Wednesday, February 16, 2011

~oh Lawd, please don't let me be misunderstood...

Me and Sweet Baby getting in on the action!

Skirt:  Vintage Thrifted, Vest: Thrifted and reworked, Pins:  Thrifted, Clogs:  Coach, inherited from my mom

Two other ways I've worn this skirt!
This skirt is absolutely a favorite and actually one of the most versatile pieces I own.  My last post was about the economy of style.....and how timely that my sister sent me a clip of an article she read about the cost of clothes being on the rise.  According to this report, the price of cotton has gone up 150%.  I don't recall if the email she sent me explained what caused this increase.  It also stated that the price of clothing will go up this season an average of 15%.  Sweet Sister sent me this info under the subject heading "Even more reason to thrift/vintage shop".  She went with me thrift shopping a few weeks ago and we had a FABULOUS time!

Another financial related item that I meant to mention on my last post is that I decided to take down and withdraw from Google Adsense.  I've been watching my Adsense account and it might be up to about $15!  I read a while back on the FAQs of Adsense that one doesn't get paid until the account reaches $100.  Seriously?  At 1cent a click through, it might reach that in let's say........7 years!  I'm not a huge ModCloth fan.  Instead of vintage inspired, I'd just prefer to have the real thing.  I noticed that some of my google ads were for ModCloth; obviously not all; but some.  It got me to thinking, why should I have to wait to get paid by Adsense?  I'm sure they don't wait to get paid by the advertisers placed on my site.  So why should these companies benefit from my creativity, my content, and my blog when I can't even get paid from those benefits any time soon?  Would I let any advertiser place ads on my site and then set the terms of what they placed, when they placed and how and when they would pay me?  Then why am I allowing that from Google.  I just decided to pass.  If I never make a dime off my blog (and frankly, that's not why I'm blogging) then that's cool.  But as Gary Cooper said in The Fountainhead, his ideas are his property.  My blog may be humble, but my imagination is fertile and verdant and it's too "Serene", too distinctly ME for me to sell it off for a penny a click.


  1. So much to little space:
    1. You are the second blog I have been to today where hubby made an appearance!!
    2. Love, Love the skirt and your bracelet!
    3. So glad you mentioned AdSense. I have wondered about doing I think not!!
    4. You are so creative...I believe you could still use your blog to make money! Sell some creations!!

  2. Thanks Pam! I really loved this outfit...I forgot to mention in the post that it was actually a denim jacket and i cut off the sleeves to make it a vest, was MYEH about it before but now......TTTOOOOOOOTALLY loving it!

  3. Serene~Fountainhead is one of my favorite movies!!! all about integrity in art...Love it.
    Now I did the same to a jean jacket but frayed the sleeves, and I never liked it. Idk, but I love yours--so I'm going to finish the sleeves and see if it works! Paula

  4. Your outfit is so pretty and the brooches on your jean vest (jacket) is a great touch. I also have reconstructed jackets. It was a 3/4 length jacket that my mother had and I acquired it. There was screen printing on the back and I decided to take the sleeves off and it looked so pretty and very versatile.

    Totally agree about adsense. I use to have it on my blog when I used blogger but took it off because it wasn't worth it. You have so much creativity to offer that you can do other things.

  5. You an your husband look so happy and content!
    I love that skirt, it looks fantastic with the revamped denim and those incredible blingy brooches but what's really catching my eye are those glorious clogs, I love them. x

  6. That first picture totally made my day!:) You look like you have a lot of fun together!

    That skirt is a lovely piece and extremely versatile! It suits each of the looks perfectly!

  7. serene ~ first, i love this outfit and the denim vest. the pin trifecta is fantastic! i have to remember to borrow that idea, giving you full credit of course. ;) second, re yesterday's post, i totally get what you mean about reading blogs where women are dropping $800 on a pair of shoes or $1000 on multiple handbags without blinking an eye. they're fun to look at and get inspiration from, but please. i have a teenager in hockey! i'd hate to tell my son "sorry dear, no food for the next 2 months and we'll be living in my car bc i just had to have the latest jimmy choos and a few dior bags." frankly, even if i could afford it, i'd find it IMPOSSIBLE to spend that kind of money on clothes and shoes. it's just not how i work or how i was raised. third, i love your blog! your writing is fabulous and always cracks me up. ~ susan

  8. ...and i should point out i'm not condemning or judging other's for spending their money on high-priced fashion...hey, it's their money spend it however they want!it's just not my cup of tea. ;) ~ susan

  9. I'm not aa fan of Google Adsense. And you are right- they make a lot of money off of us. Consider affiliates if you want to monetize your blog.

    I am starting that now, and again it's a no pay until you hit 100, but at least you get a bit more % and the pay is a bit more direct.

    LOVE the broaches by the way. LOVE!

  10. I made the realization about AdSense on a previous blog. Do like the appearance of your guy...and the smile he brings out in you.

  11. My blog is strictly a hobby and I don't take and don't plan on taking any advertising. Still, I've always been curious what kinds of financial benefits it might provide for a modest-sized blog like my own. I agree that it's not worth it to not have total control.
    Your content is so Serene and so wonderful! Why muck it up with anything less than what you believe in!

  12. Oh you remix that skirt very well! You look fantastic in all three ways!

    Glad to know about adsense, thank you!



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  13. Ah, I adore your clogs and brooch.
    You both look so relaxed together.
    And I like the jeans touch, too, have a lovely weekend;-)


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