Thursday, September 22, 2011

My wintertime love to be.....

As of late, this has become my uniform....pencil skirt, sleeveless blouse and heels.  It's just such a no brainer for me that it makes getting dressed quick and easy!

I've been thinking about cooler weather clothes and how I'm going to stay warm this winter.  Last year I experimented WAY too much and was far more concerned with something being "blog worthy" than actually if I really liked it.  This year, I'm having none of that.  It's completely about what I feel good in and what I love.  So here are some things that I WILL be wearing the heck out of this fall/winter:

  • Hose:  That's right.  You heard me.  Panty hose.  I'll be trying out different neutral shades of panty hose.  I'm thinking taupe, browns, blacks, grays and maybe some metallics.  I know there are mixed reviews on panty hose, but frankly.....I'm just going to say it......I like them!  Hose will allow me to wear all kinds of shoes and NOT rely solely on boots.
  • Fishnets:  This may fall under the category of hose, but I stinking LOVE fishnets!  Except this year I'm going to get black ones and flesh colored ones.  The flesh tone fishnets give enough texture without all the color.  
  • Dark tights:  Last year I really tried to embrace the colored tights thing.  I realized, it's just. not. me!  While you won't find me in colored or patterned tights, you WILL find me in dark tights such as blacks and browns.  These just look good with everything!
  • Clogs:  Bring on the clogs!  I've got about 3 pair of really great clogs that I intend to wear the fool out of!  I get really bored with non-stop boots.  And sometimes, it's just too cold for regular shoes.  Enter the clog.  A pair of black clogs with black tights = you're DONE!  Goes with EVERYTHING!
  • Blazers:  I LOVE blazers and have amassed quite a few.  I plan to really get some wear out of them as things cool down.  With blazers, you can just go crazy.  They can be bright.  They can be fitted.  They can be loose.  They can belted (which I intend to do a lot of).  They're amazingly versatile and the thrift stores are FILLED  with them!
  • Colors:  Things tend to get dark when the mercury nose dives; but I refuse to go through the next 6 months or so in heavy neutrals.  I'm going to make sure to keep color in the rotation.
  • Vintage:  At the end of last Winter, I thrifted some AMAZING long vintage coats, a gorgeous sweater dress and some great vintage sweater.  My passion for vintage knows no seasons, so expect to see vintage carry me into the winter and beyond!
So there you have it!  That's what you can expect from me.....but what about you?  What are your essentials for the cooler weather?


  1. First - you look divine in your silk blouse and pencil skirt, of course!!
    I am with you on your winter resolutions (except maybe for pantyhose, I am still thinking about that one) I love fishnets, esp the nude ones, love dark tights and who doesn't love a vintage coat? xoxoxoxo -Patti

  2. Great plan! I've made a desidion to push myself to wear more color with color - it's usually very challenging for me in winter. But I;m determined to make this happened))

  3. Lovely outfit! Just began reading your blog recently, and I'll be back.

    I can't help commenting about hose. Only recently have I realized that pantyhose are now optional for many women. That's hard to believe. Except for airy summer sandals, I can't bear to wear shoes without pantyhose (or tights, or socks with the appropriate shoes). My feet get sticky and uncomfortable. How can anyone stand to go without? Pantyhose in the right size are quite comfortable. (And anyone who complains about pantyhose should have lived in the prehistoric era when girdle and stockings were required!)

  4. Hey. Go for all your comfort. Personally, hose aren't comfortable for me no matter what time of year. I may try stockings. But then I don't get cold easily.

  5. I am so glad that pants and t-shirts are not in the list,LOL.
    You look stunning, my dear Serene.

  6. Alright, I knew that maybe the panty hose would cause a stir, but I totally stand by them. Goose bumps just aren't a good look on bare legs and sometimes, tights are just too thick. I like the option of panty hose in different shades....NOT the nude. I think hose have gotten a bad rap over the past few years and I, for one, am glad to see them back on the fall/winter runway! You guys are the BEST!

  7. Yay, fishnets and blazers! I love both. I have an extraordinate amount of fishnet stockings. And I love blazers. LOVE.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  8. Look at you all Kate Middleton in your refined hosiery! I love the subtle pattern/texture of your skirt. And, as always you look great in black with animal print!

  9. That is the cutest outfit! I have been wondering what I will need to wear for my first winter in Tulsa. (Actually my first winter not living on the West Coast with its mild climate.) I was very happy to see clogs and tights on your list, since that sounds like something I will enjoy wearing. Blazers sound good too. Thanks for the list!

  10. I can see why you are wearing this combination, because it looks great on you. I love the silk blouse! Looking forward to seeing those vintage coats. At this point, I have no plan for the chill. It will just have to emerge.

  11. like your fall wardrobe plans. Looking forward to it. You look elegant as always, the shoes are lovely, I like the vintage vibe. I'm not sure how I can apply the fall trends to our all year round summer weather. Hmm...takes some creativity.


  12. Hi Serene! You are so right about the beauty of a sleeveless blouse and pencil skirt. You are gorgeous in that outfit!

    I like your choices! I am unable to do the hose thing, but I do love dark-colored tights. (And I will be playing with colored tights again this year! But I only do the more "neutral" colors, if that makes sense).

  13. I Love you fall plan!
    I have emassed (imassed?) Oh well, bought a lot of trends that i really didn't care for , nor were practical for me the last couple years (thanks to blogging 'that perfect look' LOL!)
    I too am embracing my true nature more and more and LOVE the freedom and maturity that come from being just me! I wonder if all bloggers did the same thing at first???
    You look great!

  14. You are going to carry your lovely look right through winter with that list Serene! I actually don't mind hose either.:) Never worn fishnets but somehow that is a look I can't imagine as "me" but I do like tights in darker shades like black, brown, burgundy and even purple and light grey.:)

  15. I'm loving that blouse....

    And sticking with pants. I'm wearing a lot of sweaters during the winters here, it's just so BITTER cold. I love a sweater under a jacket!

  16. Well I did hear that if you are going to wear panty hose, sheer black is the way to go. yup--they are back. I do find that the weather and the outfit may conspire to make me wear panythose--so it can extend what you want to wear. you go girl!
    I'm with style crone on the winter list--just not there yet! Love ya!

  17. Well, I am back in town and I love this autumn foliage in your picture! The outfit and the background is gorgeous! Almost everything on your list, I will also be wearing...I even have one pair of great leather clogs!! I just bought some fun hose...not fishnets...but still a fun pattern. Can't wait to see all that you do!!

  18. Great outfit. Vintage coat ooh now theres a thought

  19. Thank you so much for sharing your list of autumn/winter ideas:)). I love that you are being YOU and not compromising for your blog or anyone. That is what is so wonderful about you Serene, you're a natural and see beauty all around you:)) xoxoxoxo

  20. Love the look! And yeah on sticking up for panty hose. I've been thinking about doing an entire post on them!

  21. I love this outfit and can I say that I'm deeply jealous of how elegant and wonderful you look with your hair up? I wore my hair up last week and you know what I got? "You look tired," from some jerky parent at my son's school. What is that? I think people think that is an okay thing to say, a sanctioned version of "You look like crap." ANYWAY, you look gorgeous and I'm with you, I love fishnet stockings. I need to dig mine out. Thanks for the inspiration.

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    Come on and play with us.
    Starts tomorrow!


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