Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Just give up already!

Blouse:  Vintage Thrifted (a new favorite!), Jeans:  Ann Taylor Outlet (less than $10!!!), Clogs:  Coach inherited from my fabulous mom!

We've heard ever since we were children to NEVER give up, to NEVER quit.  And while in a lot of circumstances that's good advice, there are some times when QUITTIN' is EXACTLY what we need to do!  Here's 7 things that I say just go ahead and give up and quit right now!

1.  Comparing - Only one person can be me and that's ME!  It makes no sense to compare myself to anyone else, because it's not their job to be me and it's not MY job to be them!

2.  Self Criticism - Sure I can pick myself apart, but what does that accomplish?  Focusing on the positive in myself helps me to focus on the positive in you too!

3.  Pleasing - It's the bane of being a woman (or maybe just a human being) that I feel the need to please everyone.  But seriously, that's impossible and insanity inducing!!!!

4.  Dieting - Done!  Walked away from it!  If my lifestyle is unhealthy, then I need to change it.  And then what my body does is up to it.  But dieting to lose  "10 more pounds" really isn't going to change who I am in the least.

5.  Anger /Resentment - Yup!  I've been done wrong!  And so have you!  And so has everyone at one time or another!   But being angry or resentful doesn't change the past, it just diminishes the future.

6.  Clothes I don't love - Out. the. DOOR!!!!  Time to give up clothes that make us go "hmmmm" and embrace those clothes that make us go, "Yeah baby!!!"

7.  Needing to be right - Sometimes in the middle of an inane argument, I ask myself, "What's the point of this?"  Often it's just me wanting to be right.  If I believe I'm right, what someone else thinks really won't matter.  And even if I (like a bull in a china shop) push forward and PROVE I'm right, in the end I may lose more than I've won.

Please, give me more!  What do you think we need to give up on?



  1. I am soooooooooooo proud.
    You are doing just fine by me.

  2. A good friend of mine, Sheila, doesn't have a blogger account, but wanted to contribute so she posted this on my facebook page. Thought I would pass it on to you as it's helpful to all of us!

    "This is awesome. I have to set up my account so I can join you, but for now...here's what I would add to the list....we need to give up trying to be superwoman, over-multi-tasking, trying to be good at everything. (I think that's different than trying to please everyone...it's more of a demand we seem to make on ourselves.) I think women are smart, goal-oriented, dynamic creatures with the capability to do a lot of things and do them well; but it's ok to admit that we are overwhelmed sometimes and that we just need to unplug and do nothing for a change or at least concentrate on one or two missions."

    I needed that today!

  3. Brilliant advice Serene! Each of these could be a life mission or motto...sometimes I just am amazed by the time we waste on all of this baggage that just isn't important at all...yet it is hard to really really let it all go too, but I'm trying.:)

  4. I love this outfit...I would wear it in a heart beat :) Miss ya!

  5. Ah, Serene, seriously, you give the best advice. This is so poignant for me right now especially as I'm struggling. Thank you for posting these reminders!

  6. At first you scared me. I thought you were going to quit blogging! I totally agree with everything you wrote.
    I decided that if I want to wear turquoise nail polish, I will and I don't care if anyone thinks I am a crazy old lady.
    I think you pretty much covered everything I could think of to quit doing.
    I like your outfit too. It is simple but the blouse adds an elegance to it.

  7. What a terrific post! I think you covered it, sister - your list is awesome : >

  8. I would sure like to see everyone quit needless worry. "Who by worrying can add a single hour to his life?" If anything, all the worry we do today only hurts our health.

  9. these are seven helpful tips, thanks for the reminder! I'm especially critical of myself. You look great as usual it's nice to see a classic and simple white shirt and jeans combo, sometimes I forget that less is more!


  10. I was going to add "worrying", but Beryle beat me to it!
    Love your relaxed poses, Serene!

  11. I'd like to give up on not feeling empowered in my goverment. I'm open to suggestions on how we can actively make a difference without further splintering the left from the right.

  12. Great list, Serene. I would like to give up the idea of trying to control outcomes! But at the same time change what I can to improve my life and the lives of others.

  13. Very smart advise :)
    Sometimes you just have to let go - if its really meant for your it will come back. Somehow. it will.


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