Wednesday, February 2, 2011

~my Alicia Keys skirt....

Looks like I'm channeling Gloria Swanson's swan song at the end of Sunset Boulevard!  Creepy look on my face!

To weather the cold

This is my Alicia Keys skirt!!!  I got it at my favorite consignment store that I mentioned earlier.  It's called Celebrity Consignments and from what I'm told, certain celebrities donate some of their clothes and then the proceeds go to local youth programs.  I'd been watching this skirt since the first day I walked into the store almost 2 years ago.  I just loved it so's gathered at the hem for a bit of ballooning and really fitted in the waist.  It's a Vera Wang "Simply Vera" and when I asked the woman at the store who donated it, she looked it up and said it was donated by Alicia Keys.  At Christmas time, I got it for half off and it was a STEAL!  This is only the second time I've worn it and to be quite honest, as much as I love it, I'm a bit afraid of it.  It's ALOT of skirt and I almost feel like I don't know exactly what to wear with it.  I'm stuck on black and white.  But there I go again with RULES!  My favorite looks that I see on others have no rules.....note to on that narrow rules thing.

Yesterday, I made a chili from a recipe that I got from Adiaphane's blog.  You absolutely HAVE to try has coco powder and coffee in it.  I excluded the beer and the brown sugar because I try to avoid useless's how I keep my girlish figure (wink wink)!  Don't wait till the weekend.  Make this chili TODAY!!!  It's AMAZING!


SKIRT:  Celebrity Consignment


  1. Oooh... I love this skirt! Everything about it is special.

    I agree that the skirt could overwhelm other clothes you wear with it, so keeping the focus of an outfit on the skirt (as you've done here) is the best approach. Its dramatic style and color carry the outfit on its back. :)

  2. Thanks shy! I'm glad you agree...I just need to do some color experimentation. On the plus side, I rediscovered these fabulous shoes!!!!

  3. I cannot take my eyes from that fabulous skirt. I wish I could go to your Celebrity Consignments, and get myself a magic piece like that.
    You look stunning beyond words, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh(sigh)

  4. The skirt looks amazing on you! It's so full of life. I can see a red top with it, albiet a nice, Alicia Keys-worthy, red top. ;)

    How you've worn it here looks great, though. The skirt speaks for itself.

  5. You are right, Serene! This skirt is amazing and I just really, really want to go to this shop!! maybe cool that you are near it!
    Thanks for the chili heads can never have too many great chili recipes in this neck of the woods!

  6. sacramento, thanks! I wish I could just have a big blogger meet up at Celebrity Consignments!! I need to ask myself, "How would Sacramento wear this skirt?" and that would get me inspired!

    Flow, I think you're right! Just the right red top would be sooooo pretty! Thanks!

    Pam, you just need to come on over girly! We'll do coffee and shopping!

  7. I love the length of this skirt so much! It look so great on you and the color is so beautiful!

  8. This is a beautiful skirt. I love the fabric and the interesting cut. The white blouse adds a crisp contrast, but I'm wondering if a bowed blouse in a dark satin might dress it up.

    As for recipes, I've cut and pasted so many excellent ones from blogs!

  9. I've seen you blog about this magical shop before, and I'm so glad to see the skirt! So cool! And I think you wore it well, instead of it wearing you -- which is a feat considering the rather dramatic proportions of the skirt!
    Now I want chili.

  10. What an interesting story! I am a big fan of Alicia Keys--the female version of Stevie Wonder in my humble opinion--and that is HUGE!!!
    The skirt is ethereal--I absolutely love it and your wear it very well!!!

  11. Oh, I love this!!

    You look great in it, too!!

  12. Anything Alicia-related must be fabulous! I love that skirt & you look great in it!


  13. Brittany, thanks! I'm loving checking out your vintage looks! FABULOUS!

    Terri, I think you're right...that would be really pretty. I'm also trying to find ways to dress it down...I just love it!

    Vanessa, this store is just fabulous. I think I'm going to take my daughter there in a week or so to see if we find a fabulous one of a kind prom dress without breaking the bank.

    Yogagirl, THANKS! I'm a big Alicia Keys fan myself. I love her part in Empire State of Mind.

    Joy, Thanks girly!

    Leia, I agree. It definitely added to the charm factor of the skirt knowing that Alicia Keys was it's previous owner!

  14. Serene ~ what a gorgeous skirt! I love it paired with the crisp white oxford ~ it's so Sharon Stone! I get what you mean about so much material ~ it is a lot of skirt. I think you have the right idea keeping it simple. You could try it with a fitted black cardigan, on it's own, buttoned up a la Doris Day? If you really want to get crazy, maybe try red or baby pink with it? But I love this pairing ~ you look fantastic! ~ Susan

  15. I am loving those shoes..small heel and very kitten ish..adorable. XO Lisa from Sweetie

  16. Can't stop laughing at your Gloria Swanson remark! Quick, check your pool for dead guys.


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