Friday, January 14, 2011

~Friend Friday...A method to the madness

This week's Friend Friday dissects how we (fashion bloggers) put together our outfits.  I wish I could say that I  am very organized and give a link to a spreadsheet or something that I use; but alas, I'm not that good!  Here's what I've come up with:

1.  How do you determine what you will wear on any given day?

It really depends alot on the weather.  I've been missing my heels because of the snow and junk on the ground.  I can wear what I want to work; so for the most part, I don't think about "appropriateness".  It's all about what I'm feeling good in that day.

2.  Do you plan outfits out in advance for a whole week, month, weekend?

Absolutely!  Then I have an accordion folder organized by day of the month.  On the last day of the previous month, I take pictures of outfits for every day of the next month.  Then I file it in the corresponding day in the aforementioned file.  I also include pictures of alternate "inclement weather" outfits.   ******We now return you back to the REAL Serene as we leave "dream sequence" Serene*****  I don't plan further than the next day.  And then, it's not so much a plan as it is an idea........a "mental suggestion" if you will.

UPDATE:  I was joking about the folder thing....I guess my sarcasm doesn't translate into the blog.  Please don't think for a minute that I plan out my outfits to this degree.  I truly don't plan further than the next day.
3.  Do you have any specific way of tracking outfits and items already worn so you don't repeat?

Wouldn't that be a great idea?!  Honestly, I have to reign in my passion for clothes and all the pretties sometime.  I have the mental self admonition, "Hey Serene!  You're not stinkin' Anna Wintour!  You see any paparrazzi?  No?  Alright then!  Pick out an outfit already; put your clothes on and MOVE ON OUT!!"  Fortunately for that little voice in my head, I'm very obedient!

4.  How do you discover new combinations of items in your closet? (Trial try-ons? Hanging items together?)

Actually, I find that when I come home from work and am changing clothes.....that's the perfect time to try on different things.  I try to look in my closet and think of something outrageous (which is usually NOT, but I'm always trying to get myself out of a "rules" mentality when it comes to my wardrobe); and then try it on.  To be quite honest, shoes always trip me up (no pun intended).  I seem to have a mental block that I have to have JUST THE RIGHT PAIR of shoes for each outfit.  Which is CRAZY!  Meg in Another Day to Dress Up is great at creating wonderful outfits and she seems to favor one particular pair of Frye shoes to wear with everything.  So, I try to remind myself to loosen up.  You can probably tell by now, I'm in my head ALOT!

5.  To streamline the process for 2011 what is one new thing you can do to cut down your dressing time?

But I don't WANT to cut it down!  I love the whole grooming process!  My dream would be to have my own dressing room in my home (probably never going to happen; but wouldn't that be FABULOUS?!).  I remember when I was in High School getting ready for Friday and Saturday night dates.  The music would be on.  I'd be dancing in between picking out clothes.  There would be much perfume and make up remnants in the air.  It's such a girly time!  Why would I want to shorten that?  In fact, I'm looking for ways to have more time to do every morning feel like a teen girl getting ready for a first date!

Hey girlies!  Friend Friday is the brainchild of Katy at Modly definitely be sure to check her out and sign up!  It's soooooo easy and a great way to meet other sweet bloggers.  A bonus:  Katy is so kind and helpful.  Truly a blogger's blogger. 


  1. FABULOUS answers my dear, and I agree with you PLANNING is KEY!!!


  2. I love how your capture the joy of getting dressed. It's a real pleasure and we ought to recognize that.

    My greatest dream would be to have hours to play around with friends in a dressing-room, trying on dozens of outfits and experimenting with makeup, hair and accessories. Ooohh....

  3. Wow!! Are you totally organized with that folder r what? I love love it!!

    Stop by and say Hello♥
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  4. Ok, I thought you were serious about the folder and the photos, and I was beginning to feel like a total slacker. - Katy

  5. It is soooooooooooo interesting to know how other women go about putting an outfit together...
    Lovely to get to know you better and better, and the way you plan ahead.

  6. OK...You are just amazing..the accodian file is a great idea!! I am just not there..but need to be! I have had dreams about turning my daughter's old room into a big dressing room and Pam room! But, I do not think my husband will go for it! Great ideas...

  7. Your post cracked me up!

    "You're not stinkin' Anna Wintour! You see any paparrazzi? No? Alright then! Pick out an outfit already; put your clothes on and MOVE ON OUT!!"
    I need an alarm clock with this recorded on it to shout at me five minutes before I have to leave.

    I loved your answer to Q5 too and agree with you totally - for a short while one year I moved into a house with a spare room with huge wall to wall wardrobes (a rarity in the UK) which became a dressing up room for us as it was where we ended up storing our clothes - it was paradise!

  8. Hey--I could send you an accordion folder!

    Your answer to number 5 took me back to the days my girls were getting ready to go out, as well as days my sis and I competed for time in front of the mirror.

  9. I have fun getting dressed too and planning what to wear. Sometimes its like a flash when I walk in my closet, sometimes its a sketched plan, and sometimes its many trials and errors! Turn up the music, baby!

  10. I love your blog sarcasm! I feel the same way when getting dressed. I pretend there will be paparazzi (in my head. I wish.) but then have to come to the realization there is not!

  11. I keep telling my son when he leaves for college he might come back to his room being my new closet. Ha! Yeah, he doesn't find that so funny. I can relate to your dream of the "big dressing room." Sigh. And I'm all for repeating outfits, or at least repeating certain items, especially the ones you love! ;) Great post ~ I loved it. ~ Susan

  12. this post was just adorable :)
    i am similar..i always seem to go to the same type of looks, and i am trying to break out of that...this was a great interview!

  13. I'm glad you made an update because I was seriously dumbfounded how you kept an folder like that!

    The Auspicious Life

  14. I love your enthusiasm for getting dressed, it reminded me of one of my favorite pass times growing up ( In the "old days" we didn't have all these fancy electronic devices that you youngsters have today to keep us occupied), so I would lock myself in my room for hours trying on hundreds of different outfits. I can totally relate to your Anna Wintour comment, after-all, you just never new who you would run into in my tiny west Texas town, a girl just had to look her best. And yes, I tell myself regularly, that I woud save so much time if I could plan my outfits out ahead, but I just got to "feel" it... so I continue to be late to work on a regular basis.

  15. i for a minute fell for your accordian folder scenario.

  16. I miss my heels, too! Enough of this snow!

  17. Haha at first I believed that you really plan all the outfits for 1 month. I do plan in advance, but just for 1 week. And I don't take photos of them just try to store them in my head :)
    I have a fashionblog too, if you want we can follow eachother ;) XOXO Lidia

  18. Loved reading your answers!!! I also found some great ideas for things that you shared. Thanks for the post and your comments over at Southern Comfort.

  19. Hee hee -- you really cracked me up with the accordion file joke (you had me going there for a couple of seconds!)

    As one who stands in her closet, bleary eyed and confused, trying to find an acceptable outfit for the day, every day, I am MUCH relieved!


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