Monday, January 14, 2013

A loud dress & a "Should Free" Zone

Let me say from the start that I would love to have a photographer available to me when I'm freshly groomed to take my picture in the perfect outdoor glow.  Alas, I do not!  And if I have to start dragging out the tripod and timer, well......, let's just say, I'd probably never post again.  So here we with are with the handy iPhone and mirror and what can I say?  It works for me!  

Also, as I mentioned before, my blog has a concerted thrift theme now; but not just why thrifting is great, but also how a great wardrobe can be compiled through shopping second hand.  So, actually, the emphasis of my posts are really less to do with the exact pieces I'm wearing, but more to do with how things are put together and finding one's own aesthetic.

This dress is Tracy Porter, and apparently, Anthropologie used to carry some of her items.  My understanding is that her company (apparel end) has gone bankrupt and is no more.  When I spotted this dress, I just KNEW it was quality.  The colors, the long wide matching sash, the silhouette.....all of it just spoke "Top Notch!".  And when I tried it on and the fit was great?  We're going home together little loud dress!


I kept everything else simple.  An elegant heel and minimal gold jewelry.  Really, it's all about the dress and the dress speaks volumes!

Other ways I'll style it:

  • With skinny jeans
  • Worn open over black cigarette pants, like a jacket
  • With a brown leather belt
  • With my high heel brown Nine West boots
  • With a skinny belt and cute flats with the sash around my hair


Dress:  Tracy Porter, thrifted, Shoes:  Ann Taylor, Yard Sale for $2!

There is about $7 in this whole outfit!!

I also want to take a quick moment to add that although I am an avid advocate of thrifting (for MANY reasons), at the Elegant Bohemian, no one gets "should" on!  Truly, my purpose is pure:  to showcase thrifted finds with the intention of building a great wardrobe regardless of your budget.  Period.  I'm absolutely NOT saying...
  • You SHOULD be thrifting!
  • You SHOULD love it!
  • You SHOULD never shop retail again!
  • You SHOULD be as bothered by fast fashion as I am!
  • You SHOULD do what I say!!!
NO!  One thing I LOATHE is for someone to should on me!  So whether you love to thrift, think it's disgusting, are mildly curious or it just ain't your thing, you've got a friendly little corner of the internet right here!  

Oh!  And sliding it in at the last minute, but hooking up with Patti for Visible Monday!

Peace Love and SOUL to you all!



  1. What a beautiful dress!


  2. wow, you look amazing and your dress is beautiful!

  3. I love when I find a high quality piece like this dress, when thrifting! You look wonderful here and I love your future styling ideas too. Thanks for sharing it with Visible Monday. xoxoxoxo

  4. It's a GREAT dress! Made for Serene!
    I'd say it represents "you" perfectly! ...spicy, colorful, classy, but mostly, beautiful!

  5. Heloo Serene! Paisley is so classic; and those colors look great on you. Lucky find~

  6. Where I live our thrift stores are terrible- no variety at all. Everything is country chic- all roosters and barn wood- that gets old real quick.

  7. Its really pretty, Serene. I'm fortunate enough to live near several large thrift stores. I feel fortunate to have made over my wardrobe via thrifting, and its nice than it was when I was strictly shopping retail.

  8. I really love that dress! It is my sort of style too.:) I want to go thrifting with you someday.:)

  9. Wow, Serene, this is a great dress and since she has gone out of business, I would hang on to it would look great styled with some of the ideas you mentioned. I love it. Thanks for not hanging "should" on us! Sometimes I thrift first...sometimes I shop sales January and in July, sale shopping is the best. I think it is so easy to be wise with shopping whether it is thrift or do not have to spend big bucks no matter which direction you go. But, I am not going to tell any one that your SHOULD go one way or the other. This was a great find...keep inspiring the rest of us, sweet lady!!

  10. What a great find in that dress! It looks wonderful on you :) Love the print!


  11. I'm not much of a thrifter myself but that dress is lovely.

  12. Gorgeous Dress--it looks fabulous on you!!

  13. Fabulous! Love the ideas of wearing it over jeans, or open as a jacket. I've never owned a dress that could be styled in those ways, but I love that kind of versatility. Enjoy!

  14. What a wonderful dress and so many wearing options. It looks so good on you. The color is perfect for you.

  15. that dress is soooo flattering and lovely on you! Missed u so much, i'm back, pssst. pass it on :)

  16. I have always hated "you should" or my personal favorite "if I were you". I am the Mother of 3 grown sons and I constantly remind myself to think before I speak. Especially since there are also significant others in the mix...........
    I love my Mom so much but I really wish she would heed this advice!
    As to thrifting. People still think I'm a little wacky for doing it. They can't criticize my outfits or style but none the less I think they look at me like the little old lady in the purple hat! But who the hell cares!!!!!!!!!!! Thrifting ables me to dress great and have money to do the things I like to do. I know this was a long comment but you hit a nerve with the "should" Have a great week and as always happy thrifting!!!!!!!!11


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