Sunday, January 9, 2011

~Just because I'm wearing a blanket......

doesn’t mean I’m crazy!  Here’s the story behind this look.  Monday morning I come home from the gym (I’ve been working out at 4:30am lately) and went to wake my daughter up.  This HUGE scarf, which belongs to me, was hanging on the back of her door.  No problem!  I take it with me downstairs and just started playing with it. 
I read a story one time about Kay Francis, the old clothes horse, film star. 


She’s one of my all time favorites!  Her style is classic, elegant and timeless.  The story, as told by New Yorker, Charlie Baskerville, goes that the two of them took a summer trip to Paris (circa 1920s).  According to Baskerville, “That summer she had no wardrobe, and neither of us had much money.  But she took a paisley –gray, black, and white – Persian shawl and had it made into an evening wrap.  Whenever we were going to any swell place, she would put the paisley wrap over her gown, and she was a knockout.  She carried herself beautifully; her hair was as short as mine, and she wore no jewelry.  Only lipstick.  No eye shadow or anything; she didn’t need it.  People were stampeded by this creature.  They thought she was a maharani on the loose.” 
I love that story!  It’s always stuck with me that it really doesn’t take a lot to look great; simply a great piece.  I thought of that when I wrapped this baby around me.  Given to me by a good friend and never worn, I found that this was a great way to wear it and it’s supremely versatile!


How I did it:
This is a huge rectangular wrap.  I started to wrap it like I would wrap a towel around me.  Instead of wrapping it all the way around, I brought both ends to the front and then tied them behind my neck.  Then I wrapped what was hanging in front and belted it with a secure belt.  Added a short jacket and there you go!  I’ve got a look!  I think it’s one of those things that people either love or are completely confused by.  When I wasn’t looking at it, I would think, “Does this really look as good as I think it does?”.  But then every time I went to the restroom and walked by a full length mirror, I thought, “YUP!  I really do love it!”
Next, I think I’ll try it as a skirt.  I played around with it and really liked the look.  The moral of this story is that you don’t need a lot of money to have a dramatic fabulous look.  I achieved it with a gifted shawl and thrifted jacket and am definitely channeling my inner Kay Francis!

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  1. What a brilliant idea. I definitly must try.

  2. Serene, I love this post! I was not familiar with Kay Francis and I am taken with your picture of her.I love to accasionally watch TCM, just to see the classic wardrobes of the original movie stars! Also, if you had not told me this was a blanket, I wouldve just thought it a beautiful (love the color) sweater dress. You did a great job. Finally, 4:30 to work have convicted me. I get up at 4:30 to watch news for my current event lessons...I am so impressed that at that time, you have energy to work out!!

  3. It is an incredibly creative idea and it looks fabulous! I also love the colors, it looks stylish and cozy all at once.

    I think the amount of class old movie stars had sometimes was awe inspiring! That line about carrying herself true! I don't think it matters how you look if you carry yourself well, everybody thinks you're gorgeous anyway!

  4. How incredibly creative! And, equally as impressive, I love your confidence!

  5. and the fringe makes it look as though it is meant to be worn this way! Orchid Grey did something similar, but with a shorter shawl earlier this season. Like Pam, I was previously unfamiliar with Francis

  6. I love your scarf dress and the vintage pictures above. Thanks for sharing and drop by me too when you have time.


  7. Scarfs--so many possiblilities! This is a honking big scarf! Great job.
    Thanks for the tid-bit on Kay. Love the old movies and the old styles.

    Course, must be careful about scarfs--remember Isadora Duncan!

  8. Amazing! I love when inspiration strikes and you actually use it to make a creative and unexpected outfit.

  9. Sacramento...can't wait to see what you'd do with a honking big scarf! You are always so creative!

    Pam, Kay Francis is one of my elegant and like me; was often mistaken for being some exotic ethnicity...also like me; she was just a white girl! :)

    Colleen, thanks so much! You're right...attitude and confidence shows in how you carry yourself. I try to remember that when I'm dressing and only wear what I love!


    Terri....I collect Old Hollywood books. I'm fascinated by that era; especially the 20s and 30s.

    Ellinor....thanks so much for visiting! I'm headed over to yours now!

    Paula, when you mentioned Isadora Duncan; I had heard of her, but did not know her story. You are RIGHT...those scarves can be dangerous!!!

  10. This is so innovative! I hope I have a big enough scarf so I can try it too!


  11. Completely fun and awesome. I love how necessity is the mother of all invention :)

  12. ooohhh I so want to do this some days. Like when I don't want to get out of bed. so I just take the bed with me...Looks so warm and!

  13. That's a crazy awesome idea! I don't know if I would have the guts to do it, but I'll definitely keep it in the back of my mind...

  14. that is SO COOL! seriously. I need to find a blanket/wrap and try this. I also broke rules at clothed much today...!

  15. You are definitely daring! I don't know if I have any blankets chic enough to try this with. I, too broke a little rule of mine for the contest.


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