Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Girly Girly Rock.....Part Deux

Girly Girl Part Deux.  When last we saw Serene, she was showing us a little leg by MacGyvering a long skirt into a above the knee dress.  Today, she does a lot of cover-up for a completely different look.   Serene, however, was in the throes of a dilemma:  should she pair her skirt with boots or clogs.  Hmmmm….the easy slip-onyness of clogs vs the tough girl look of boots.  While lesser women would have surely cracked under the pressure; Serene boldly chose the clogs to wear to work.  Secure in her choice, she strutted her way into the gym not feeling the ground beneath her wooden clad feet.  Sitting at her desk, looking down at her over exposed leg, it hit Serene like Jean Nate on a Dancing Queen!  She chose poorly.  It pains this narrator to report that the boots would have been the better choice.  After an evening of grieving the loss of a  booted day; Serene awoke the next day to take on her  next style challenge!
NEXT!  on Girly Girl Rock………Serene ponders the bigger issues in life.  How DO you solve a problem like Maria?  Why couldn’t Burgess Meredith just find another pair of glasses when he broke them in the Twilight Zone?  Why do Jacob and Edward even LIKE Bella?  Stay tuned!
CLOGS:  Coach
*Used the pin and draped the front of skirt over and pinned up.
**Collar worn over sweater is vintage.  Cut off a cowl neck sweater that belonged to my mom.  Really wasn't feeling the sweater, but LOVED the collar; so just snipped it right off and now can be worn over all kinds of things!  Cool, eh?


  1. Serene--I like the boot combo best myself (and they're such cute boots, too). Now, I want to play with the drape of a skirt, although the only ones I own that I could do this with would be old belly-dancing skirts...

  2. Terri, definitely go for it! I could see you tying up one side of the skirt in a low knot. Or maybe draping up above each knee so that the skirt is a little longer in the back and shorter in the front. Can't wait to see what you come up with! ~Serene

  3. Serene~What IS the real shape of that skirt? Clogs are tough sometimes--I can feel lorky-dorky in them. Once again, such a cute post girly girly rock.

  4. Love the pinned up skirt !!!!
    clever indeed!
    isn't it fun to find new places to put brooches ;)

  5. What a brilliant idea.I love it with the white shirt very much.
    I must try.

  6. More girly girliness! Yay! I love the skirt both ways. So beautiful.


  7. FO50, you CAN'T look lorky-dorky! You've got gorgeous legs!

    Reva, I LOVE brooches!

    Sacramento and Leia, Thanks so much! I'm completely enamoured with this skirt/dress!

  8. Serene The Chameleon! I love it hitched up as a dress. . although everybody loves multitaskers ;) x

  9. I would've never thought to pin up the skirt like you did! So cute! I'm definitely feeling the boots with the skirt! :)

  10. You crack me up.:)

    You also look fabulous in these outfits!


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