Thursday, November 24, 2011

NUETP: The allure of red nail polish

NUETP:  Never Under Estimate The Power

Red Nail Polish

I looked down at my nails yesterday after I painted them a nice fire engine red and thought, "You know, I don't think I need ANY other color nail polish!  This color pretty much NAILS it!"  I know what you're thinking...Serene, did you REALLY mean to pun in your self talk and the answer is YES!  With all the talking to myself I do, I like to keep myself amused!

But I'm also very serious about the red nails!  I gave about 10 different colors of nail polish to my daughter and had no second thoughts whatsoever.  I know I'm really on this "signature" kick right now, but there is something so appealing to me about being so completely pared down to those things you love that to wear anything else would just be superfluous.

I remember my grandmother ALWAYS wore white opalescent nail polish.  She didn't even buy any other color.  She knew what she liked and just stuck with it!   And THAT was her signature.  Lucille Ball wore red dragon lady nails endlessly and I've always adored that look.  THAT was her signature!  My mom kept her nails long and oval.  Her color of choice?  Always something in a peachy mauve.  I think she had about 6  different bottles of nail polish, really just all versions of the same color.  THAT was HER signature!  I love that!

So why red?  Well, wearing red nail polish makes me feel so feminine and pretty.  There's also a touch of glamour to it and it makes an outfit look so polished!  (There I go again!  Fun with puns!)  Along with the nail polish I also tried to tone down the too bright red lipstick that I have and I really am feeling the results.  I  lined my lips lightly, put on the red gloss, blotted and then ran a mauve over the top of one lip and rubbed my lips together.  It really toned down the brightness of the red gloss.  So there's my little tip for the day:  when a lip color doesn't work like you wanted, combine it with another and see if that gives you more of the tone you're looking for!

I hope you all had a FABULOUS Thanksgiving!  I'm so thankful to God for all He's brought into my life!  Even the circumstances that have felt painful at the time have been used by Him to bring some beautiful things about!  And I'm thankful for you, reading this.  Much love to you all!

Disclaimer:  In the last picture (black and white), I'm NOT blowing a kiss.  I was trying to show off my nail color.  I'm not quite THAT much of a diva!!



  1. Your nails look great! And go ahead and blow all the kisses you want. You're a sweetie, never a diva!

  2. LOL Thanks Beryl! Hugs and kisses! :)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! I love your red nails, I bite mine =P so I stay away from nail polish, however recently I discovered that red lipstick and I were meant to be together. =)

  4. You look fabulous in red nail polish. And I love the stories about the other women in your family. My grandma Lucy adored her red polish, and this brings back wonderful memories. Xoxoxoxo

  5. beautiful red nail polish!!i'm following you!!if you like mine, do the same!!

  6. I love the red. Your beautiful red nails make me want to try it to. I just painted mine in a color called Wardrobe Change it is kind of a purply shimmery color.
    I love the look of painted nails, I just wish I had someone to do it for me as I feel so clumsy doing it.
    great idea of a signature color.

  7. I understand what you speak! Sometimes it takes a small gesture to feel like goddesses ...

  8. I was just writing to Debbi that I hardly ever do my nails! though, when i do it's usually red. I just bought navy (about 2 months ago,lol!)
    Maybe i'll do em for the weekend!
    I also wanted to send you a special thank you for all your support this past year. it means so much!!!

  9. Shey, I used to bite my nails all the time! Actually, painting them really does help not to bite them. And girly, you've been looking GORGEOUS in your red lips!

  10. Oh please be a diva and blow me a red-nail kiss!!!! It's so wonderful to have you back and I love you new-look blog. Hope you're settling into your new digs and enjoying the family this weekend? You know, whenever I put red polish on I say to myself "Why do I have 30 nail polishes in every colour on the planet? Why? Why?" Red is such and incredible mood-lifter:))) xoxoxo

  11. Hey Serene! I dont know uf you saw my post about Birchbox but one of the items they sent me was Zoya nail polish in a fab red. I just grabbed it and did my nails! Love it. Short nails only though. Long red nails are a little over the top for me.

  12. nice red polish somehow I just don't look nice with red nails, not sure why maybe because my painting skills are so bad.


  13. You make me wish I could do nail polish! So lovely on you. What a wonderful, feminine, glamorous signature look!

  14. Beautiful pics!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine, do the same!!

  15. Happy Thanksgiving back to you with your glamorous red nails.

  16. I just wish I had the patience to keep my nails all nice and prettily painted. I'm a chip-machine!

  17. I love red nail polish too--Its the way nails SHOULD BE! I tend to do more neutral colors now--the red is so much maintenance!
    Hopeee you had a great Thanksgiving! love, me


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