Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fight the funk!

Blouse, suede skirt, and Michael Kors Clogs:  Thrifted, Sweater:  H&M years ago

I've got to get this off my chest....


I'm excited about 2012!  It sounds cliche, but I'm looking for great things this year.  It hit me this morning as I was showering and thinking (I do some of my most creative thinking in the shower, don't know why!); that we all can get funky sometimes.  I know you know what I mean. Where it's not necessarily one particular thing, but you just wake up feeling funky.  Maybe a little blue.  Down in the dumps.  Morose.  It happens to all of us, no matter how cheery we may appear to be.

And while there's nothing wrong with letting yourself actually feel what you're feeling; for myself, I feel like my day has been wasted if I've gone through it like a robot.  Stoically going through the motions and trying to fight the blues.  And sometimes, there actually IS cause for that gloomy feeling; but I've found that giving into that feeling really doesn't improve the original cause.  In fact, it only multiplies the weight of it!

I've come up with some things that I TRY to do to keep myself on "topside".  That's not to say I never have those days, because I truly DO!  And the older I get, and my hormones revolting against every law of order in my body, I can feel like I'm inhabited by pissy old lady - think  Miss Gulch from the Wizard of Oz!

1.  Dress up!  It's so tempting to let our clothes match our somber moods sometimes.  When you're pms-ing and feeling bloated and weepy (I KNOW I'm not the ONLY one!), it's easy to throw on some sweats and yank your hair back.  But, from my mother I learned that if you'll get dressed up, put your make up on and spritz some perfume, it'll do wonders to lift your mood!

2.  Put on your favorite music!  I joke that I need a daily dose of Vitamin D (Disco!!!) and I do! I call it my happy music.  In other words, how can you listen to Wake Me Up Before You Go Go and not get a little happy?!

3.  Smile!  At first you may look a little psychotic; but after a while, you'll definitely start feeling it!  This is probably the number one easiest "pick me uppers"!

4.  Have a mental file drawer of memories that make you happy!  One of my favorite little mental numbers is a birthday card my kids got for me on my 41st birthday.  When opened, it starts playing, "Cause she's a brick. HOUSE!!!"  (Remember that?)  No?  For your enjoyment....

5.  Do something nice for someone!  Pick up a nice card and send it to someone you care about. Pay for the order of the person behind you in the drive through.  Compliment someone sincerely.  When I'm feeling funky, most of the time it doesn't help to continue to be "me focused".  But when I divert my attention to myself and positively on to someone else?  AMAZING how I start feeling chipper pretty quickly!

Personally, I LOATHE getting into a funk!  Every now and then, we just have to ride it out.  But for me, if I shift the mental gears; I can usually salvage my attitude and my day!  

What do you do to fight the funk?



  1. These are all great ideas, especially the dressing up and the putting on good music. It's easy for me to get into a wintertime funk, but I'm gonna work to keep my cheer up this year!
    (Love how you draped the black sweater/shawl in the second photo!)

  2. dressing up always switches my mood, the same happens when I stay in my gym clothes all day and don't wash my hair, it tends to bring me down. To fight the funk I usually go out shopping, I know it's not always a wise idea, sometimes I don't buy anything but just being out helps a lot, I also let myself have a free day from the gym, or if I feel like working out than I push myself a little harder, I also eat chocolate or treat myself to a cheap healthy dinner. =)
    You look amazing Serene, I love your hair like that and that black sweater drapes so nicely, it looks like a shawl, which in my opinion are very classy. =)

  3. Hi girly~

    Just recently found your blog! I love vintage clothing too.

    To fight the funk, I put on some modern rock, get dressed up in a funky-artsy kind of way, and get into a fun zone....

  4. First, I love your blouse. Second, I needed this pep talk in a serious way back in October!

  5. Serene, first let me thank you for the blogger award and for the sweet things you said about me. It made my day.
    When I read your post, I thought of what an amazing writer you are. You have the ability to take a subject and make it so interesting and inspiring. By writing posts like this you make me happy in this new year! Thank you.

  6. Love that graphic print on your blouse!

    You got all the tools, GF to get one out of a funk!

  7. Thank you for sharing these great ideas to fight the funk. i can't agree enuff with you that dressing up can improve my mood. when i 'm in my sloppy PJs whole day, i feel lousy. it's no wonder you always look so vibrant and happy. There's not a time you don't look good. thank you for inspiring


  8. Serene, you have the magic touch! It *does* help to just smile - something activates from your face to your brain, and cheers you up. Well, reading your blog always improves my day. xoxoxoxo

  9. The shoes are amazing! Great tips to switch negative internal dialogue. I can attest to the concept of 'healing outfits!'

  10. First ,I stop and realise what my mind does to me.It's just thoughts my mind produces triggered by something that sometimes I can point ,others not.Usually this is enough to stop me from induldging into these thoughts.
    When this doesn't work I do something creative like sewing.

  11. Happy New Year! I wish you all the best in 2012!))
    i really like this outfit - such a cute combination of skirt and blouse, and I love the black cardi, such a great contrast)))

  12. We are kindred spirits for sure!

    Mom taught me to get "dressed up" every day, too! It does make you feel better. The day really is more productive. I don't understand the whole "sloppy apperance" thing. never have.

    Smiling, doing something nice, a favorite song... you have nailed it! What a great recipe!


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