Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Still blooming, not pining.....

Top Left:  Downtown Apex, Top Right:  Statement Necklace that I DIDN'T buy; but DO think it's really cool!  Bottom Left:  Men's Suit shop, Bottom Right:  My Sweet Baby at Starbucks

Before heading to Apex.  I'm confused.  Is it January or May?!?!

My man, watching the ballgame on Sunday

My kiddos, AKA The Fab Four, having chili on Sunday

I know it's Wednesday and here I am talking about my weekend, but what can I say?  It was a really great weekend!  On Saturday, the temps hovered around 70 degrees which made it impossible to just sit inside.  So here was my weekend:

Walked 8 miles on Saturday (head held high as I type that!)
Got purdied up and went to downtown Apex exploring with my daughter.
Found a FABULOUS bakery and also a tearoom that serves a lunch tea of cucumber sandwiches.
Made myself a promise to take myself to tea!
Came home and fixed dinner.
Went to church.
Came home and made a big honkin' pot of chili (I put coffee and cocoa in it!
Welcomed home my oldest sons (twins) from Wilmington.  They came in to help take my daughter BACK to Wilmington for school.
Lots and Lots of hugging!
Worked out Monday morning with Sweet Baby, and then we explored a bit and found a really great bakery/breakfast place minutes from our house!  (Have I mentioned how much I love living here?)
Sat at Starbucks with my honey bun, did computer stuff and made googly eyes at said honey bun!

Can you tell it was a great weekend?!?!  Although, I'm expecting another stellar weekend this one coming, I try very had to stay "in the moment".  That's so cliche isn't it?  But yet it's also very true.  I've found myself on a Monday morning saying to myself, "Wow!  I can't wait till Friday!"  It was sobering to realize that I was so quick to bypass 5 days every week just to get to 2!  So as much fun as this weekend will surely be, Wednesday's shaping up to be a pretty good time too!  Hope yours is as well!

High fives all around!

By the way, all the above pictures were taken with my iPhone.  I'm completely feelin' it!



  1. Looks like you had fun!! The weather has been great, hasn't it?

  2. Thanks for sharing your weekend and family with us - it sounds like you enjoy the "real things" in life. I think that's a key to being happy! xoxoxoxo

  3. I love your "out-on-the-town-fabulous-weekend-post!!" I think it helps so many to see us having fun in our everyday lives!! I also like the statement necklace!!
    Living in the moment is not just cliche...its wisdom!

  4. What a gorgeous family you have!! Love the pics:) Thanks for stopping by my blog, following yours now as well:)

    Have a great day!

    Inspiration for You, Your Home, & Everywhere in Between!

  5. You have a lovely family. Sounds like you had a fulfilling weekend.

  6. Serene--I remember opening that photo of your honey on Twitter. And inwardly I thought--yes, our husbands are our wealth, the richness in our lives.

  7. Terri, words cannot express the gift that is my cup really does overrun!

  8. Don't complain about the weather, Serene! It's liable to hear you and run away!

    We do not want that.

  9. I love that stunning necklace! =)

  10. Kionon, I'm so ready for Spring...Saturday was like a tasty appetizer!

    Hope, Thanks so much! It's still at the store, but it was pretty fabulous!

  11. Fabulous pics, and you all look so happy.
    I love the necklace in the first photo.

  12. Serene, your children are so gorgeous, wow! I wish you were here, I want to try the new Laduree boutique in Manhattan and when you wrote that you promised to take yourself to tea, I wished you were here so I could take you to tea and macarones at Laduree. A little piece of Paris in Manhattan, woo-hoo!

    Also, thank you SO MUCH for your blogging help. You are the best. XO, Jill

  13. Beautiful family photos and love the pink skirt with your shoes. Your January is different from mine; snow and more snow in Denver.

  14. Sounds like a perfect weekend! I love family time :)


  15. I love seeing you on instagram! Makes me feel like we're friends in real life!

  16. Hey GF! Your fam looks great--see you soon!

  17. Thanks for the family pictures. You don't need to tell me that your Sweetie is watching a ball game in that one picture - he is in the same position they all use for game watching.
    Even though I'm retired, there is still something so special about the weekend. The middle of the week just doesn't have the same energy. Although an afternoon Tea is such a relaxed thing to do, the weekday would be just as good. You should go with your daughter. My daughter is my favorite Tea companion.

  18. I am a new follower(dropped in from Over 50 feeling 40) and had to say that you have quite the handsome crew...hubby,sons...and your daughter is absolutely stunning, as are you. Good luck in following your dream!


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