Sunday, January 30, 2011

~here....taste this....

fun dress

What a week!  I went to a Fitness Seminar in Atlanta and learned sooooo much!  I had no computer access and honestly, even if I had; sometimes you just need a break, eh? 

I don’t believe that, regarding style, there is such a thing as bad taste.  I believe that, for the most part, if you love it, wear it.  Taste is personal.  Who’s to say one person’s taste is fabulous and another’s is horrible?  I’ve seen clothes on women that I really didn’t like, but they loved them.  Neither of us is wrong; we’re just different.  It’s the danger sometimes of relying on the opinions of others.

 Sometimes we substitute someone else’s taste for our own.  There have been times in my life where I trusted my aunt’s or my mom’s or my friend’s preferences more than my own.  I’m pleased to say that I’m moving beyond that now and while I can revel with them in their own fashions, I can also stand firmly by my own sartorial choices.

With this dress……I had a great time adding some color to my life!  Of course, it’s thrifted and I feel like a million dollah bill!


  1. Serene, Missed you this week! This dress is awesome..I wish I could pull it off like you do! I hope you received lots of attention from the Links a la mode pick of mine that linked back to you!!...lot of links going on here!
    Ive had a stressful weekend with the break in...but hope we can talk soon!

  2. I totally love this dress!! What a great thrift find. so jealous :)

    I am doing a tights challenge for the month of February on my blog Five Sixteenths. I'd love for you to participate. you can check out the details here:

  3. I agree that taste is subjective. I've found that even my own taste has changed and evolved over time.

    Pretty dress!

  4. I missed you!

    That is a beautiful dress!

    I totally agree about style, I don't like to hear people being judged on what they wear. Especially when it's only that it's different.:)

  5. Me oh my, that dress is so much fun! I can't look away, the colors and print are so great!!

  6. I am sooooooooooooo glad to see you in that splsh of colour. wow.
    You do look fantastic my friend.

  7. How did I miss this post yesterday? I love the bold print in it one or two pieces? I discovered that I missed you while you were off doing important things!

  8. You look vibrant! And totally agree with "if you love it, wear it" - I'm totally oblivious to trends at the moment and just wear what I feel happy in.


  9. was so great to chat with you last night! Congratulations on your links a la mode!! That was a wonderfully thoughtful and well written piece.

    Moe, When I'm done with it, the dress is all yours! I'd love to participate in your challenge but to be honest, I'm actually looking for ways NOT to wear tights. I just don't think they look good on me.

    Shy, doesn't all of ours change and evolve? It makes it fun!

    Colleen, you are the poetic voice that I WANT to be inside me! LOL I'm embracing what I love instead of apologizing for it,eh?

    Brittany and Sacramento, thanks! Glad you like the colors!

    Terri, you're so sweet! It's one piece and I've missed you too!

    Leia, I LOVE that about you.....when I visit your blog, I'm not going to see ANYTHING that I see on someone else's blog. That's a continuing mission for The Elegant Bohemian, to be authentically ME!

  10. this dress is so fantastic! the colors, the print, the fit- everything about it is perfect.

  11. Joelle, it's not necessarily typical of what I go for, but what can I say, I just loved it! Plus, I knew my daughter can wear it too so that's just a bonus!

  12. Fab dress! Love a dress with a great print - is it wool? Reminds me of designs a designer duo that love prints often do (they are called Basso and Brooke and I believe Michelle Obama loves them).

  13. I'd love to have a dress like that!I wouldn't have said that a few years ago,but now it seems so versatile!


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