Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bright Copper Kettles and Warm Woolen Mittens

Blouse:  Silk Thrifted, Black Shirt:  Thrifted, Pencil Skirt:  Thrifted, Clogs:  Michael Kors Thrifted

I've found that there are just some items that I MUST have in my closet. Not name brand, but rather styles of items.....those clothes that I go back to time after time.  Here's my short list of closet cravings that must be sated:

1.  Pencil Skirts - I've never seen a woman who doesn't look good in a pencil skirt.  Regardless of  your body shape, these skirts are truly my wardrobe work horses!

2.  Silk Blouses - I just love the way they hang.  I rarely buy a cotton blouse because frankly, they just feel too boxy.  But silk blouses skim the body and are so light; you could really wear them year round.  There's almost no color of silk blouse that I would leave at the store!

3.  Leather skirts - I've got about 5 leather skirts now and I'm always on the look out for more.  Leather just looks sharp!  It doesn't wrinkle.  It wears well and feels great!  I'd love to find a full leather skirt....most of what I find are pencil skirts.

4.  Great high heels - A great pair of shoes makes the most humble thrift store finds look high end!  A midi skirt is transformed from dowdy to dramatic with a funky pair of heels!  If there's ONE thing that I'll spend a tad bit more on, it's SHOES!

5.  Black and White shirts - All black and all white shirts.  I have two little stacks of them in my closet.  When you've got that statement skirt that you just don't know what to wear with it, throw on a black or white tee and suddenly it's PERFECT.  They just go with EVERYTHING!  My daughter and I have both picked up a pack of mens' v-neck white undershirts and those have certainly done the trick.  When all else fails?  Throw on white or black tee!

6.  Belts - What can I say?  I NEED my belts!  It's one of the first sections I go to at the thrift store.  A great belt is like that perfect pair of shoes.  It will elevate your more humble items to "boutique" status!

7.  Black tights - I've tried the colored tights and have been left deflated.  I see colored tights on so many bloggers and they look fabulous!  On me?  I feel like a clown!  But black tights?  They go with everything!!  A brown heel.  A blsck boot.  An ankle boot.  A bright skirt.  A black skirt.  It's almost like the winter's version of the summer bare leg!

These are my closet staples.  They're only necessary for my wardrobe because I enjoy wearing them so much!  What are your must have's for your closet?  The staples in your sartorial diet?



  1. Hello! I just found your blog and I think it's AMAZING! The pics are great and I can see that You really like what you do here! I love people with great ideas, like you!
    Your blog is inspiring! I will follow you!

  2. I have everything you listed but a leather skirt...I will have to keep my eyes open for one when going to the thrift shops. I have seen many Black and White outfits this season, but yours is one of my favorites...this looks great!!

  3. Nik, Thanks so much!

    Pam, Thanks girly! Get thee a leather skirt! PRONTO! I think it would look FABULOUS on you! Big hugs to you my friend!

  4. I read this list and nodded my head at each one thinking, 'Yup, that's very Serene!' Love that you have such a definite personal style!

  5. Hi Serene, I love this list! I'm so with you on the tights, the patterned/colored ones are not for me. I think I would look ridiculous. I have rediscovered pencil skirts and splurged on a Tahari one that has tweed, leopard and lace. It sounds crazy but is so gorgeous.

    You look so great in these photos and I'm redoing my manicure tonight because of you. I'm doing red! You've inspired me, my friend. Also, I wish we lived closer because after reading your tips on thrifting, I would love to go to a thrift store with you! Only not in NYC because they charge too much, they know what they have and mark it up accordingly. Please tell me how you came up with your header? I need to change mine but feel overwhelmed when thinking of what it will entail. Oh my. Happy 2012! XO, Jill

  6. You are so right on the pencil skirts -- I could live in them, I think! But I don't own a single silk blouse! Can you believe it? You've got me thinking. (But I may need to fill the leather skirt gap, first!)

  7. You look beautiful in pencil skirts Serene, I have a hard time wearing them just because I'm not used to them, I also love white shirts, I'm obsessed with them but I always choose cotton, I have not given silk a try, and I will now, belts are my favorite thing to thrift too and shoes of course but I don't often find great shoes, I can't believe you thrifted those clogs! They are a great find! =D

  8. Serene--this is such a sharp look! I totally agree about pencil skirts being very flattering on many figures. I like how you've layered the shirts here and the glimpse you've given of your thrifting strategy. I always begin with the shoes!

  9. You look chic as always in this amazing, classy all thrifted monochrome outfit. I am so inspired by this sheer silk top over pokka dot top idea. Lovely layering idea for our warm weather here. Yes black tights are a must, I have a few of them in my drawer. I like silk blouses too, so flowy and light, except the only set back is when I sweat, it shows ugly wet patches.

    Have a great weekend and great 2012 Serene!


  10. Are we sisters?

    Skirts are a MUST! All types of skirts. Wear them nearly every day of the week.

    Leather skirts are my favorites.

    Black & white are staples in my closet.


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