Wednesday, January 12, 2011

~you are my sunshine

It’s as if my wardrobe and I have fallen in love all over again!  Just about every time I open my closet, a skirt or a top calls out to me.  It says, “Serene, I LOVE you!  I want to adorn you and cover you with my lovely fabulousness!”  And I say rather coyly, “Oh just STOP!  You little flirts!  How can I choose just one or two of you?”  Like a fickle school girl, I just can’t settle on one!

This skirt is one of the newest additions to my clothes harem.  When I spotted it across a crowded thrift store….I was immediately enchanted with it florally charm.  I swear, I think I even saw it slowly sway on the hanger in my direction!  I headed toot sweet in it’s direction, swooping it in my arms.  There we stood, in the middle of the store but it was as if it was just the two of us.  I’ll stop the world and melt with you my darling skirt!  But first.  I’m gonna have to cut ya!   A lot of ya!   Love hurts baby!  Haven’t you heard?

And they lived happily ever after!

SKIRT:  Vintage, Thrifted and shortened (feeling like such a hussy showing all this leg lately!)
JACKET & BOOTS:  Had for years (Penny’s & Spiegel respectively)
NECKLACE:  Actually a thrifted vintage belt


  1. Serene, Your smile makes me think of sunshine!! I wish you were in San Antonio too! I would love to go thrifting with you and learn more about blogging from you! If you ever head back this way, please let me know! (You could help me look for things like this skirt!)

  2. Pam, wouldn't that be fun?! Maybe sometime sweet baby and I can take the train and head that way! I've told him so much about TX. He's never been. Do you hit the thrift stores? I've been thinking about doing a post about thrifting (a "how to") sort of post; but it's kind of been done to death. I may still do it though. Love to you girly! ~Serene

  3. CUTE skirt, Serene and the color makes me happy!!

  4. Have you ever seen the Confession of a Shopaholic movie? This post reminds me of the mannequins talking to Becky Bloomwood :)

  5. Joy! Thanks! My skirt is so happy that you're happy!

    Jess! I think I've seen that movie, but I can't remember. What can I say? The clothes...they speak to me!

  6. Yup Serene, clothes speak to me too! Maybe we are just crazy and hearing voices...
    Love this classic shape and dosent a jean jacket just go with evreything? Love the cute little skirt and the black lace up booties~you look adorable!

  7. Paula! OOOOHHH, I think you're right about the voices! LOl This is one of my favorite jackets....I just love the cut of it. Goes great with the bright skirt!

  8. I want to see a close up of those boots. Me likey.
    The skirt has such a great shot of color: bright but not too bright. I can see why you've fallen head over heels for it!

  9. I love your red floral print skirt! It so vibrant and girlie, and paire with the tough boots it's a great contrast. So cute! ~ Susan

  10. Those boots are great! I know how you feel about your wardrobe. Isn't it such a wonderful feeling?
    No Guilt Fashion

  11. Oh my goodness, you crack me up!!

    I LOVE this outfit, I feel like I say that about all of them but it's always true!
    You know this outfit? This is actually a "me" outfit!:) It's exactly the colors and style that I seek out and love!:)

    Will that delightful lady Zsa Zsa be making an appearance on your blog again soon? I adored her too!:)

  12. You have such a radiant and warm smile. Your skirt reminds one of languid summer days in warm sunshine. I adore the colour.

  13. Oh so bright and beautiful!


  14. I love that skirt, and the way your clothes talk to you. Fantastic!!!!

  15. that vintage skirt is so beautiful! i love the color and print!

  16. you have a really lovely personal style..very unique and elegant bohemian ;)


  17. Well, they don't talk to me, but sometimes we catch each other's eye across a large room and begin to gravitate toward one another. :)

  18. I think you should write a book! You are full of sunshine (and I LOVE this outfit!)



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