Sunday, January 23, 2011

~do I have the right ad-DRESS?


There is a wonderful story behind this dress.  I love shopping at the Hospice Thrift Store.  It’s close to my work; has tons of vintage things AND my mom and grandfather were both on Hospice and they were so great to my family when we needed them.  SO, the other day, I’m in there looking through the dresses and my eye catches this particular dress.  I grab it and hold it up……”Oh CRAP!  This is the same one that keeps catching my eye and it’s just. too. small!”  The vintagey elegance draws me in every time!  It’s a vintage size 10 which means surely it’s not going to fit; but I’ve been seeing it in there for weeks and every time, I’m drawn to the fabric and this fantastic print.

On this particular day, I had a little more time to spare so I though, what the hay?  I’ll try it on and the fabric is so great; maybe there’s something I could do with it anyway.  In the dressing room, I slip it on and I can’t tell you my shock!  It fit like a GLOVE!  Like it was MADE for my body!!!  It’s one of those moments where you know, “I’m not leaving here without this!”  I mean, we BELONG together… ramma lamma dot ding da ding da bop (think closing number in Grease)!  It’s as if this dress and I are like a classic duo ranking among the famous duos in history.  Bogie and Bacall.  Peanutbutter and Chocolate.  Regret and alcohol.  You know….we were just meant to be together.  Nuff said.

As far as the styling, I’m all over the place when it comes to hemlines.  Sometimes I like them shorter, sometimes right at the knee.  Sometimes they’re great midcalf (Louis Vuitton has some of the prettiest skirts and dresses this length) and as shown on my last post, sometimes almost to the floor.  This dress was just so pretty that I didn’t want to cut anything off.  I thought the length was PERFECT and wearing it; I felt like a very chic secretary from the 40s! 
Again, it’s all thrifted except for my necklace.  That was my mom’s…it’s tons of little crystal cut black onyx beads threaded on a long string.  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Oh, and by the's been so cold and creepy here and has done a number on my lips!  I looked at that last picture and thought, "EWWWW!  My lips look BAD!"  But for the furtherance of my commitment to keeping it real, there you are.  Feel free to use this picture to discipline errant children or unruly'll scare them straight! 


  1. I am so glad you tried on the dress. Just think, you might have missed it and it does seem perfect for you.

  2. FABULOUS dress! The cut, the print, the colour! Looks wonderful on you! Just goes to show you have to try something on first before trusting the label's sizing. I think a slick of red lipstick would look amazing with it too.

  3. This moment in the dressing room reminds me of the Traveling Pants movie when the jeans fit all of their bodies!! It was meant for you obviously....this is such a flattering fit on you and I would not touch that hemline at all. It is beautiful and classy and this is a lesson for everyone to always try things on!! It is also a beautiful way to honor your mother!

    P.S. I gave you a SHOUT OUT in my post on Friday...hope you saw it...

  4. That dress is just fantastic on you. it makes you look younger, thinner, taller, even more beautiful, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fantastic it does what a dress should do all the time.
    Love, love Hospice.well, and Goodwill, too hehehhee

  5. You look specTACular! Your story - it just goes to show that sizes on labels really mean nothing, sometimes! This dress WAS made for you :)


  6. Love it. How wonderful when you try something on and the angels just sing. Enjoy!

  7. This dress was meant for you. Destiny!

    It's gorgeous. I love the print. And the length is very flattering. As you say, it reminds us of the Forties.

  8. That's the best feeling ever when you love something, think it has absolutely no chance or working on you do to color, or fit or size and then presto, magic! It fits/looks great/is a good color, etc! Seriously, if someone could bottle that brand of shopping success euphoria they would be a gillionaire!
    Since this dress was there each time you went in, I do think you two were made for one another! So glad it found you in its second life!

  9. The dress is lovely! Size ain't nothing but a number when it comes to clothing. Vintage size 10 isn't the same as a modern 10 and so forth. I've done that, tried something that should not have fit but did. Klothing Kismet!
    the Citizen Rosebud

  10. Serene--the dress was just waiting for you! And it remained there confounding every one else who saw it until YOU tried it on. It looks great with your dark hair.

  11. Your funny! I love the color of that dress! My skin has been taking a beating due to the weather. Lots of lotion and oil being used over here!


  12. glad the dress worked out, the print is fun.

    Chic on the Cheap

  13. i love it when that happens in vintage stores!!

    it really does fit you perfectly - you look great!

  14. Absolutely GORGEOUS dress! Wow, it really does fit you like a glove! And the print is enough to scare away the winter doldrums for sure. You look amazing :)

    ps--I'm following your blog!

  15. I am so happy for you that you caved it, tried it on and found perfection in the dress :)

    You look so wonderful and I was definitely gripped by how gorgeous the dress is. . the details are stunning! I love it when odd vintage sizing turns out purrrrfect ;) x

  16. I love this dress! The color is gorgeous on you and I'm mad about this print...and the t-strap heels, sigh. I love this! What a great feeling when something you love fits perfectly! And could your skin be any prettier? Um, no. Just beautiful!! ~ Susan

  17. Beautiful!

    Please consider packing it up and sending over to me in Norway!!:)

    No really, it is so beautiful and just perfect for you! What a find!

  18. You look amazing in that incredible dress, and I love your choice of shoes with it!

    I'm with Veshoevius- red lipstick cures all!


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