Monday, December 26, 2011

Seven DON'Ts of Thrifting

Top:  My sons', Skirt:  Leather Vintage Thrifted, Shoes:  BCBG Thrifted

Seven Don'ts of Thrifting

1.  DON'T pass by a "not so nice" looking Thrift Store.  This vintage leather skirt was purchased at a Thrift dive a couple of weeks ago for $2!  Some of the BEST things I've found were bought in some of the WORST looking places.  Let others avoid those dusty shops while you clean up like a fat cat!

2.  DON'T buy anything for yourself that you're not crazy about.  Seriously, if you even have to ask yourself, "Hmm, should I get this?", then the answer is probably "No".  If you DO this DON'T, you'll be guaranteed to end up with a closet full of "so so" instead of a closet full of "FABULOUS!".

3.  DON'T leave anything behind that you really want.  Most likely, it WILL NOT be there when you go back.   Rule of thrifting, if you think you're going to be thinking about it long after you leave the store, better get it right then!

4.  DON'T be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.  Did I ever think I'd like this aqua blue green color?  Absolutely not.  But for $2....knowing that it's a quality buttery leather skirt makes it easier for me to experiment and find out that I actually DO like the color of a 1963 bathroom!

5.  DON'T hit and miss.  I often hear, "Wow Serene!  How do you find such great stuff at thrift stores?  I NEVER find stuff like that!"  There's no special magic I have for finding things.  I enjoy the hunt, so I go often and scour the racks.  When it comes to skirts, dresses, and sweaters; I will quickly go hanger by hanger and put my eyes on everything.  There are just too many items to cast a fleeting glance and tell if there's gold in them thar hills!  Take your time and go often.  The treasures will reveal themselves to you!

6.  DON'T pass up something with a great fit!  I'm talking PHENOMENAL fit!  Especially when it comes to skirts and pants.  Even something painfully ugly will look FABULOUS with a perfect fit!   

7.  DON'T take thrifting too seriously.  It's supposed to be fun.  So you could kick yourself because you passed up that fur coat because you wanted to think about it and when you decided that your quality of life would triple with it in your closet; you return to the store to find it gone.  You forgot Don't #3!  No big!  I promise you, you'll come across something else equally FABULOUS and MONUMENTAL on another visit!  



  1. Great tips - it's the "go often" one that I can speak personally for (as well as not leaving something you really love behind). People can't believe the things I find at thrift stores but I often leave empty-handed, it's just that I don't give up after those trips & enjoy visiting regularly, whether I find something great or not; you never know when that special thing is going to be on the shelf!

  2. Vic, EXACTLY! I leave empty handed so often, or maybe with just one item. But, I'm building up a wardrobe of really unique and pretty things and I'm not spending a small fortune! So lovely to find a kindred thrifting spirit! ~Serene

  3. That is one beautiful skirt!
    Excellent advice. I often find things in smaller sizes that are amazing. I do sometimes buy for my sister when it is just too good to pass up.

  4. Great advice, Serene! I am about to take some Christmas money and see how far I can take it, so your tips are quite timely for me...we will see how I do. You look great in this skirt and were wise not to leave it behind! Thanks for being our thrift queen guru!

  5. Great tips, Serene - I am so happy you did not leave that skirt behind b/c it looks fabulous!

  6. Great advice ! I find the one with the perfect fit useful. If it fits great it will look great.It's also true that you must visit thrift stores often to find treasures.

  7. Truly words to live by! I'm headed to my local thrift store today for 50% off day.
    I love that shade of blue! You can wear it year round and look smashing!

  8. So glad you guys like the tips! Can't wait to see all the pretties that you're thrifting! ~Serene

  9. Oh I love how those shoes look on you, they make your legs look so long and that skirt is a dream! I agree with the don't you wrote, especially with the one of not buying when you're unsure, I've made that mistake more often than I'd like to admit. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Serene! =D

  10. Great thrift shopping tips and agree wholeheartedly. The leather skirt looks great on you!

  11. Excellent tips. I've learned many of them from experience -- especially the one about putting down something you like and expecting it to be there when you return.

    Your leather skirt is amazing!

  12. thanks for the great tips! You are a fabulous thrifter! Great outfit, so simple and classy, who would have thought your are wearing your son's shirt! Have a wonderful new year!


  13. I can totally attest to point #1!

    I had to laugh at the one about asking the husband's advice. He'll encourage me to get anything and often makes outrageous suggestions himself.

    thrifting often IS the key.

  14. I am "struggling" to get on board with the idea of thrifting but some of the things I see on various blogs is making me think it might be worth a serious effort.

    LOVE the color of that skirt. Beautiful. $2!!! Wow!


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