Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why'd you have to go and make things so complicated?

Can you tell what's missing here?  Let me give you a hint....they make a lot of noise.  You guessed it!


This week, we got Netflix streaming and so we basically have a video store at the touch of a Wii control!  I've been watching SCORES of Mad Men episodes!  I'd never seen it before and I'm not going to be shy about saying, "I'M HOOKED!!!!"  Of course my favorite character is Joan Holloway.  I just love the clean lines and the attention to fit.

When I put this on, I thought to myself that there was nothing really "special" about this outfit.  There's nothing unique about how it was put together.  No reinventing the wheel here.  But that's part of  the beauty of it!  When the fit and quality is there, let the clothes speak for themselves.

The other part of the beauty of it, is the price.  I don't think there's $15 in this entire outfit!  I fished the skirt and top out of my favorite thrifting pond.  All the labels had been cut out of it, so I have no idea of the brand or size.  I'm sure there's a message in that somewhere!  I eyeballed it, tried it on, and fell in love with the fit.

"Both Sides were against me since the day I was born" follow-up

Apparently, when sleep fails, inspiration flourishes!  That's been my experience and apparently, I'm not alone.  According to Terri (Rags Against the Machine), "I often compose outfits in my mind as I try to sleep, but sometimes I have to get up and check--not dress, but pair the items together. I can never truly know until I've got it on."  and Joy (Southern Comfort) was right there with her and also mentally redecorates as she tries to fall off to sleep!  "I lay in bed thinking about outfit combinations. It helps me relax. (I also reimagine the living rooms in my friend's houses! LOL)"  And for Kat (A second glance), ideas come to her in her dreams!  "Believe it or not some outfits have come to me in dreams. (Although sometimes they involve really cool stuff that I don't even own). 

Gracey (Fashion for Giants) prefers a more cerebral approach.  Says Gracey, "As for me, when I think of outfits, I actually write them down and then try to make them happen at some point."  And then there's the creative approach that allows the clothes to speak to you!  I LOVE THIS!  Judith (The Style Crone) said, "I usually start with the hat and then whatever memory or my gaze provides."  There's so much value in letting the clothes texture and colors guide you.  And Bella (The Citizen Rosebud), continues with this abstract approach by starting with a single piece.   "My style is usually impulsive. A piece will trigger the ensemble. Everything put together once only, and with a stream of consciousness logic to it. 

Thanks for sharing your creative process with me and your fellow bloggers!  It's inspiring and is motivating me to allow myself to be inspired outside of my box!

Guess what tomorrow is?  Visible Monday!!!  The indomitable Patti of Not Dead Yet Style invites all of us over 40ers to  make ourselves very visible on Monday and then show it off on her blog and check out our un-invisible  friends!  Go take a look!


  1. that little top and skirt will be great for the Fall too, and to wear a belt as a necklace? you're amazing! =)

  2. Belt as a necklace?! Sublime!!! You're a Bargainista Fashionista,doll!
    Isn't Joan just the BEST?!

  3. I wish outfits would come to me in a dream! Hasn't happened yet. I really like how polished this look is--the knit separates made to go together.

  4. Very,very good! that's just it very good! The outfit is it.

  5. So I always thought I was a bit of a freak, making up outfits in my head as I try and sleep but it's good to hear I'm not alone!

    I like the Mad Men influence in this outfit. Simple can be tres chic :) as you've proven.

  6. so classy and smart! I love the fabric and cut of this dress, fits you perfectly! Belt cum necklace is a lovely idea, makes your money's worth! Thanks for your kind thoughts for me Serene, you're so sweet!

    Have a lovely week!


  7. You look lovely, very classy! I am the same way, when I can't sleep...creativity takes over! I do my best writing late at night or in the wee hours of the morning. It's almost like a barrier is down inside me somewhere that allows thoughts and words to just flow far more freely than during daytime hours!

  8. I'm a total Mad Men addict. Love you entire outfit, especially wearing the belt as a necklace!

  9. You look stunning and ready to rune a Forbes 500 company!! This look was all over the runway at the fashion show I covered last week. In fact you could take the exact look and wrap a fur color around your neck, add a box type classic handbag and you have that runway look!! Many of the retailers are featuring MAD MEN STYLE and you just showed us how to thrift it! Way to go, friend.

  10. I've been a passionate Mad Men fan since the show began and have seen every episode. Like you, I love Joan.

    The clothes are a major appeal of the show and you captured the vibe here. Love the outfit.

  11. Even before I read your post I was thinking "the fit is perfect" - you look so chic, even "mad men" -ish. Thanks for participating in Visible Monday! xoxoxoxo -Patti

  12. You look SO elegant and ladylike (and I mean that in a good way -- I know you don't do "sweet"). There is absolutely something very special about this outfit!

  13. Lovely outfit. I especially like the chain detail on the belt. Very sharp. You really are an excellent thrifter. As I am discovering, it takes a really good eye to find the quality merchandise in a store full of so many different things.
    My Mother often wears belts as necklaces. I have once or twice. I have several metal ones that are now too small to use as belts! LOL

  14. You always thrift the cutest shoes!!

    And I like the simplicity of this outfit. It looks fab on you!

  15. The belt worn as necklace is brilliant. There are usually several functions possible for an item if we think about it! I love the brown with a hint of black. And thanks for the mention.

  16. That was a fun creative post you did. cool to read the round-up of how others put things together.
    I like the delicate chain on your belt. A thoughtful little detail that adds interest to your ensemble!


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