Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bow to the Brow

Are you remembering your brows?

Personally, I remember mine every time I look in the mirror!  But I'm really really slack about staying on top of keeping them groomed.  I've tried to tweeze them myself....starting in high school when I was working on a unibrow!  Me and this girl could've been twins!  

But I'm trying to turn over a new leaf and stay on top of one of the most prominent facial features that we have.  When groomed correctly, they provide a lovely frame for the art that are our eyes.  When left to themselves, they are facial demons who take pleasure in making us look bad!  

I don't think there is a standard brow shape.  I mean, brows are part of our faces and those all look different, right?  So why should all brows look the same?  


Think of the personality that emanates from our brows.  I prefer a thicker brow, though I don't know that I'd do the Joan Crawford look.


Can't you just picture her with a coat hanger in hand screaming like a mad woman?!?!  There's nothing soft about this look!

On the other hand, too thin (and they may never grow back) can give one a really weird look.
Hello, Ms Harlow

Beautiful woman, but those brows give her a comic look!

Back to my brows....

I've never liked my brows.  They're very thick and wiry and even tend to curl on the ends!  And hello, now I'm getting a few gray brows!  They also don't have much shape.  Even when I was tweezing them, I never could seem to give them the light arch that I've admired in others.  But to keep them in check, I used to have them waxed by a friend who did that professionally.  However, since moving to a much larger city, I have discovered threading.  Pause here and just let me say, "BRILLIANT!!".   Take a look:

This is such a precision process, much more so than waxing which just rips the brows right out 
en masse!    There's also much more opportunity for skin irritation (IMO) with the waxing.  The threading method is so much cleaner than waxing and also a little more affordable.    I've never loved my brows so much as I have after having them groomed via threading.  

My face feels clean!  Unless you've ever had unruly eyebrows, this probably sounds foreign to you.  But for a "3 tweezes away from a unibrow" like me, this has been a godsend!

Look it up in your area and give it a try.  And DEFINITELY let me know what you think!



  1. I actually asked about threading the other day and my stylist says that, in her opinion, it hurts far worse than waxing. What did you think? Was it more painful?

    1. Gracey, I don't think it hurts any worse than waxing. Waxing stung like HECK!! I've also noticed so much less irritation and redness, even immediately afterward. You might want to try it once and see what you think. It's such a cool process to watch! I'm thinking, "There's NO WAY they can NOT butcher my eyebrows doing this!!" but it's FABULOUS!!

  2. I love the collection of famous brows, Serena. And I've heard good things about threading too. My own brows have gotten sparse, so I spend more time trying to restore them with color!

  3. Hey Serene!!! Love your pink background....I got threading done by someone who wanted me to blog about it over a year ago and I think it is LESS painful than waxing. I found it to be really fascinating. Now, though I mostly spend my time coloring them in...they have really thinned out from I have to keep them colored, but I do it myself.

    1. Thanks Pam! I just found the white background kind of know what I mean? My brows have yet to thin....they just get thicker and more wirey; but I DO have some gray ones coming in!!

  4. I have horribly unruly eyebrows! But after I got my eyebrows done using threading a couple of years ago I never looked back. It is amazing what a difference it makes.

    1. You and me BOTH girly!! It's so true.....I absolutely LOVE the threading and, like you, I can't imagine getting them shaped up any other way!

  5. Hello Beautiful! I sadly neglect my brows at times!:) But do so agree that groomed brows can just make a face! I am glad you're back, I've missed you!!

    1. Colleen! I was so excited to see your post yesterday!!! I've missed you too girly!

  6. I've just discovered my brows in the last year or so. In the eighties I wore them thick and natural (no unibrow, however) and as I've aged, they've gotten very thin. Now I have them done professionally because I can't see the strays around the corners of my glasses and I have them tinted so they're a little more visible and natural looking. I agree that it's amazing what a difference brows can make. I'm loving mine for the first time in a long time.

    You always look so beautiful!! It's fun to share ideas and information, very inspiring!!

  7. I love your collection of movie star brows! Since I'm blonde, I've always envied your eyebrows. Didn't realize what a struggle they were for you.

  8. I have heard good things about threading- I would definitely be interested in giving it a try!
    Good chatting with you today, by the way.

  9. I'm a big fan of threading too:). There is a group of lovely Indian women at a local flea market who offer brow threading for $10 (two brows) which I think is a real bargain! Such a lovely smooth, clean look! I'm actually a big fan of the Jean Harlow look. I love the dramatic contrast with her hair:). xo

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