Thursday, February 10, 2011

~back on my game!

Viuntage Thrifted skirt, inherited vest, Spiegel boots, husband's belt.....goofy look is pure Serene!

So with this outfit, I feel like I'm back on my game.  I absolutely felt like myself in this little ensemble.  I soooo appreciate all of the feedback from the last post.  I replied comment that one thing I really appreciated about all of the commenters is the candor.  Everyone was honest and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.

It's wonderful to get complimemts, but I would much prefer just the truth (put really nicely, of course!).  One of the best ideas I heard was from Susan of Little Miss Fancie Pants.  I was bemoaning the shininess of my tights and she recommended NOT getting opaque (which is what I'm getting every time).  She also suggested just getting black tights and doubling up on them to give them a flatter finish.  BRILLIANT!  Bella, of Citizen Rosebud, was the most to the point...she said my outfit was a "no go" and then explained why she felt that way.  Actually, she very succinctly stated what I had been feeling.  It just did not have a long silouhette; it was too choppy.  A couple of others suggested wearing brighter tights.  I can see wearing lighter tights, which may have been what they meant. 

On a really cool positive note, I took my daughter today to get her prom dress.  First of all, they can be OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive!  $200 for a PROM DRESS?!?!?!  I don't think so!  We went to my trusty favorite, Celebrity Consignments, and she got an AMAZING Dolce & Gabanna dress for only $50!  That's right!  $50!!  It's beautiful and she looks beautiful in it!  It was a donation by Dionne Warwick.  Then we picked up a pair of Stuart Weitzman jeweled strappy gold sandals (donated by Queen Latifah) for only $25!!!  So $75 for a KILLER prom dress and shoes!  I LOVE IT!!  Can't wait to share the pictures, but that will have to wait till the end of next month.  Love to you all!  I have a day off tomorrow and plan to take full advantage!


  1. You look warm in this outfit!! I was one of the few...maybe the only one who liked what you did yesterday...I did not see it as bad as others...but I also appreciate candor..there are times we will not hit it!! But I liked it though I cannot say exactly why!
    Your daughter will remember this prom forever just because she can tell everyone who wore those things before her! That is the coolest was worth leaving San Antonio for!!!

  2. Is that a fleece vest? You are a swirly skirt girl!
    I have to look at the comments from yesterday.....

  3. This is a cool looking outfit. I want to wear it myself!

    AND I want to visit you so you can take me to that consignment shop! Your daughter will be the best dressed there!!

  4. Serene--As I watched that first picture load, I thought--Serene is feeling GOOD today. It's a great look. Good colors, and good lines! And I'd be smiling too if I found bargains like that on a prom dress. We had a few at our house that I REFUSED to pay for.

  5. excellent deal on the prom dress and shoes! not only did you save major $$$, but your daughter will be completely original from everyone else. that's the best part! i'd love to see a pic of it all together. i love this look on you ~ longer, full skirts are SO in right now and you can never go wrong with heather grey. you look great and it shows! ~ susan

  6. I got my prom dress for fourteen dollars from Ross. Good times.

  7. You look very happy in this 'So Serene' outfit! You have such a pretty smile.


  8. Nice and snug in this outfit, Serene. Gosh, prom dresses are such ripoffs plus they probably look like a dime a dozen. Your daughter will defo be the best-dressed if anything :)

  9. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I am drooling over your skirt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Fantastic.


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