Sunday, November 20, 2011

You know it's hard to be yourself, free yourself, to see yourself

All Thrifted

Top:  Yard Sale, no name, Skirt:  Vintage Suede via Yard Sale, Shoes:  Franco Sarto via TJ Maxx, Necklace:  Self-made

I'm always moving toward a signature style.  I love the whole idea of signature style...a style, a way of dressing that is uniquely yours.  Marlene Dietrich sported trousers.  Coco Chanel had her boucle suits.  
Jackie Onassis wore pearls with everything!  They had SIGNATURES and it punctuated their looks.

As I move toward my signature style, I find that the wall I keep running into is that I really like so MANY very different looks!  I mean POLAR opposite looks!  Take a look a some recent shots that I've come across that I just adore but there seems to be not a THING in common one with another.

1.  Source   2.  Source    3.  Source

I love the sleek black lines in the first look; the feminine girliness in the second and the midi length and heels in the last.  

So how does one take inspiration and keep it from turning into emulation?  How do we funnel everything that we really like and funnel it into a signature aesthetic?  I've got some ideas for myself, my closet and you guys in the next post!  I'm excited about creating my signature style and I'd LOVE to hear what your signature is.  

Do you have even have one and is it even an issue for you?

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  1. It is so great to have you back : > I'll enjoy your writing about your signature style. I think all your looks have a feminine vibration - because you have such a feminine look (shape and hair) and you seem to like flowy rather than severe lines. But we shall see what emerges!

    Thanks for linking up for Visible Monday.

  2. Thanks Patti! I'm definitely seeing some common themes about what I feel good wearing if not what I'm drawn to.

  3. I guess I call my style PAM STYLE...I am still using my FOUNDATIONAL FIVE SYSTEM and it seems to be working to help me not get too crazy. I feel like my personal style is beginning to develop! You look awesome ... I am so glad you are back!!

  4. I really think that all three looks that you like have similar lines to them. If you took the color from the pictures and just looked at the lines I think you would see that as Patti says you like flowy lines.
    I think my style is more classic than I thought, but I don't think I have quite a signature style.
    You look great in your looks and I like the new look of your blog. You have been a busy lady.

  5. Pam, I'm actually planning on referring to your foundational five when I go further into developing a signature style! You're a mind reader! Actually, I absolutely think that you have a signature style and I think scarves are a big part of it!

    Debbie, I see what you mean...I'm finding that my style is more classic than what I would have guessed as well. Seems there is a gap between looks I'm drawn to and those I'll actually wear.

  6. I'm so glad to see you posting again, I love both of your outfits. My style has evolved since I've started blogging, right now I am between preppy/classic and vintage inspired, I don't think I have a signature style yet as my styles changes with seasons and my mood. =)

  7. I know what you mean about being drawn to things that seem completely different. However, I think that most of us still choose and style items in ways that reflect our personal style. Your look seems cohesive to me, even though you wear different kinds of things.

  8. I love the orange skirt. It looks wonderful on you. I really thought your signature was your waistline emphasis - belts or color blocking. I know that my style is the opposite. The only way I wear a belt is under a jacket or cardigan. That works for me.

  9. It's nice to see your outfits again, you re always so fabulous and a very "serene" style. I don't think I have a signature style, it all depends on my mood.


  10. I like an eclectic style, why not say that's your signature? :)

    Mine nowadays tends to be very workout gear centered out of necessity. I kind of miss dressing up every day. Then I remember how miserable I was in heels. After that I'm over it! LOL!

  11. Hi Serene - You always looks so chic! I don't have a style per se because I like so many different looks, I don't know that I ever will have one. I like feminine details like lace and ruffles but also love the all black, sort of heavy metal look. I like to dress depending on my mood or how I want to be perceived - all part of the fun!

  12. Shey, I think the full above or at the knee skirt is absolutely your signature! You make me want to run out and fill my closet with them!

    Anne, maybe that's the find the common thread in what we like. And then combine that with what we feel good in.

    Kim, Thanks!

    Beryl, I think you're onto something! As I look back over those pictures they ALL are belted. I absolutely DO favor a waist defining look! Thanks!

    Mongs, thanks so much! I think you always look so lovely! That's the word that comes to mind when I see you!

    Mary, You're right! Maybe I'm a bit eclectic too! Surprisingly, I find I'm more comfortable in heels than in flats....go figure! I'm off to visit your blog shortly! Thanks for stopping by~!

    Lisa, thanks a bunch! Chic is definitely how I'd like to think of my style! You do feminine and girly soooo well....there's a delicate look to your face that is just ultra feminine!

  13. I think its great you're working toward your signature. It can be just one thing too--like jewelry, or shoes.....Girly is surely part of your style!
    I dont like to pigeon-hole my ideas or style, but I do tend toward the artistic/funky chic. and my signiture piece? Funky earrings--that is an obsession!

  14. I'm in love with first dress, honestly. Such a great print and color <3
    Ypu look lovely)))

  15. That orange skirt is just so perfect!


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