Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fit in.....Don't BLEND in!

Top:  Hanes (men), Scarf:  gift, Skirt:  J Jill Thrifted, Boots:  Spiegel (had for 10 years or so!)

A few weeks ago, due to our recent move; our youngest son started a new school that (unlike his former high school) didn't require uniforms.  So, of course, this warranted a shopping trip and presented the question, "What's everyone wearing?"

While he was explaining to me WHAT exactly he was looking for, D would say, "I don't want to wear the EXACT same thing everyone else is wearing; but I don't want to stick out either."  Which prompted me to pop out a jewel of wisdom, "In other words you want to FIT in, not BLEND in!"

Fitting or Blending?
I think that's how most of us approach our sartorial choices.  We want to be appropriate for the situation, but we don't want to blend into the crowd like a modern day Stepford wife.  I loathe the thought of wearing the "uniform" that everyone else is wearing.  I think that's why my mind is taking me to the idea of a signature style.  Because it's situation appropriate; but it's uniquely me.  

Trends, in my opinion, are boring.  Because they don't speak to WHO the wearer is.  They say, "I want to look like everyone else."  Personal style says, "I want to look like me".  Signature style says, "When you see this, you think of me!"

Blogger Signatures
Think about it...what do you think of when you think of Sacramento?  SKIRTS!
Bella?  Heart shaped sun glasses!
Shey?  To the knee full skirts!
Paula and Vanessa?  LOTS of color!

These women have such distinct signatures that, though I've never met any of them in person, I can walk through a store and see a garment and think of one of them.  Their signature has left that much of an impression.

What's ONE style item that you're drawn to over and over?



  1. Aww thanks for the mention, Gf!
    Kids all wear the same clothes all over the world, dont they? Me? I want to stand out--obviously....
    and how about you?

  2. You look fab in this outfit. I love the boots!
    I think I am still figuring out my style, but the one thing I feel most comfortable in is jeans. They can be different styles, but I love jeans. They feel like me.

  3. Missed you and glad you are back!

  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, my dear Serene. I am sooooooooooooo honoured by you thinking of me.
    I know some of you more than friend have become nearly family.
    Much love.
    I have your new blog in my blogroll now, yeahhhhhhhhh

  5. Nice scarf! I like the idea of fitting but not blending. It's sort of like a metaphor I read in one person's vision of a truly multicultural society -- it's a salad, not a melting pot! I'm not sure what item I always bring to the table, though. Not sure I have one yet!

  6. very classic monochrome outfit, you look simply chic. Can't believe your 10 year old boots still looks liKE brand new! Fitting but not blending is a good saying, I hope I can achieve that. I don't think I am the outlandish type. You definitely stand out but in a fabulous way.


  7. Serene, Somehow I missed your last two sorry...I like the topic here and agree with you especially on Sacramento, Paula, Vanessa, and Bella! I think tend to go for scarves a lot...if I want to pop a look, I reach for a scarf first..that is not necessarily a good or bad thing!
    You look great...very Serene...classy and creative!

  8. Darn those boots are giving me goosebumps!!!!!!!! To fit or blend, fit or blend, fit or blend ... just having a think about it. I don't do either, but when I'm working I manage to fit in ... just. Never blend. I can't help it - blending or even fitting in to some extent brings me out in hives and I find it really hard to do. I can certainly understand what a dilemma it is for a high-schooler!!! I hope those gorgeous kids of yours are settling in and you're happy in your new home:))) xoxo

  9. Why are you so fabulous ALL the time?! :D


  10. Love the scarf and the boots! Sometimes hats don't 'fit' or 'blend,' but they're always a part of my outfit! Even to take a quick run for the grocery store. A habit of many years!


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