been planning on buying some hiking shoes, there are a lot of trails and gorges in this area. How are those barefoot shoes working for you? I've been curious about them.

    Derh! I just scrolled further down and saw your comment. I will look into them!


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