Tuesday, September 13, 2011

When a woman sure can be a friend of mine....

Today, class......we're going to talk about trends (writing T-R-E-N-D-S on a cyber chalkboard).  Your reference?  This post by Danie of No Guilt Fashion.  

Danie, so succinctly wrote about her issue with trends. Describing this issue, she writes, "The problem is that if I dress according to what is the current trend I look like everybody else."  That's right!  And where's the style in that?  

This came up again today when Bella (The Citizen Rosebud) asked via Facebook if anyone had gone to Target to take advantage of the Missoni collaboration.  To which I replied similar to Danie.  I actually think Missoni makes works of art in knits.  Seriously, they've taken the flame stitch to a whole new place.   So I'm a huge fan!  But to purchase this at Target now is sure to leave me seeing myself all over the place.  I lose my uniqueness.  I'm just another woman following a trend.

You see, that's the problem with trends.  They invite crowds, not individuals.  Trends draw others' focus to itself and not to the wearer.  Trends focus on numbers and personal style focuses on one number....ONE.  Trends are those cool girls in high school who require you to wear your hair a certain way or only carry a particular purse in order to "fit in" to their group.  And once your in that clique, you become the clique and lose part or all of what makes you like no other. 

I commented on Danie's post that the women that are known as fashion icons don't follow trends....they set them!  Did Coco Chanel wear layers of pearls because everyone else wore them?  What about Dita Von Teese?  She was doing vintage YEARS before it became popular.  Alexa Chung?  I think most would agree that she drives today's trends, she doesn't follow them.....she CREATED them simply by being herself.   These women stay true to themselves and their aesthetic and are iconized for it.

I think there's a lesson there.  If we all follow our OWN style, our own passion; then we're ALL icons!  I think you make a GREAT style icon!!  And so do I!


  1. First, let me say that I love those shoes more every time you wear them. Your legs look fab.

    Secondly, wow, what a well written post. I loved this and can't wait to read the two posts you referenced.

  2. Love your look, Serene, and I agree with Gracey about those shoes! At my point in life, I might pick up on a piece of a trend (like today I'm wearing red jeans) but I'll never slavishly follow them. The most stylish women always seem to create, not follow, as you say!

  3. I do like to follow trends to a certain extent. But, I like to put my own twist on them.
    You look great in this outfit. The color of your top is exactly what I have been looking all over for and cannot find anywhere!
    Big chunky gold necklaces on are on trend right now, but you put your twist on that by wearing the belt as a necklace.

  4. Those heels make the whole outfit so sexy! Love them! =D

  5. So true, so true....One of the reasons I have never been attracted to designer purses is that so many women down here carry them...the Coach purses especially...I like finding my own fit at a Marshall's instead...good quality that is more me! I have one LV I got at a consignment years ago...but I rarely carry it.
    I love your picture...first you smile and then that color top on you..wonderful!

  6. I love the rich color of this top Serene. I did not step foot in a Target today and I'm convinced that if I want a Missoni look badly enough I'll find it in a thrift.

  7. Writing, styling, hiking, being gorgeous.....the lovely Serene does it all! You are amazing!

  8. Amen to all you said. More even than the trend is the shops you buy from.
    If we all buy from ZAra, example, we will end up wearing the same clothes.
    I saw once in 5th avenue N.Y. a woman wearing the same dress as one in my home town miles away. Theres and then, I decided to go solo and buy different.
    If you buy vintage, you can be on trend and set trend.
    Most interesting subject, my dear Serene.

  9. No Missoni for me. I find the jerky designs hard to look at. but I am totally impressed by your look at trends. I have a few things to say about that so you have given me a subject for a blog. Thanks.

  10. You look so fabulous !! Love those shoes. I love your blog layout!!


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